Indeed! Pizza Heaven is a heaven for pizza lovers. It’s undeniable how much love the pizza in Cape May gets from the professionals. The best part about the pizza is that you can have different pizza toppings to choose from and depending on what you prefer you can go with that one choice. There is no denying the fact that pizza outlets are the most preferred option to hang out be it children, youngsters, or adults. Moreover, a lot has changed with time and there are several pizza-related options that make the pizza-making go with ease.

YES! It is important that to make that one pizza slice with perfection there are several things that have to be kept in mind. Let’s talk you through some of the pizza equipment lists which are a must to operate the pizza outlet with success.

Different pizza equipment lists

  • Pizza Oven

Without a pizza oven how a pizza outlet will operate? It is one of the most essential parts of the pizza restaurant and it tops the equipment list. Well! The pizza oven is available in different options and depending on what type of pizza is added on the menu or the pizza chain wants to offer, accordingly, the oven will be purchased. It can be anything from brick or conveyor, small or large, or anything else.

  • Pizza preparation station

Now! There is a proper requirement for a place to prepare the pizza. The professionals are very particular about this place and they make sure to maintain the hygiene to the fullest in that particular area. In addition, they choose a place which allows them to do work speedily and it should allow them to make the food to the best standards.

  • Dough mixer

Dough mixing is an important part and in case you only prefer to go with the small batches then it is not worth it. This is because it will waste the customer’s time and if they have to wait for too long then they may walk away & never come back again. So, the right kind of dough mixer is important to get the best results.

  • Dough trays

Once the dough is mixed, you have to keep it in a place where you can allow it to cool down, rest it, and let it rise properly. For this, the pizza dough trays are the best choice. If you are looking for something space-saving then this is the option which you have to go for.

  • Pizza screens

On the pizza screen, the pizza crust is crispy and it is placed beneath the pizza. The pizza screen comes with a mesh-like structure which allows the air to pass easily. This way, there is no worry of the pizza getting burnt from the bottom.

  • Pizza racks

Now! Once the pizza is prepared, you need to ensure they get proper rest till the time it is not properly cooked. Pizza racks are a great choice of equipment in the restaurants as this option will prove fruitful when it is extremely busy at your place. This place will be the best choice to pile up the pizza.

Well! The list of the required equipment will go on and on. You don’t have to stress yourself as we have everything at your pizza outlet to serve you the tastiest pizza you ever had in your life. Visit Pizza Heaven to have a one-of-a-kind experience while indulging in your favorite pizza.

What if I say that you can eat your favorite pizza in Cape May without worrying about gaining weight? YES! This is possible. Let us give you inside tips to order healthy pizza which will make your weight loss journey smooth.

Tip 1: Go with thin-crust
The pizza crust is one of the important parts but it is not going to give you any sort of nutrients. These are nothing but refined white flour and they will boost your insulin level. This is why you should only choose the thin crust as compared to the regular or stuffed crust.

Tip 2: Order double-cut pie
When you order double-cut pie you are getting 16 slices. Make sure that you begin with one slice and grab another only if you desire to have it. In addition, you can get the house salad with chicken and it will crave you to have more of it.

Tip 3: Individual pies are a big ‘NO’
Serving sizes for individual pizzas have seen another level of craze. But, keep in mind that it is not for all the pies. Some of them might be loaded with all the toppings but still not worth it.

Tip 4: Let your pizza blot
Sometimes there is an excess amount of oil floating over the cheese. If this is the case, then you simply take a napkin and let the excess blot away. Doing so will save you around 50 calories which is even better when you are on your weight loss journey.

Tip 5: Order lean protein as a topping
Let me suggest to you one thing, you need to avoid salty meat at all costs. It might be tempting but not all worth it for your health. So, you need to go with lean protein which is healthy and your body will get the nutrients it needs. You should opt for grilled chicken, anchovies, and sliced ham.

Tip 6: Include Mediterranean Night
Pizza night is fun but that does not mean you have anything. The pizza you want to order should be healthy. Make sure that you include fresh vegetables, protein dishes, or salad topped with shrimp/grilled chicken. This way you will have something tasty and which is nutritious at the same time.

