Today we are going to talk about the different styles of pizza in cape may which has become famous in the united states. So let’s get started:

What kind of pizza do you want?

• Bagel
The bagel pizza is nothing more than the simple form of the pizza which includes simple toppings like tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni and toasted bagels. When it is about the bagel pizza then you can eat that at any time.
Richard Katz who is the owner of the Katz bagel bakery has claimed that his grandfather is the one who has contributed to the invention of the bagel pizza. But there is another man whose name is Bruce Treit who has claimed to be an inventor. He said he made the recipe come into origin while experimenting with the ingredients.

• Breakfast
It is one of the kings of the traditional pizza which customarily involves the toppings of cheese, sausages, bacon and potatoes. This dish needs a cracked, golden egg on top of it. It is the nicest brunch time diet item.

• California
This is the wood-fired and the single-serving pizza. This style of pizza can be compared to the Neapolitan. Many people misunderstand the California pizza since they think that as far s the California pizza is concerned, then it must be prepared with a different style of dough preparation.

• Chain
We all have heard about the pizza hut. It’s papa johns and little caesar. The fast-food pizza can be recognized as the chewy, consistently cooked crust. But we cannot challenge the overwhelming popularity of pizza in America.

• Colorado Mountain Pie
This is the giant pizza which is honey-kissed and doughy crust loaded with so many toppings and that can be folded with the nicest crust.

• Detroit
Detroit is a special kind of pizza that can be made with a crispy, crunchy and thick crust. The brick cheese can get melted on the pizza.

• French Bread
The french bread is the kind of pizza which is the kind of bread which is the extra crispy bread made with a lot of tasty toppings.

• Fried
The dough of the pizza is partially fried before getting placed with the toppings.

• Greek
With the word greek, we all might have understood that greek pizza is nothing but the dose of health. Since greek people are known for preparing healthy versions of the dishes. The Greeks make most of the use of olive oil along with healthy meats. So the greek version of the pizza is the best kind of pizza since it does not let you compromise with your health. So what are you waiting for? Order fast.

Bottom Line
The above-mentioned items of the pizza have significantly impacted pizza and the obsession of Americans towards it. So if you want to try the tasty version of the pizza then you should approach us since we are recognized for presenting our users with a healthy pizza.

In this article, we are going to mention some of the tips which will help you order your favorite pizza in Cape may, without worrying about weight gain.

• Do not go with a thick crust
You should prefer to have thin crust pizza because it automatically reduces the calorie intake you have daily. This means that the less refined flour with less salt and more healthy toppings are added.

• Choose protein-rich toppings
Protein is ideal for weight loss, so better you should have those pizza toppings. You can have cottage cheese or diced chicken as they are filled with protein.

• Healthy cheese is best
You should not get the regular mozzarella cheese and it would be better than you have feta or goat cheese. These are healthier options and even make the pizza taste better.

• Do not consume processed meat
Processed meat contains more saturated fat which means an increased amount of calories and trans fat. You must choose healthy pizza toppings like bell peppers, capsicum, mushroom, chicken, and broccoli. Sometimes it is not about the taste preference you need to make sure your body gets what it needs.

• Healthy side salad
Before you bite down on your pizza, you should have a healthy green salad. This helps you feel full and you won’t reach for more slices. It is better to take wise decisions when it comes down to your overall well-being.

• Choose the right type of herbs
You can make your pizza spicy by adding natural herbs like thyme, bell pepper, rosemary, oregano, red pepper, red pepper flakes, and basil. The addition of these things will make your pizza flavorsome and you will enjoy every bite you have. Moreover, the addition of spices will help you burn out calories.

• Healthy means whole wheat
You should prefer to have whole wheat pizza instead of ordering the refined flour. Check the pizza menu or you can ask the staff to ensure they have such options or not.

• Soak up the excess oil
Before you dive into your pizza, better to take a napkin and then soak out the excess oil. Doing so will help you to reduce the calorie intake with every pizza bite.

• Choose healthy pizza toppings
You have the choice to change what goes on the top of your pizza. So, make sure that you choose healthy and nutritious sources of vegetables. You can have tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, spinach, baby spinach, eggplants, zucchini, and many other options.

• Top it off with olive oil
You should have olive oil on the top of your pizza and this way your body will have healthy fats and you can easily reduce the extra calorie consumption.

