Who is not a fan of the pizza in cape may? I know everybody is. But have you ever thought about which secret tips do the best pizza providers follow to come out with the one-of-the-kind of pizza? Don’t worry if you don’t know. We are here for you with the latest information on the secret tips with which you can bring that heavenly taste to your pizza.

Crusts account for 80% of the total pizza

We cannot ignore the importance of the pizza crust. It is accountable for either making or breaking the pizza. No matter how brilliant preparation you have done for the sauce making and how exotic vegetables you have chosen for the toppings. But if you do not have the right ingredients and techniques for pizza dough making, then all your efforts are going to be in vain.

Keep it simple and moderated

Doing too much on the pizza base may lead to the bad taste of the pizza. You are suggested to follow the rule of ‘less is more.

Do not consider incorporating so many toppings at once.

Try to use the pizza sauce in moderation. If you put too much sauce on the pizza base, then it will lead to a soggy base and the taste of the topping may not come out excellently.

Cooking Technique is much important

It never matters what goes into your pizza, the one thing that matters is which technique are you following in making the pizza. From dough making to sauce preparation, everything should be done following the steps of the right recipe.

Keep it less salty

Putting too much salt during the preparation may come out to be disastrous. It is advised to use it in the bits, as there is a solution if the salt is less in pizza, but there is surely no way with which you can reduce the saltiness if salt has been put in excess.

Know the right temperature

The pizza base should be baked at the right temperature. Too high or low temperature may lead to undercooking and the overcooking of the pizza. If such a thing happens then the whole taste of the pizza will be compromised. It is advised that you should always prefer to bake at the preferred temperature.

Use the fresh toppings

Do not consider using stale toppings. Stale toppings cannot beat the authentic taste of fresh toppings. Make sure you are getting it supplied regularly and not weekly or monthly.

Choose the fresh sauce

Do not use the sauce which has been preserved for a long time. Such a sauce loses its aroma and the taste of the pizza will never come out to be wonderful and you may not get attracted to the aroma.

Serve warm

No doubt, there are lots of blogs that tell the benefits of eating cold pizza. But you are still suggested to serve the war pizza as the flavour of such pizza emerges nicely.

Today we are going to talk about the different styles of pizza in cape may which has become famous in the united states. So let’s get started:

What kind of pizza do you want?

• Bagel
The bagel pizza is nothing more than the simple form of the pizza which includes simple toppings like tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni and toasted bagels. When it is about the bagel pizza then you can eat that at any time.
Richard Katz who is the owner of the Katz bagel bakery has claimed that his grandfather is the one who has contributed to the invention of the bagel pizza. But there is another man whose name is Bruce Treit who has claimed to be an inventor. He said he made the recipe come into origin while experimenting with the ingredients.

• Breakfast
It is one of the kings of the traditional pizza which customarily involves the toppings of cheese, sausages, bacon and potatoes. This dish needs a cracked, golden egg on top of it. It is the nicest brunch time diet item.

• California
This is the wood-fired and the single-serving pizza. This style of pizza can be compared to the Neapolitan. Many people misunderstand the California pizza since they think that as far s the California pizza is concerned, then it must be prepared with a different style of dough preparation.

• Chain
We all have heard about the pizza hut. It’s papa johns and little caesar. The fast-food pizza can be recognized as the chewy, consistently cooked crust. But we cannot challenge the overwhelming popularity of pizza in America.

• Colorado Mountain Pie
This is the giant pizza which is honey-kissed and doughy crust loaded with so many toppings and that can be folded with the nicest crust.

• Detroit
Detroit is a special kind of pizza that can be made with a crispy, crunchy and thick crust. The brick cheese can get melted on the pizza.

• French Bread
The french bread is the kind of pizza which is the kind of bread which is the extra crispy bread made with a lot of tasty toppings.

• Fried
The dough of the pizza is partially fried before getting placed with the toppings.

• Greek
With the word greek, we all might have understood that greek pizza is nothing but the dose of health. Since greek people are known for preparing healthy versions of the dishes. The Greeks make most of the use of olive oil along with healthy meats. So the greek version of the pizza is the best kind of pizza since it does not let you compromise with your health. So what are you waiting for? Order fast.

Bottom Line
The above-mentioned items of the pizza have significantly impacted pizza and the obsession of Americans towards it. So if you want to try the tasty version of the pizza then you should approach us since we are recognized for presenting our users with a healthy pizza.

In this article, we are going to mention some of the tips which will help you order your favorite pizza in Cape may, without worrying about weight gain.

• Do not go with a thick crust
You should prefer to have thin crust pizza because it automatically reduces the calorie intake you have daily. This means that the less refined flour with less salt and more healthy toppings are added.

• Choose protein-rich toppings
Protein is ideal for weight loss, so better you should have those pizza toppings. You can have cottage cheese or diced chicken as they are filled with protein.

• Healthy cheese is best
You should not get the regular mozzarella cheese and it would be better than you have feta or goat cheese. These are healthier options and even make the pizza taste better.

