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5 Types Of Cheese That You Should Definitely Try Out On Your Pizza And Other Dishes

Pizza Heaven Cape May: Cheese, a blessing from Italy which can be added in any food you like, be it a pizza, pasta or even lasagna. This article, presented by USA’s best bakers of Pizza in Cape May, contains 5 types of cheese that you should try at any cost.

1. First one in the list is Parmesan: Parmesan is the type that you might have heard or seen in a cooking video. This cheese is often used in grated form. The grated sprinklers of Parmesan cheese come with a pinch of salty taste and are so creamy that they dissolve after going into your mouth. No italian food can be made with this cheese. Thin slices of this cheese are also used in salad dressings.

2. The next type is Mozzarella. Mozzarella cheese is a very common type of cheese. It can be found in almost every restaurant. This cheese is spread on the pizza base after spreading the sauce. It comes in the shape of slices. This is the thing which makes your pizza so creamy. The fine molecules of this cheese results in spreading of the cheese evenly on the pizza base and its stringiness.

3. Third one is Provolone. Now this might sound something new to you. Provolone is a smooth and mild cheese. Because of this smoothness, provolone is the best option for sandwich. This cheese when it goes in the oven melts easily and the mild creamy taste makes it perfect for a light sandwich. You can use this cheese in your morning meat sandwich, to get sufficient protein energy to make it through the supper.

4. Asiago. Next one in the list is asiago. It is a crispy and smoky type of cheese. This too is an invention of italy. This is an aged cheese which is preserved in the shape of tyres and when it is aged to a specific time then it can be used in a grated or sliced is specially made from italy’s cow milk. The aged asiago cheese is used in salads, pasta, soups and sauces in grated form. The fresh cheese is used to make sandwiches and panini in the form of slices. It is also used in baking breads to give them a creamy taste.

5. The last one in the list is Ricotta. This cheese is a little bit different. This cheese is only used in desserts. Because of its sweetness and absence of salt it is perfect for sweet dishes. Example of it being used is an italian sweet dish cannolis and some other italian pastries. You can also use it for dressing by whipping it with sugar.