It might be like your favorite cheat meal but you can make it a healthy meal. Here are some of the tips which can work out to reduce calorie intake daily. It is better to order from the best pizza place and tell them about your requirements.


The home deliveries are getting increased because of the lockdown. But the hotel, restaurant, bacteria and pizzeria owners are still struggling to find ways with which they can increase pizza sales. So today we are going to share with you some of the ways which we have incorporated in the pizza in cape may delivery and that too is giving us the required results and the outcomes:

  • Settlement of the efficient POS System

There are so many important things required to set up an efficient system for home deliveries. We set up an efficient system for receiving orders and dealing with the customers who have ordered something. We make sure to make a separate space for the order receiving since we do not want to disturb the customers who are dining in.

  • Creation of the ordering app

Our employees suggested we bring an additional separate platform for the ordering and tackling so that the record of the orders can be made and the customers do not face any problem, to place the order. We instructed the app developers to keep the interface of the ordering platform simple as the user tends to order from that site only which they think is easy to use.

  • Double-checking for orders

The major problem faced by the customers is related to the wrong order delivery. So we hired the additional staff who make sure that the correct order is being received by the customers.

  • Incorporation of the packaging

The packaging is also important for the orders because it prevents the edible items from the dirt and keeps it insulated to ensure the pizza is not getting stale thus not losing its taste.

  • Delivery fees are charged

Many of the hotels and restaurants take this thing as a matter of pride for not charging the fees for the pizza delivery. But we do charge a little amount of the delivery fees to make sure that the delivery employees are not getting exploited.

  • Safety of the driver

The delivery boy has to meet so many orders in a day. And meanwhile, he may or may not encounter some of the accidents. So it is the responsibility of the company to ensure driver’s safety. So we have taken all the required and suggested measures to ensure the safety of the driver.

  • Payment options

You should be incorporating a number of the payment options to make the customer’s convenience certain. And also in this corona period, it should be corroborated to incorporate the online payment options.

  • Skills of the driver also matters

The driver should be made skilled in the delivery. Since it is going to cause an effect on the business, he should be made prepared to tackle the multiple orders at once. So we made this thing certain and decided to incorporate a delivery boys training period for 7 days in which he will be given the necessary training needed for the job.

A variety of equipment is used in professional pizza shops or pizzerias. So in today’s article, we shall be discussing some of the equipment which is essential to make pizza in cape may. So let’s begin with:

  • Pizza mixers

When we make pizza at home, we are either making more than 4 or less than that. But as far as the pizza shops are concerned, then they have to make the pizza for a huge number of the customers. So the chefs can’t make the pizza dough each time. And to cater for the needs of a full batch of customers at one time, there is a need to automate the pizzeria. So make sure that you are using the pizza mixers. There are two kinds of pizza mixers:

  • Spiral mixers
  • Planetary mixer
  • Ovens

To make the pizza of the best taste, it is essential to baking it in a quality oven at the required temperature. It is accepted that the term ‘pan or Tawa pizza’ has caught the attention of many people. But you should know that you can’t run a profitable pizzeria if you do not have the required ovens. There are four kinds of oven:

  • Conveyor oven

This kind of oven helps in catering for the huge traffic at once since these help in the speedy baking.

  • Pizza deck oven

To taste the pizza that has the taste of the conventional crust and is perfectly gourmet, then buy the pizza deck oven.

  • Brick oven

Are you a smoky-flavour lover? Then you should be going to the pizzeria which helps you with the pizza that is made in the brick oven.

  • High-speed oven

By preheating these ovens, you can come up with the best crispy and delicious pizza.

  • Pizza prep tables

To add a touch of professionalism to your pizzeria, you can install the pizza prep tables. Both the upper and lower compartments of the prep tables contain refrigeration.

  • Dough storage

The prepared dough has to be stored so that it does get deteriorated in quality. For that the following equipment is available in the market:

  • Dough box
  • Proofing cabinet
  • Dough docker and retarder
  • Dough divider
  • Dough rounder
  • Dough sheeter
  • Refrigerator

Sometimes it happens that the chefs chop the pizza toppings in excess and that will be wasted if equal amounts of the pizzas are not made. In that case, you will be needing the refrigeration serum which will help to retain the shelf life of the leftovers. So the following refrigerator systems are available:

  • Walk-in freezer & cooler
  • Reach in freezer & refrigerator
  • Will only Pizza on the menu be sufficient?

