By seeing the profitability of the pizza business and the liking of the people for pizza in cape may, many have started thinking of stepping into this business.

You will need some of the important and basic equipment in the beginning. Here is a list of which items you must be having if you are intending to start a pizza business on a low scale.

Pizza Oven – It’s damn important

You will need it since you cannot make pizza with your hot. Wasn’t that cheesy? Anyway, The pizza oven is the importance of all the equipment, as the customers do praise the pizza based on how it is cooked. If it does not have the desired crust, then you will lose the probability of making a pizza lover turn to you each time he carves for the pizza.

Dough MIxer – Save your hands from the arthritis

The dough is crucial for the pizza. It is its vitality because of which it is known as a pizza base. If you are commencing a business, then you would not be accepting only one customer to approach you per day. You will experience a rush of customers. In those situations, it would become absolutely difficult for you to prepare or knead the whole dough on your own. You will need a dough mixer.

Pizza Accessories – Cutters & all

Do not lose on any of the possibilities to make your pizza loved by the people. For that, you must provide your staff with the quality kit for pizza making which should include all those accessories which a pizza chef needs to bring about the best of his skills in pizza making.

Dough Divider and Rounder – Don’t bother your staff

These machines are also important as this helps to save the precious time and energy which an individual puts in making the pizza dough round. It is the responsibility of the owner to channelize the energy of the staff in the right direction. Do not let their creative skills go in vain.

Dough Rollers – You can’t stretch it all

Since you need a dough mixer to create a huge quantity of the dough, then how can you not need the dough stretcher. No?

Dough stretchers are very important for any pizza business that aims to grow and wants to make many of the people fans of their pizza.

Just imagine:

You have assigned the duty of dough stretching to one of your staff members. And what if he gets absent? Would you consider disappointing your customers by not satisfying their craving or you would jump there on your own to stretch the dough? Isn’t it?

Do not let your business be at the stake of the present rate of your staff. Make it a high-tech business in whichever possible aspect of pizza making is done with the technological advancements. It is the right way to grow in this pizza industry.

Final Comments!

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Today, we are going to share one of the best recipes to make pizza dough. Pizza in Cape May is famous because of this dough recipe. You only need 6 ingredients and there are no such requirements like the fancy flours.

If you do not like to make use of yeast, then you are on the right blog

Which Flour Should Be Used For Making Homemade Pizza?

Many pizza making professionals like to make use of the bread flour for making homemade pizza. Some people consider using bread flour instead of making use of all-purpose flour. The result for that comes out to be the extremely crispier and crunchier dough.

How Can You Flavour Pizza Dough?

Pizza dough is used to make the base of the pizza. It is kind of a bit bland. The pizza makers usually expect to bring the flavours from the pizza sauce and the toppings. But, the professionals do not compromise with the flavours at any cost.

Your pizza will taste awesome if you add a bit of spice to your dough as well. Try using garlic powder and trust me, you are going to get glad about that. If you want it to be spicier than you can add the oregano, basil and the other herbs and spices which you like.

How Should The Pizza Be Stretched?

There are two ways with which you can stretch pizza. One is a rolling pin and another is your hands. If and only if you are professional, then you can toss the pizza in the air and spin the dough like the Italian chefs do.

What I suggest to you is that you should, first of all, make use of the roller pin and then you can use your hands alongside. Make sure to keep on flattening it until it reaches the desired width.

Once it has reached the desired width, then fold the edges with your hands. Try to brush the entire surface with olive oil. After that, try to poke some holes in it.

How Can We Be Successful In Making Homemade Pizza?

You can try to make your homemade pizza by baking the base as per the above-mentioned guidelines. You can top it with your favourite cheese and toppings.

At What Temperature Should The Pizza Be Baked?

The pizza needs to be baked at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Within 15 minutes, you will come across the desired taste and the crust of the pizza.

Do Not Forget

You have to preheat the oven to make sure that you achieve a better texture.

Final Comments!

Making pizza at home is not rocket science. Anyone who has the right knowledge about the ingredients and the steps to make it can make a yummy and tasty pizza at home.

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Have you ever wondered why everybody around us is fond of pizza the most? It is because of the variations that it offers. You will have a vast range in the menu from which you can choose your type of pizza.

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Here in this blog, we are going to mention, a few of the famous kinds of pizza that are liked by people all over New Jersey:

Neapolitan Pizza

This pizza variety does have a great inclusion of basil, a stupendous amount of cheese and sliced tomatoes. It is one of the original pizzas which originated in Naples.