Tip 7: Go with veggies topping
For the perfect way to add nutrients to the pizza and make it healthy, you should go with veggies. For the perfect amount of fiber and protein-rich topping, this is what you need to have. Moreover, it will make you feel fuller for a longer time. It means you won’t be eating more than your body needs,

Tip 8: Eggplant is not the best choice
Veggies are good but do you think all of them are good? NO! You should not add eggplant to your pizza because in most cases it is breaded and fried. While ordering you should ask in what manner the veggies are prepared and how they are added to your pizza.

Keep these tips in mind. Just make sure that the way you order and what you order should be right and beneficial for your appetite.

Make the tasty and best Wood-fired pizza

Wood-fired pizza ovens are the showstoppers as it is something which grabs the user’s attention and delights their taste buds. You can get the most searing hot pizza in cape may which is smoky, lightly charred, crispy, bubbly, and made with perfection. In this blog, we are going to mention the wood-fired pizza oven tips for making the perfect and crispy crust. Let’s dive into the tips.

Tip 1: Start your oven 2 to 3 hours before

No doubt, your wood-fired oven does not have that on the switch, but still, it is best to turn on the wood beforehand. You need to do that at least 2 to 3 hours before you want to make the pizza. Keep the temperature at the right range.

Tip 2: Make use of simple hardwood

Pine or other softwood might release creosote or other toxic chemicals into the air and then they go into the pizza. Make sure that you use the simple hardwood so that there is a distinct flavor and it burns 3 times more as compared to the softwood.

Tip 3: Keep the temperature right

The type of crust or dough will tell about the temperature. In such a case, you need to use the laser thermometer to check the right temperature. Just check the oven and see what is the best temperature for it.

Tip 4: Keep pizza close to the flame

Make sure that you keep the pizza too close to the flame and then cook it. Not close enough that it gets burned. It might need some trial and error to see what fits the best. Make sure that you keep it near the heat source so that the bottom of the crust is perfect and it does not get doughy.

Tip 5: Keep rotating the pizza

While the pizza is getting baked make sure that you rotate it. This ensures that the pizza is baked from all the sides and no part of the pizza will be left uncooked.

Tip 6: Take out the pizza

Once, you can notice that the pizza is cooked from all the stone decks. You need to raise it from the dome for a few seconds. Dome contains excess heat and it will help to provide crispy, light char, and a nice edge to the pizza.

Final thought

Getting the best wood-fired pizza oven does take a lot of challenge, especially when you are doing it for the first time. But, you keep on practising it will give your pizza crust the right crispiness and taste it needs. Try out these professional tips and make the restaurant/cafe style pizza and enjoy it with your loved ones.

If you don’t have enough time, then make sure to visit our place and we will give you the YUMMIEST and TASTY pizza you have ever had in your life. Order anything which delights your taste buds.

Today we are going to talk about the different styles of pizza in cape may which has become famous in the united states. So let’s get started:

What kind of pizza do you want?

• Bagel
The bagel pizza is nothing more than the simple form of the pizza which includes simple toppings like tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni and toasted bagels. When it is about the bagel pizza then you can eat that at any time.
Richard Katz who is the owner of the Katz bagel bakery has claimed that his grandfather is the one who has contributed to the invention of the bagel pizza. But there is another man whose name is Bruce Treit who has claimed to be an inventor. He said he made the recipe come into origin while experimenting with the ingredients.

• Breakfast
It is one of the kings of the traditional pizza which customarily involves the toppings of cheese, sausages, bacon and potatoes. This dish needs a cracked, golden egg on top of it. It is the nicest brunch time diet item.

• California
This is the wood-fired and the single-serving pizza. This style of pizza can be compared to the Neapolitan. Many people misunderstand the California pizza since they think that as far s the California pizza is concerned, then it must be prepared with a different style of dough preparation.

• Chain
We all have heard about the pizza hut. It’s papa johns and little caesar. The fast-food pizza can be recognized as the chewy, consistently cooked crust. But we cannot challenge the overwhelming popularity of pizza in America.

• Colorado Mountain Pie
This is the giant pizza which is honey-kissed and doughy crust loaded with so many toppings and that can be folded with the nicest crust.

• Detroit
Detroit is a special kind of pizza that can be made with a crispy, crunchy and thick crust. The brick cheese can get melted on the pizza.