• Do not consume processed meat
Processed meat contains more saturated fat which means an increased amount of calories and trans fat. You must choose healthy pizza toppings like bell peppers, capsicum, mushroom, chicken, and broccoli. Sometimes it is not about the taste preference you need to make sure your body gets what it needs.

• Healthy side salad
Before you bite down on your pizza, you should have a healthy green salad. This helps you feel full and you won’t reach for more slices. It is better to take wise decisions when it comes down to your overall well-being.

• Choose the right type of herbs
You can make your pizza spicy by adding natural herbs like thyme, bell pepper, rosemary, oregano, red pepper, red pepper flakes, and basil. The addition of these things will make your pizza flavorsome and you will enjoy every bite you have. Moreover, the addition of spices will help you burn out calories.

• Healthy means whole wheat
You should prefer to have whole wheat pizza instead of ordering the refined flour. Check the pizza menu or you can ask the staff to ensure they have such options or not.

• Soak up the excess oil
Before you dive into your pizza, better to take a napkin and then soak out the excess oil. Doing so will help you to reduce the calorie intake with every pizza bite.

• Choose healthy pizza toppings
You have the choice to change what goes on the top of your pizza. So, make sure that you choose healthy and nutritious sources of vegetables. You can have tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, spinach, baby spinach, eggplants, zucchini, and many other options.

• Top it off with olive oil
You should have olive oil on the top of your pizza and this way your body will have healthy fats and you can easily reduce the extra calorie consumption.

It might be like your favorite cheat meal but you can make it a healthy meal. Here are some of the tips which can work out to reduce calorie intake daily. It is better to order from the best pizza place and tell them about your requirements.


If you are feeling hungry then do not worry you can order your favourite pizza in cape may. We at pizza heaven love to offer you varieties of pizza according to your cravings. We want our customers to feel happy after eating each slice of pizza. But the question arises why you should order pizza? Is it a special occasion or you are in a hurry? There are a lot more reasons to order yummy pizza today. Keeping the reasons in mind today we are going to share it with you.

Reason 1: It is a mouth-watering dish

We love making delicious pizza for you. So if you can order it at your convenience. We assure you that after ordering a pizza will leave a smile on your face as well as make you satisfied.

Reason 2: Because it’s Friday

Instead of making dishes after long tiring work, why don’t you start your happy weekend by ordering yummy pizza? You can enjoy the dish binge-watching your favourite series with your loved ones.

Reason 3: It’s your cheat day

If you are health conscious but love eating pizza then order the dish on your cheat day and satisfy your cravings for the dish. We understand that it is a tough job to stick on the healthy diet all week. So you can order the meal on your cheat day.

Reason 4: It’s your born day

Birthday parties look incomplete without having a pizza at the party. By ordering the dish you can have fun with your friends as well as there will be nothing much left for cleaning. You are having multiple varieties for ordering and can enjoy with soft drinks.

Reason 5: It is movie time

If you spend a night at your friend’s place and there is a plan for watching a movie all night. Then you can order the pizza which turns out to be the best dish to accompany you and your friends. 

Reason 6: Not feeling to eat regular food

If you are tired of eating monotonous food then you can order your favourite food which will help you in satisfying your needs as well as full your tummy. 

Reason 7: Try something different

You can order the dish from pizza heaven for something new and exotic. We keep different varieties of pizza which you will be able to taste exclusively from our place. So what are you waiting for? Order it right now.

Reason 8: Order the meal for employees

If you are constantly trying to build a good relationship with your employees then why don’t you order pizza for them and have a good conversation while having pizza?

Reason 9: Kids want to eat pizza

If your kids refused to eat the dish you have made and you are worried about them staying hungry all night. Then do not take tension. You can order their favourite pizza from us which will surely change their mood.

Cape May Pizza Heaven: It is fine and good to know about everyone’s favorite pizza topping to get the best type of pizza in Cape May. The best part of ordering pizza is that you can choose the toppings you like the most.

Look for the best pizza toppings
You can get a bunch of vegetables added in your pie which makes it taste even better. This is fun and exciting to bake pizza of your own choice and make your customers get what they need. When you visit the experts they will make sure you get the pizza made of the best quality and its taste is also perfect.

Experts check the pizza toppings
When asked about the pizza toppings you can choose the one which you liked the most. But, do you know which one is the clear winner in this regard?
Pepperoni, without a doubt, is the best option. It is seen that around 68 percent of people like this option. After that comes the sausage which is liked by around 47 percent of people. Meats like bacon, ham, and Italian beef have the popularity of around 20 percent.
However, many people are obsessed with mushrooms for their pizza topping as compared to mushrooms. Additionally, it is your personal choice of what you need to get or what you like the most.

Combining the pizza toppings
Many people know that combining options can also work well. This means you can add mushroom and sausage together on the pizza.
Additionally, cheese is something that you can never go wrong with. It is extremely hard to get away from the mozzarella and it even helps to hold mushroom & pepperoni in its place. This is what makes your pizza taste mouth-watering and extremely delicious.
Adding vegetables to your pizza is going to make it nutritious and it is an extremely good choice. Moreover, this option makes the perfect choice for kids as you can even get them to eat vegetables which they avoid daily.