The customers approaching you must be having diverse choices. So keeping pizza alone on the menu will not be suitable. So try to make your menu flavoursome by including other food items also. So for that, you may be needing the following equipment:

  • Sandwich Preparation refrigerator
  • Pasta Cooker
  • Fryer
  • Salad preparation refrigerator

Do you know the right trick to escalate the profits in the pizza industry? Pizza in cape may is not only famous because it has the best taste and the hygienic way that is incorporated in its make. Rather, certain other things are responsible for making the pizza profits get quintessentially pulled up, which we are going to discuss in the below-mentioned information:

  • Are you taking digital marketing into account?

Today no business can become highly successful until it is taking the services of digital marketing. Digital marketing helps your business get recognised. No doubt, you will be making the best pizza in the world but what if the people do not even know that such a pizza shop even exists. So to make your existence known, you should take the services of digital marketing.

Social media management should not be ignored. Because 70 of the world’s population is active on social media and they are prone to like the pages of their taste. So those who are pizza lovers will be looking for some pizza page that puts the discount coupons or vouchers on the daily basis.

  • Ameliorate your customer service

The customer service should be thoroughly taken care of. Because the customers are always willing to get a speedy recovery along with the quality food. So if you are making your customers frustrated with the late order delivery, then the customer will never consider being your regular customer. So ramping up the service is very important.

  • Discounts and contests are highly effective

There are so many pizza shops that offer customers daily discounts. No doubt your motive is to increase your sales but you can only get this increased if you are successful in impressing them.

Besides, the organisation of the contest makes your presence known to the people. People will feel tempted to participate in them and win the prizes. You can make a condition for the participant that they have to refer about your shop to the two more people. This will help your business to touch the heights of success.

  • Focus on maintaining the goodwill

You can build up goodwill by doing a partnership with either school or college. And as we know, the schools and the colleges keep on organising the competitions on the daily abscess. You can offer to sponsor any of the events. You do not need to bear all the expenses on yourself. But you can supply pies at your end to the participants.

  • Do you giveaway something

Your giveaways should be something that makes the customer feel that he or she is important to you. Try to track the customers that visit you on track by taking their mobile contact details and message them on important occasions about the offers going on in the shop.


The pizza would not tempt you to get it eaten until the finishing touches are added to it. Pizza in cape may is recognised in the country because it knows the value of the final and the finishing touches. So let us get acquainted with some of such touches.


First of all, you should know that the proportions of the flour, yeast and water can be neglected as they are covered with beautiful pizza sauces and toppings. But nobody tends to ignore the presentation style of the pizza. Your efforts get shown in it.


  • Drizzling of the olive oil & the balsamic vinegar

To take out the best flavour of the pizza, you can either choose the drizzling of the balsamic vinegar or the olive oil. There is a special kind of olive oil used when it is about pizza. It is usually garlic infused.

  • Toppings

Based on your customers’ preference, you can make them count your efforts by adding a layer of the additional toppings that may include the goat cheese or the caramelized onions.

  • Give it your signature taste

If you have made a special type of sauce or toppings, then you can add it to your pizza.

  • Za-atar Seasonings

Who can forget the Za-atar seasoned flavoured? It includes a high quantity of olive oil and lemon juice. The potential reader might be wondering about how this kind of seasoning is made.

Then it is made by taking the following ingredients into account:

  • Roasted thyme
  • Roasted Oregano
  • Roasted Sesame seeds

Italian seasonings coupled with tomatoes

The Italian seasonings when coupled with the cherry tomatoes and the olive oil just tempt the one to put the whole pizza in the mouth at one go.

  • It’s weird tasty

I know you will make a face on hearing that some people like the pizza topped with vanilla ice cream & balsamic vinegar.

  • Flakes

The choice of some people is very simple and they take delight in just adding the smoked paprika, oregano along with the chilly flakes. As simple as that.

  • Customised infused oil

Nowadays people are appreciating the flavour of the infused oil on pizza. You can try bringing about your kind of the infused oil like that of the following:

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Cayenne
  • Ginger


  • Make your spice

You can also introduce your kind of dressing by experimenting with various kinds of dried ingredients. First of all, you should not be introducing it straight in your restaurant or pizzeria unless you have got reviews about it.