• French Bread
The french bread is the kind of pizza which is the kind of bread which is the extra crispy bread made with a lot of tasty toppings.

• Fried
The dough of the pizza is partially fried before getting placed with the toppings.

• Greek
With the word greek, we all might have understood that greek pizza is nothing but the dose of health. Since greek people are known for preparing healthy versions of the dishes. The Greeks make most of the use of olive oil along with healthy meats. So the greek version of the pizza is the best kind of pizza since it does not let you compromise with your health. So what are you waiting for? Order fast.

Bottom Line
The above-mentioned items of the pizza have significantly impacted pizza and the obsession of Americans towards it. So if you want to try the tasty version of the pizza then you should approach us since we are recognized for presenting our users with a healthy pizza.

Pizza Day (9th February), Days Of The Year, Pizza lovers are present all over the globe. Pizza in Cape May is the first preference of everyone when they want to have a fulfilling meal. On top of that pizza, enthusiasts can celebrate Pizza day. Yes! There is National Pizza Day to celebrate the yummy carb you enjoy the most. For the gourmets, Pizza has a special place in their hearts and it will continue to do so.

Let’s assimilate Pizza Day

One perfect slice of pizza is enough to make anyone drool over it. This cheesy slice has become everyone’s favorite in the last few years.

Select your favorite topping

Some people think that it is difficult to choose the toppings as there are variegated options. But, on the other hand, you are getting to choose something which you like to eat daily. Depending on your liking you can order your pizza. No matter what is your preference, it is right to say that it has been one of the best inventions on the food list. No doubt, the love for pizza is something that no one can deny. Some of the amazing popular brands are even topping their game to grab the attention of the customers.

Select the crust of your choice

Well! You are not only getting the option to add your favorite topping but you choose the crust of your own choice. Whether you want a thin or thick crust, it is your personal preference. Moreover, some pizza hubs even give you the choice to have stuffed crusts. The list goes on and on & there might be a point that it becomes difficult for you to choose one.

History of Pizza Day

Back in the 10th century, in Italy, Pizza Day was started. This is the first time pizza has become popular. For the first time, people get to try the flatbread spread with added sauce in it, and on the top of it was loads of cheese. It was one of those creative snacks which have become everyone’s favorite. If you have a pizza slice on your mind, then visit pizza heaven at the earliest.

 How to celebrate Pizza Day?

Well! It is up to you how you want to celebrate this amazing day. Everyone has a preference for making pizza. Whether you can make it from scratch or order from your favourite pizza place. Just look around your kitchen and you can add what you like the most.

If you are trying for the first time, then head over to the search engine or take out your favorite cookbook which has the best pizza recipe. It is up to you how creative you want to get. Just try it once and you will know how easier it is to make.


Most people when talking about fried chicken, burgers, or any food option they will say that there is no wrong way to do that. However, when we talk about pizza, things are different. Pizza in cape may be one of the choices which every person loves to have on any occasion. Once pizza slice is enough to make their taste buds go crazy.

Best way to enjoy pizza

If you ask every person then they will give their own opinion on what is wrong and what is right. Some would like to bite on pizza and enjoy it as they go. It can be difficult to understand what is the best choice. If you try telling others how they like to eat pizza then they think that you have never eaten it.

No doubt, you will think you know what you are doing when you eat the pizza, but what if we tell you that you are doing it wrong the entire life.

The fork and knife way to eat pizza

One of the most popular Italian ways to enjoy pizza is a fork and knife. The use of a fork and knife is the best approach and you need to start from the triangular tip of the pizza and then you need to work your way to the crust. Once the pizza is properly cool, then only you need to do this. Once there is only a small portion you can pick it up and eat.

Just make sure you do not even fold it, even if you are tempted to do it.

Do you know there is a name given to folded pizza slices? It is termed by Calzone.

Irrespective of that, you should try to eat it with a fork and knife, just like Italians love to do it.

How to eat pizza with your hands?

If you are not a fan of enjoying it with a fork and knife then you can enjoy it the traditional way. Some people find it funny when they see a person enjoying pizza with a fork and knife. No doubt, no one wants to be laughed at when they eat pizza. Also, if it is piping hot, then how can you enjoy it?