How did it gain popularity?

It was the time when the people from Naples were finding such food items which were not only healthy but can be afforded at cheaper prices. Neapolitan pizza was satisfying. It was a fusion of health, flavours and cost-effectiveness.

Variations of Neapolitan Pizza:

  • Pizza Marinara
  • Pizza Margherita

Chicago Pizza

As from the name itself, we can know about its origin.

How did it come?

Italian immigrants settled in the USA in the early 1900. They started to find something similar to the taste, cost-effectiveness and healthy nature as that of the Neapolitan pizza.

Twist in Neapolitan Pizza = Chicago PIzza

The crust of the Chicago pizza is extremely thin. When something similar to the Neapolitan pizza was getting created, some modification was sought to be done and there came Chicago pizza into origin which has a thicker crust.

New York-Style Pizza

It is a kind of regional pizza. It has foldable sides. The crispy outer crust is just unbeatable. It is considered one of the greatest and most affordable variations of Neapolitan pizza.

What it features:

Your tastebuds will get the benefit of releasing the taste of the tomato sauce, mozzarella and cheese. One of the greatest benefits of ordering this pizza is that you can customise your hero toppings. Isn’t that fun?

Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian pizza can not be enjoyed until the beers accompany it. People love it for its pillow-like dough which provides you with the thick cut of the pizza. Also, the shape of this kind of pizza is different. It is square.

Did you know?

The pie of this pizza never gets soggy, since instead of putting sauce on the base, the cheese is spread.

Greek Pizza

It is the most famous pizza variety as it includes a beautiful blend of tomatoes, garlic and greens. This is known for its puffier style. In it, the amount of sauce put is considerably more than the cheese. It has a second layer of the different kinds of cheese consisting of mozzarella, cheddar and provolone, after sauce.

Final Comments!

We are waiting for your feedback about which is your favourite kind of pizza. If you like to customise pizza on your own, then do not forget to share it with us.

Healthy and delectable pizza

We all have to make efforts to make our diet healthy. If you have just started your journey to make your diet healthy, do not worry. Like any other person, you must be thinking, ‘How can I include pizza as a part of my diet or Can I eat that?’ Sure, You can!

No matter, what you can order Pizza in cape may from your favorite and best place like Pizza Heaven.

You must have seen that there are different pizza crusts on the pizza menu and it is obvious to have this question in your mind, ‘What flour do you use for the pizza dough?’

Gluten-free pizza

When you talk about the pizza dough ingredients it helps to create the best pizza. Indeed! The type of flour you choose will make the pizza taste different with every bite. Moreover, there are different types of flour that you can take and each of them has a different texture to it. This will determine the gluten amount which can add to the pizza dough. Gluten presence in the pizza dough is an important consideration.

Gluten can be used with the fermented yeast which helps to create the gas as that allows the dough to rise. The chewy texture you notice with any product is due to the presence of gluten.

All-purpose flour for the pizza

All-purpose flour is one of those ingredients which can be used for anything. If you are a fan of thin-crust pizza, then all-purpose flour is the reason behind that. The presence of gluten in all-purpose flour is not much as it is with other flour types. It means that pizza made with all-purpose flour will not rise as much as it will with gluten.

What type of pizza is best to make with all-purpose flour?

Well! For all types of pizza, this type of flour is considered the best choice. Most probably it is the best choice for Neopolitan style pizza, New York Style Crust, and deep-dish pizza crusts. At Pizza Heaven, we use the finest all-purpose flour to get the perfectly baked pizza crusts. The high quality of the wheat flour is the reason that you will get the best pizza served to you.

Bread flour

If you are someone who prefers or wants to make homemade pizza dough, then bread flour is the option for you. As compared to all-purpose flour, the amount of protein and gluten in it is the highest. The presence of gluten allows having the structured dough which makes it easier to rise & stretch. In addition, it makes the structure soft, thick, and fluffy.

What type of pizza is best to make with bread flour?

If you want to have a chewier pizza, then this is what you should go with. For the thin-crust and crisper outside, this type of flour is best to have. With almond flour, you are having a low-carb option in the diet which makes it the best choice for consumption. In addition, the low-density and high-fat presence of the flour makes it a great choice.

Don’t get into all the hassle, let us serve with you the best and healthy pizza

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Indeed! Pizza is one of those things which is available in different varieties which means you can get the perfect slice just the way you want. Pizza in cape may is one of the versatile options to go for as it is the star of any event or occasion you wish to organize or even you go for. One thing which has changed the entire manner of having the food is ‘Delivery Service’.