  • Try with toppings

You can provide the customers with the additional toppings so that they can take the maximum joy of eating the pizza.




No doubt, pizza is everyone’s favorite be it adult or youngster, everyone orders pizza. Pizza in Cape May is available in different options and you can choose the one which suits your liking and taste buds. What’s even better is that you can enjoy pizza in different ways. Well! Here we are talking about different ways of enjoying your favorite pizza slice with perfection. It is up to you which style you prefer the most or which you want to give a try.

Different ways to enjoy your pizza

  • Fork and Knife

You should enjoy your pizza with a fork and knife. This option is the most preferred choice when the pizza is a thin crust to withstand the weight of the toppings and cheese. With this method, it allows one slice & the toppings won’t fall from it. The cheese will stay in it along with the sauce. Os, you do not have to worry about anything falling on the shirt.

  • New york fold

Through this method, you can increase the amount of pizza you have just in one bite. When you fold the pizza in half the toppings won’t drop from the base, neither the cheese and sauce. So when you fold the crust in half, the grease won’t drain off from the pizza slice.

  • Remove toppings and enjoy pizza

If you choose the method of separating the toppings and cheese, then it will take more time to enjoy pizza. Although, not everyone prefers to enjoy this method of eating pizza. When you separate the ingredients it helps you enjoy the pizza to the fullest.

  • Straight

Straight is one of the best ways to enjoy pizza which means simply with the hands and you don’t have to fold the pizza.

  • Crust first

If you enjoy the crust first or bite on the crust & then blend the pizza it allows you to enjoy the pizza but from the least flavorful part. Through this, it helps you save the gooey cheese, toppings, and sauce for the first heavenly bite.

  • Dipping

The pizza crust is best for dipping and this is the reason this option has become extremely popular. You can enjoy it with a side of marinara, ranch, or any dipping sauce of your own choice. With the dipping sauce, it will give the extra kick and make your entire pizza experience the best. This is the reason, most people opt for this choice of enjoying their pizza to the fullest.

Visit our place and enjoy pizza the way you like

At Pizza Heaven, you can enjoy the pizza according to your liking. You can choose from different options which help to make your pizza time go in the best manner.


Have you ever wondered what can make your pizza taste the best? Pizza in Cape May, is the most preferred choice among people of different age groups. Not only is it delicious but you can find a different variety of pizza as per your liking.

 Professional Tip 1: Get that perfect dough

All those who are lazy can purchase the dough from the store. But what’s the fun of it, when you have not made efforts. You should make the dough at home and there is not much you need to do. Here are the ingredients you need:

  • 2 lb flour
  • 17 fl oz water
  • 4 oz fresh yeast
  • Sea salt
  • Olive oil

To knead the dough, you should do it consistently. Make sure to sift the flour as it makes it light and fluffy. It might take some time to get it done with perfection but it will be worth it, once you get the hang of it. It is better that you note down in writing what gave you the best recipe so that in the future you can try it again.

Professional tip 2: Olive oil is the game-changer

To get that perfect dough, you should add olive oil to the flour mixture. Well, doing so, will not make it sticky.

 Professional tip 3: Correct dough making process

You need to roll the dough with your hands. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Initially, divide the dough into individual pieces. Well, the total count depends on how much you want to make. It is better that you let it sit for one hour as it will rise.
  • Roll the dough and make it thin as it will rise when being baked.
  • Before you roll the dough, sprinkle some flour on the countertop and this won’t let it stick to the surface.

 Professional tip 4: Pizza is best when crispy

Crispy pizza is the best pizza. For the satisfying taste, make sure the pizza has that crunch. For that, you need to preheat the oven. Doing so ensures that pizza is cooked evenly and it will have the desired texture you need in the pizza base.

Professional tip 5: Add the pizza sauce

It is your choice, how much and type of pizza sauce you want to add. You can go with the traditional choice i.e. pizza sauce or go with pesto sauce, garlic sauce, or any other sauce of your own choice. You can choose anyone who you like and make your pizza taste the best.

 Professional tip 6: Choose toppings of your own choice

You can choose the toppings as per your liking. The toppings are available in different options. You can load different vegetables on your pizza and you can be creative when you do this. Nothing is stopping you from trying something different with your pizza.