Well, the best way to do that is to grab the pizza and fold it in a slice. Just simply take it and fold it. Enjoy it without thinking twice. The folded pizza slice will prevent the toppings from sliding off and burning hot cheese will not burn the chin.


Pizza Heaven Cape May: One of the food groups which is enjoyed by everyone is pizza. No matter what the age group is, pizza in Cape May is the first preference for most people. All over the globe, you can find cheesy lovers. Well, not only it is delicious but you can enjoy it in different ways. Yes, you heard it right there are different ways of eating and enjoying pizza. Every person has their preference or the way they want to have pizza. To enjoy every bite of pizza there are many ways.

Most popular way- New York Fold

The New York fold is famous for many reasons. First of all, it is the neatest and clean way to enjoy pizza. The New York fold is all about folding the pizza in half and then enjoying every bite of it. Well, it’s simpler than you would have thought.

In simple terms, grab the pizza and fold it in half. You need to fold in such a way that the sides meet each other and it needs to be formed in a U shape with the pizza crust.

Will the cheese stay in its place? Whether you walk or stand while holding the pizza, it is going to stay in its place. Also, the pizza taste is not affected and you can enjoy every bite of it. New Yorkers suggest that there is no better way to enjoy pizza than this.

So, on your next visit to Pizza heaven do give this technique a try.

Balance Flavor: Pizza Wallet

Wallet fold is great to balance the pizza taste. When this technique is best as it keeps the favor in its place and with every bite your taste buds will feel that. You need to take the pizza end to the crust, then fold it in half so that it makes the pocket. With this technique, the toppings do not fall and the taste also stays the same.

Another Pro Tip: While trying this method begins from the crust which ensures that the pizza does not fall.

Finest method: Fork and Knife

You cannot go wrong with a fork and knife. There might be some people who say that the fun they get when they eat with bare hands cannot be topped with anything else. But, the problem is the pizza can fall apart and you will notice if you have ordered deep-dish pizza.

To enjoy this type of pizza you need to use a knife and fork. The pizza can be cut into smaller pieces and you will enjoy each & every topping present on it. If you are going out for a business meeting or on a date, you should prefer this method. Additionally, it leaves the best impression on the other person.

Pizza Heaven Cape May, Pizza, is one thing which is loved by everyone. From small occasions to weddings, pizza is one dish which is the first preference of everyone. The demand for pizza in Cape May has increased manifolds. If you are planning to make pizza at home then there are few quality ingredients which you need to choose like the dough, sauce, cheese, and your favourite toppings. Pizza is one thing which you can make according to your liking. No doubt, you deserve to have the best pizza which is made just the way you like it.

  • Stretching the dough to make it thin

If you are someone who always loves to have super-crispy and thin-crust pizza, then you need to limit the amount of dough that needs to be thin. If you stretch the dough which is too thin and this way the dough is not strong to support the toppings present on it, this way the sauce, cheese, and toppings will not be proper.

What do you need to do?

To have thin and crispy crust pizza, make sure you stretch the dough gently. You should do it till the time it has reached around 1/8- to 1/4-inch thickness.

  • Thin pizza is loaded with too many toppings

No doubt, toppings are loved by anyone but if you add them in excess then it cannot hold it. If you add too many toppings then it will slow down the cooking process. Due to this, the pizza is not cooked perfectly or it might get burnt or it is overcooked Or undercooked. So, you should not make this mistake.

What do you need to do?

If you are adding too many toppings then the pizza cooking process will take up a lot of time. It is best that you limit the thinner-crust pizzas with just 3 to 2 toppings and added cheese. To have the healthier pizza you should choose the sheet pan pizza which has a thicker crust.

  • Not pre-cooking the toppings

Certain toppings simply need to be chopped and tossed onto the pizza before you bake it. However, some of them need to be precooked and one of them is meat best rolex replica. No doubt, pizza is going to be cooked at a high temperature but this time is not enough to allow the meat to be cooked properly. Before you add it to the pizza, make sure it is cooked perfectly.

What do you need to do?

You should not make this mistake as it can prove harmful to your health. If you are going to use the toppings like steak, bacon, fried chicken, or sausage then make sure you cook them properly and then add them to your pizza.

Apart from these make sure the temperature oven is set correctly so that the dough is baked with perfection. So, next time keep these tips in mind when you plan to bake pizza.