The outside-the-box innovation started in the 1960s has become an integral part of the 21st century, and it is right to say that there is no going back with this approach. This choice has become a crowd-pleasing option to satisfy the cravings even just when you are sitting in the comfort of your home. Pizza heaven team is particular about their pizza delivery service and always makes sure that the customers are satisfied when food reaches them. In this blog, we have mentioned the tips which allow us to make the pizza delivery service better.

Tips to make the pizza delivery service better

  • Share high-quality photos and descriptions

Today’s customers eat through their eyes. Research has shown that around 90% of customers go online to look for the restaurant and check for mouth-watering pictures. The pictures placed on the menu and website must be of high-resolution so that the customer feels delighted to order food.

Well! It is not just about the pictures but the food description has to be right and clear. In case, there is any blurry picture then it is better that you take that away and keep the description to the point.

  • Set the calendar including the major events

People prefer to order pizza for their family and friends to celebrate the best time of their lives. You will notice that on popular holidays, the demand for pizza delivery will be the highest. So, it is better that you mark those days on the calendar and before that start launching the marketing campaigns to get the attention of the customers.

  • Make your online presence better through SEO

To drive in more customers to your pizza delivery business you need to focus on search engines. It means you need to incorporate SEO tactics by working with digital marketers to have the best and right strategy for your brand. Incorporating the right kind of marketing methods will boost the business conversion rate by 13%. This is what helps our business to gain the attention of the customers in the right manner.

  • Start a loyalty program

People love incentives, offers, and loyalty programs. When someone is getting the pizza, then it should be a fun and exciting experience for them. Incorporating the loyalty programs is going to improve the customer experience and they will love to order pizza from your place all the time. Stats have also shown that by incorporating such programs the revenue will increase by 5% to 10%. In addition, considering the customer behavior it has shown that 75% of consumers will make another purchase after getting the incentive.

Seamless and quick pizza delivery

If you are planning to order pizza, then Pizza Heaven is the right place for you to get the pizza that you like.

Is there anything better than pizza? UMm…Frankly speaking, for me, there is no other food item out there that is so versatile, unique, tasty, and healthy. Indeed! It makes it pretty clear, ‘Why is it the most loved food item in Cape May?’ Pizza in cape may is one of the most ordered food items be it children, teenagers, adults, or elderly people. The interesting part is that you can get different types of Italian pizza depending on what your taste buds prefer. Let’s get that pizza dough rolling to take your taste buds on the best pizza ride.

Most-loved types of Italian Pizza

  • Pizza Napoletana

Pizza Napoletana is one of the most famous Italian pizzas due to its style. The pizza dough is made of yeast, wheat flour, salt, and water that is set aside to rise for 24 hours. Following that, the ingredients are baked for 90 seconds and served when extremely hot. The best part is that you can get the different varieties of this pizza type.

  • Pizza Alla Pala

Pizza Alla pala means paddle pizza which was made for the first time by the leftover bread dough. The dough is stretched in length and fresh ingredients are added and the wooden paddle is used for serving. The dough is highly hydrated because of the water content present in it. For me, every time it is a win-win situation because of the crispy exterior and fluffy interior.

  • Pizza Tonda Romana

Pizza Tonda Romanian is another most loved Italian pizza type that is flat and round. This pizza type is flat and round. Do you know what the best part is? Answer: Thin Crust. So, you will get a crispy pizza which is just like having a cracker, and the perfect taste of fresh ingredients make it a delish meal.

  • Pizza al Taglio

Pizza al taglio is known by the name of pizza by the cut that is great for the taste buds. It is cut into rectangular slices or long strips. The pizza slice will be based on its weight or depending on what the customer has ordered.

  • Pizza fritta

Pizza fritta is a Neapolitan street food option that is made with fried pizza dough. The best part is that you can enjoy it in different forms and shapes. Be it half moon or something else you can get it any manner you like the most. One of the most staple dishes is made with fried dough, and all the best ingredients are added to the pizza like mozzarella, tomato, and ricotta. It is made sure it is deep-fried till the time it is not golden brown. Indeed! It has become one of the staple pizza options around the world.

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So are you among the ones who want to try out making pizza at home? If yes, then today’s blog is worth reading for you. The following tips and tricks are presented to you by the professional chefs who make pizza in cape may.

What Are You Gonna Need?