Pizza lovers are present in every nook and corner of the world. Pizza in cape may have seen an increased demand among the youth and even adults. The joy of ordering the cheesy burst or any other pizza type which you prefer is exceptional. The best part is that pizza comes in different variations which lets you order pizza as per your liking or taste

Step 1: Select the best Pizza Place

In Cape May, most people order pizza from Pizza heaven and that is the reason. We serve the customers with the most delectable and tasty pizza. When you choose the best pizza place, it will automatically make a difference in the pizza you are ordering. Moreover, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from as per your liking. We are not just saying, ‘We are the best, You can try our pizza and know why we are everyone’s first preference.

Step 2: Check the menu

After that, check the menu of the pizza places you have selected. When you analyze it, you will get to know about pizza options they have in store for you. Following that it will be easier for you to make the final choice.

Step 3: Select the Pizza

To go with the right choice, you need to consider the given factors. Here we are talking about the pizza size which you need to choose from Small, Medium, and Large. Here is the breakdown of the number of slices which each pizza type: 


Small-size pizza 4 Slices
Medium-size pizza 6 Slices
Large-size pizza 8 Slices

Choosing among the crust

You can choose from cheese burst, stuffed, and thin-crust pizza. If you want to have something fulfilling then you can have cheese burst pizza. It is also up to you which type of pizza crust you want when you order it.

Choose the toppings

The best part is that you get the flexibility to choose the pizza toppings. All those who are health conscious can choose from healthy pizza toppings and this you will have something which is filled with proteins. You can choose from bell peppers, corn, olives, tomato, mushroom, onion, jalapenos, and much more. Not just the toppings you can choose the pizza sauce.

Select the cheese type

Your pizza base will have mozzarella & shredded cheese. In case you want something else that you can include the add-ons.

Step 4: Place the order

Now you have made the final choice of what type of pizza you want, you can order it. From the menu, you can choose a side dish or some kind of dessert. You need to mention the address, phone number, and any specific instructions.

Step 5: Choose the payment mode

Pizza Heaven provides you the option to pay online, through cash, or e-wallet. It is up to you which option you want to choose.

We are looking forward to taking your order and making the best pizza delivery to you!

Pizza lovers are in search of delectable and healthy options

But have you ever thought, ‘How your delicious pizza is made?’ or ‘What is its process?’ When you order your favorite pizza in Cape May, it comes out baked and crusty. Well, What is the reason for this? It takes effort and time to make the best pizza and additionally different cooking methods are used to do that.


Enjoy the process of making pizza

When you order pizza and it is even better than what you expected, then it makes you think how it was made and what the entire process is. The good pizza you taste takes effort and the cooking method is also unique. In reality, the difference lies in actually the way it is made or what approach is used to make it. Here, we will make you understand the difference between brick ovens and wood-fired pizza.


Selecting the right choice

The problem arises when you are trying to make pizza at home for a family gathering or party. You might choose the commercial pizza joint which is used for pizza making. Different oven types are there for pizza baking. You can choose from a convection pizza, deck, or conveyor which can be used through electricity or gas.


Wood-fired oven

The traditional method to make pizza is done through the wood-fired or brick oven. The wood-fired oven comes with the traditional baking approach. During the early years, people preferred the wood-burning approach to make any type of food.

The wood-fired pizza allows us to maintain the temperature for a long time. The temperature is between 500 to 700 degrees. At such a high temperature, the pizza is baked within 5 to 10 minutes.

Through wood-fired pizza, it gives a different type of flavor which makes it toothsome. The flavor is unique in every sense and the delicious aroma cannot be replicated by any other option. Also, the ingredients added will keep the nutrient level in it properly. The pizza is baked at the right temperature and that too for a short period.


Brick-oven pizza

Brick-oven pizzas are a wood-fired option. Their heat source is gas as compared to the normal wood-fire. The features of wood-fired pizza and brick oven are kind of similar. Also, how fast it can bake a pizza and the smoky flavor it provides are exceptional in every sense. The difference comes in the way temperature is regulated to bake pizza. With the brick-oven pizza, the use of gas allows you to control the temperature to bake the pizza. Well! This is not possible with the wood-fired options.


Wrap up!

The kind of baking approach you use to bake the pizza will greatly determine how the pizza will taste. Although these are 2 of the major options being used by the pizza industry to make pizza.