Pizza Heaven Cape May, Pizza is considered as many of us favorite meals. But the question comes, “What if you are trying to lose your weight?” For that pizza is considered healthy food or not? If these questions are running in your mind then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will come to know whether the meal is healthier for you or not?

  • How much nutrition will you get from pizza?

United State Department of Agriculture stated that per slice of pizza gives nutrition that is mentioned below:

NutritionIn G/MG

All the calories and nutrition are based on the toppings you will add, your cooking method, the layer, and the size of the meal. But if you are ordering cheese pizza in cape may, then the calories will increase. So if you don’t want to put on weight, then order pizza in cape may which will not contain much cheese.

Different types of fats?

If you want a pizza with less or no calories, then make sure you are ordering a meal without adding cheese to it. If you love eating cheese, then tell them to add parmesan cheese with red pepper flakes on the top that will satisfy your cravings.

Highest Calorie Pizza

If you are ordering pizza containing sausages or pepperoni then there are chances that you will be getting 250 to 300 calories. If you want to avoid calories then avoid eating such types of pizza.

Lowest Calorie Pizza

If you are looking for the lowest calorie pizza then order pizza containing vegetables on the top because vegetables are good for your health and help you in staying fit and healthy. Vegetables will give you more flavors as compared to you ordering pizza containing meat on the top. You can order pizza containing tomatoes, onions, spinach, broccoli, and much more.

How can you cut calories?

Below are the tips that will help you in cutting out the calories.

  • You should order pizza that has a thin crust.
  • You can order pizza containing whole-wheat crust.
  • You should avoid sauce which is made up of garlic butter or ranch and much more.
  • You should not eat breadsticks as it will help you in cutting out calories in large amounts.
  • You should also avoid waiting for white pizza as it has a good amount of calories present in it.
  • You can order traditional pizza as it has low calories in it.
  • Order pizza having vegetables on top of the meal.
  • You should consider the pizza shop. Make sure he is making the best quality of the pizza.
  • You can also order customized pizza.
  • You can add corn, green peas, black beans, spicy fajita chicken, lemon grilled chicken, and much more that will help you in staying energetic after eating a slice of pizza.


Pizza Heaven Cape May: It is difficult to find misinformation available on the internet in abundance. This is available in great amounts for pizza lovers. To make clear everything read this blog for a better understanding of the common pizza myths

Myth: Pizza consumption makes you fat

Pizza in Cape May gives you the option to choose the pizza of your liking and taste. Pizza is labeled as a steer clear food option which does not lead to weight gain. Many people are not aware of the fact pizza does not increase the fat present in the body. If you want to eat in excess the food options like quinoa, peanut butter, and fruit then it leads to weight gain. It is important to keep pizza consumption at a moderate level. You can even select the pizza option which has an increased number of vegetables and this makes it a healthy choice.

Myth: Hawaiian pizza was created in Hawaii

Many people think that Hawaiian pizza was created in Hawaii or it must have come from tropical origins. But, this is not true.

It came from Canada and one of the chefs claimed he invented this pizza. The Hawaiian pizza was created by adding the pineapple on the pizza and it makes the taste even better.

Myth: Italians invented the pizza

This is important to understand as the pizza was invented in Naples in the 17th and 18th century. It was a greek settlement which is known as Naples. However, it was not conquered by Italy until 1861 and it took another decade for unification in Italy to get completed.

Myth: Pizza can be reheated in the microwave

We all have done this at least once in our life, to heat the pizza in the oven. But, this is the worst vehicle to reheat the pizza. The microwave heat can make the pizza crust extremely soggy, and cheese takes the form of a rubbery substance. In simple terms, you can consider that pizza crispiness is lost when you heat it in the microwave.

Myth: Pizza is just the meal for dinner and lunch

Pizza is often considered as the meal for dinner and lunch. However, this makes the perfect choice for any meal of the day. Pizza can be considered as the best choice for breakfast. You can include the different toppings to make it taste the best, and you can enjoy it at any time of the day with your loved ones, family, or even alone. The pizza is the perfect meal as it includes all the essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. This is because of the toppings which you add on the pizza. Pizza is often compared to the breakfast option like cereals. When you eat pizza it can help you stay satisfied for a long time.