Large Bowl To put the flour
Strainer To strain the impurities from the flour
Speciality Bread For maintaining the lighter texture of pizza
Polenta To keep the crust of the pizza nicely dry and crisp
Pizza Tray To bake the pizza
Pizza Cutter To slice up pizza
Rolling Pin To roll out the pizza

Awesome Tips & Tricks For Making A Wonderful Pizza

Right Time to add the salt

You should put the salt in the dough mixture only after you have incorporated all the dry ingredients.

Why not add on at the same time?

If we add it at the same time, then the yeast will become inactive.

Where to knead the dough?

Kneading in a warm and clear spot will help the dough to rise in the shortest interval.

Bake in the preheated oven

If you like the crispy exteriors, then it can only be experienced when pizza is baked in the preheated oven.

Outward Rolling

Begin from the centre of the dough and keep on spreading it in the outward direction.

How to make pizza base crispy and dry?

If you sprinkle the polenta on the tray, then it will help you to keep the base dry and crispy.

Place mozzarella after spreading sauce

The mozzarella should be added to the pizza base after spreading the pizza sauce. But make sure you are not adding it on the top of the toppings as they will get hidden when the cheese will melt.

What if I have made excessive pizza sauce?

If the pizza sauce is left in excess, then you can store it for 2 weeks in the fridge. You can put it in an air-tight container. Seal the container after drizzling olive oil on the top of it. It will help to keep the flavours of the sauce fresh.

How to make pizza more interesting?

By adding your favourite toppings, you can make the pizza even tastier.

Is there any alternative to yeast?

Yes, sure. When we are making a pizza then there is an alternative to everything. If someday you are craving pizza and find that the yeast is not available in your kitchen, then you can make use of the curd and the baking powder instead.

Can we use different kinds of cheese in one pizza?

The cheese does have salt content present in them. Before using more than one kind of cheese in the pizza, it is better to evaluate the overall salt content.

Final Comments!

If you have found any or all of the tips and tricks useful, then please let us know. Also if you have additional information regarding these, kindly make an effort to share that with us. After all, knowledge sharing is knowledge enhancing.

When we talk about food, the taste must be given utmost importance. It has been seen that 90% of the people prefer certain options when considering the certain food option. On the other hand, there are 60% of people who have slightly different considerations and they consider the option of buying healthy food before they get the food. The same goes for the people who prefer Pizza in cape may and this way they can have the best food be it they are having for family, friends, or themselves.

Understanding what are your food needs

With the pandemic situation and the restrictions, a lot has been changed & now people prefer to opt for food which is better for their health. Because food allergies are on the rise, people prefer to have a special diet that can manage their health in a better manner. It is not about better for you but importance should be given to understanding what are your needs.

Healthy pizza Healthy you

Indeed! Pizza is the best choice and people prefer to have this food option over others. It has been seen that people prefer pizza as they consider having healthy options. Around 30% of the people prefer pizza and they want to consider the healthy options and this way they can include pizza into their diet.

People’s preference is considering the ‘Healthy pizza options’. This is the reason, they consider the perfect crust and this is the reason it makes the food appealing & best in terms of taste. For example, you can get the cauliflower pizza crust which makes it healthy and without worrying about health you can enjoy every bite of your pizza.

No preservatives make it fresh and healthy

The fact that everything in the pizza is added from the start allows the crust to be tasty and fresh. There are no preservatives and this is the reason it makes it healthy. You can have the pizza best in variety, taste, and texture. All in all, you will get healthy pizza options from your favorite pizza places like Pizza Heaven, and this way you can enjoy your pizza time to the fullest.

No Gluten, No Preservatives

So, what does that mean? First of all, it means that a big YES. You have the food which is better for you, fulfills all your food needs, tempting with every bite, and is profitable in every sense. The possibilities are that you can have different pizza options which are best to delight your taste buds.

Get the best pizza options

To get the best and freshest you have to choose the best place. This way, you can get the best pizza choices that are healthy and best in terms of taste. If you want the same, then you should visit Pizza Heaven to get what you like. Just check our menu and you will find the best of the pizza choices at an affordable price and perfect for every occasion.

To make the best pizza in cape may, it is a prerequisite for the chefs to know the difference between the regular oven and the pizza oven. As we all know, there are numerous varieties of ovens that can bake the pizza:

  • Wood Fired Ovens
  • Electric elements consisting of ovens
  • Gas or Commercial Ovens

But do you know which oven is best for which pizza? If not, then please stay tuned with our today’s blog.

Why is the Wood Fired oven considered better than the regular ovens?