Opting for meat and vegetable subcategory data
Well, you can even add meat and vegetables separately. The most loved meat is sausage, pepperoni, and bacon. Pepperoni is the most loved option by the pizza lovers and then comes the sausage and then the meat.
The top three vegetable toppings include onion, green pepper, and mushrooms. Mushroom outsourced onion 2 to 1 while green pepper is around 3 percent which is behind onion. You can put them on your pie and they are going to make it taste perfect.
The Top 10 Pizza Toppings
• Pepperoni
• Mushroom
• Green pepper
• Fresh garlic
• Tomato
• Extra cheese
• Sausage
• Onion
• Black olives
• Fresh basil
If you are not sure about what to get and how you can get the pizza to be made delicious, you need to visit our pizza store. They will let you know about the different pizza toppings and how they will make your pizza taste the best. For more information contact the experts at our store.

Cape May Pizza Heaven: To make the best pizza in Cape May, the pizza experts do not settle for anything less. They make sure everything is of the best taste so that the cooking process is what they want it to be.

What is the cost of a commercial pizza oven?

Price is the major consideration to choose the pizza oven. You are going to find the prices which are going to vary a lot. Commercial pizza oven brands have different prices. Different countertop models help in offering similar pricing options.

Conveyor’s ovens cost between $5,000 and $30,000 which depends on the capacity, size, and special features that may be available. According to the pizza which you need to make you should buy the best pizza oven.

Types of Pizza Ovens

  • Triple Deck

A three-deck oven and it can cook pizza of around 18, 12” pizzas at one time.

  • Double Deck

A two-deck oven can cook pizza of 12, 12” pizzas at one time.

  • Countertop Oven

To save space and have something smaller then this option is best. You need to cook 3 pizzas at one time. If pizza is not the main attraction, then countertop is a highly affordable choice.

  • Conveyor Pizza Ovens

To bake many pizzas at one time this is the vital choice. These ovens have a conveyor belt which makes the cooking better and faster by moving the pizza from the oven to the customer’s pizza box or plate.

  • Brick Ovens

Many pizza owners prefer brick ovens as they think that this pizza type is cooked with perfection.

The commercial pizzas you get can bake around 2 pizzas at one time which means per hour around 12 pizzas are baked.

Choosing the Best Commercial Pizza Oven

The most important aspect of a commercial pizza oven is the temperature and the standard temperature is around 400°F to 700°F which is much higher than the standard range.


For restaurants, the size is extremely important. If you are highly famous in your area then making 12 pizzas per hour is not enough. You need to fulfill the high demand of the customers. Additionally, having a backup oven is important if something goes wrong or the demand increases.

Fuel Type

You’ll find that there are three main fuel types available:

  • Electric
  • Dual fuel
  • Gas
  • Wood-fired

Most Popular

The most popular choice is the deck oven and it is available for the commercial electric pizza oven. You can find gas options. This is made of a deck which is of stone or tile. This is perfect because at one time it can bake around 12” pies and the overall capacity is also increased

Pizza Heaven Cape May: Cheese, a blessing from Italy which can be added in any food you like, be it a pizza, pasta or even lasagna. This article, presented by USA’s best bakers of Pizza in Cape May, contains 5 types of cheese that you should try at any cost.

1. First one in the list is Parmesan: Parmesan is the type that you might have heard or seen in a cooking video. This cheese is often used in grated form. The grated sprinklers of Parmesan cheese come with a pinch of salty taste and are so creamy that they dissolve after going into your mouth. No italian food can be made with this cheese. Thin slices of this cheese are also used in salad dressings.

2. The next type is Mozzarella. Mozzarella cheese is a very common type of cheese. It can be found in almost every restaurant. This cheese is spread on the pizza base after spreading the sauce. It comes in the shape of slices. This is the thing which makes your pizza so creamy. The fine molecules of this cheese results in spreading of the cheese evenly on the pizza base and its stringiness.

3. Third one is Provolone. Now this might sound something new to you. Provolone is a smooth and mild cheese. Because of this smoothness, provolone is the best option for sandwich. This cheese when it goes in the oven melts easily and the mild creamy taste makes it perfect for a light sandwich. You can use this cheese in your morning meat sandwich, to get sufficient protein energy to make it through the supper.

4. Asiago. Next one in the list is asiago. It is a crispy and smoky type of cheese. This too is an invention of italy. This is an aged cheese which is preserved in the shape of tyres and when it is aged to a specific time then it can be used in a grated or sliced form.it is specially made from italy’s cow milk. The aged asiago cheese is used in salads, pasta, soups and sauces in grated form. The fresh cheese is used to make sandwiches and panini in the form of slices. It is also used in baking breads to give them a creamy taste.

5. The last one in the list is Ricotta. This cheese is a little bit different. This cheese is only used in desserts. Because of its sweetness and absence of salt it is perfect for sweet dishes. Example of it being used is an italian sweet dish cannolis and some other italian pastries. You can also use it for dressing by whipping it with sugar.