It is because of the following features, that the pizza ovens are considered far better than the regular ovens:

  • The temperature of the pizza oven may rise to 900F/500.
  • The pizza can be perfectly cooked within 90 seconds.
  • The interior is moist and soft, but the exterior is crispy and crunchy.
  • The best flavour of the wood smoke and the caramelization can be experienced.
  • The unique flavour of the crust makes you go wow.
  • The foodies do not have to get disappointed with the raw taste of the toppings
  • The pizza oven has a great deal of insulation in the thick walls

Did you know?

The wood-fired oven can also help you to cook the following:

  • Searing Meat
  • Baking Bread

Best Pizza Varieties – Cooked in the pizza oven

  • Neapolitan pizza

To bake the world-famous Neapolitan pizza takes around 1 to 2 minutes. We all know that the hottest pizza ovens are responsible for bringing about the best quality of pizza. With a food fired oven, the yummy taste of each pizza slice makes our taste buds crave to eat for more and more.

  • New York Style Pizza

The pizza baking in the regular ovens makes the base go fried out. But with the wood-fired, the moisture and tenderness can still be maintained. The new york style pizza when cooked in the coal-fired oven brings about the best taste of all the elements: Pizza Bread, Toppings and of course the sauces.

Please, Do not misunderstand!

There are certain varieties of pizza, which go better in the specific oven. Not all pizza can be best cooked in all the ovens.

Let us take the example of the Neapolitan pizza and the New York-style pizza.

  • The Neapolitan pizza is strictly cooked in the wood-fired pizza and cooking in a coal-fired oven will never make the best and the required taste to come out.
  • The same is the case with the new york style pizza. If we wish to cook it in the wood-fired oven, the chances are that the flavours may not come out nicely.

Bonus Example:

Deep Chicago Pizza can never be cooked in a wood-fired oven because of its thickness. If we stubbornly stick to cooking it in the wood-fired oven, then the raw interior and the burnt exterior can be expected as the outcome of the same.

Final Comments!

Do not intend to cook a pizza without having prior proper knowledge about the ovens. The wrong choice of the oven will make all your efforts to cook the pizza will go in vain.

To know more about pizza ovens, please keep on reading our blogs.

Wood-fired pizza is the best pizza type consumed by 90% of people all over the world. One of the best options in terms of breakfast. With that said, this is the reason pizza in Cape May is the first choice by individuals to fulfill their food cravings. Moreover, people demand to get the pizza with all the possible choices which are healthy and fresh. If you are looking to have a delightful option of flavors then this is the best choice for you.

What is the working of a wood-fired pizza oven?

Many pizza enthusiasts are of the view that wood-fired pizza is the ultimate choice to have the most authentic pizza. With this pizza type, the oven is going to trap the heat. The pizza is not cooked from the heat of the fire. It is the bricks and walls of the oven which will help to keep the temperature high. Pizza ovens are made with insulation and material which help the heat to stay inside. Once it has reached the desired level, it will make it easier to cook the pizza.

The same goes with the wood-fired pizza oven that you start the fire and then the heat goes on. The fire will reach the desired temperature and then the tiles, floor, and dome will get heated. Make sure the entire time, the fire is burning so that the temperature is high and when required you can add in more logs.

How brick oven pizza is prepared and cooked?

  • When you visit the best pizza place in Cape May, you will see a similar method of pizza preparation. You need to stretch the dough and put in the desired amount of sauce and then add in cheese. Add in the toppings of your own choice.
  • With this pizza type, the olive oil is not preferred as it would have been with other pizza. This is because of the brick oven high temperature that the olive oil cannot bear the same and it will get burned.
  • With the option of a brick oven, within 2 to 5 minutes the pizza will be cooked with perfection. Cooking the pizza in the right environment is what will make a lot of difference and all the toppings will be added in the right manner.

The brick oven pizza’s extreme temperature gives the pizza black marks on the crust which helps to make the pizza different from all the other options.

How wood-fired pizza is beneficial?

  • Perfect crust

Who doesn’t like the perfect crust and tell me is there anything better than this? With a brick oven, the moisture from the cheese and toppings will cook off quickly which will not make the crust soggy. In this option, the pizza will get crisp very fast and it will seal in the moisture & this way the crust will not get mushy.

  • Smoky flavor

When you go with the brick oven pizza the heat will give the pizza a smoky flavor which is not possible with the electric or gas ovens. This is the reason, wood-fired pizza taste is different.

  • Crispy and healthy toppings

The brick oven has that extreme temperature which is perfect to cook the toppings and it will be crispy. In addition, as the toppings are cooked fast, it allows the vegetables to have the essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.