In this blog, we have mentioned the top tips for local shops of pizza in Cape may to get increased profits:

  • Focus on high-quality and locally sourced ingredients

First of all, get high-quality and locally-sourced ingredients from the suppliers, farmer’s market, farms, and suppliers. It is because the demand for local food is growing at a fast pace. The customers are becoming more informed about the environmental effects of factory farming along with that they understand the benefit of locally-sourced ingredients. By doing this, the customers will feel good when they choose your place. If you offer the clients a flexible option of ingredients they will always come to your place.

  • Consider the menu with unique flavors

It is linked with the first point. The rotating pizza can offer different benefits. You can begin with meat lovers, pepperoni, Hawaiian, and many more. When you visit a restaurant that can offer you many options it makes it easier to start something new and different. Now the restaurants are even serving many options like burrito pizza that comes along with queso fresco, barbacoa, black beans, and many other ingredients. The option is yours what you need to try. The final benefit is that the rotating pizza encourages the folks to come to your restaurant. So, make sure to keep the customers informed on the website about what you are serving.

  • Give them an exceptional dine-in experience

Here is another thing which you can benefit from. Most of the pizza restaurants are focusing on the delivery or take-out only, and they do not offer the dine-in.

If you can make the dine-in experience the best, it will help your business to grow on a larger scale. Just make sure you are delivering the customers with fresh pizza and offer them the best service so that they feel the urge to come back again.

  • Have a happy hour

Happy hour means you have a great deal for pizza and alcoholic beverages. This is another great way to attract customers to your pizza shop. You can consider the special deals for the pizza and during traditional happy hours, you will be able to bring in a lot of customers.

  • Send regular updates to the clients and easier delivery service

Pizza delivery needs to be on point and on time. They are delivering many pizzas so the delivery needs to be faster which means the pizza needs to be cooked on time and it should taste better. If you cannot focus on time, just make sure the quality is the best. To deliver a high-quality pizza it takes around 45 minutes.

Also, you need to communicate with them on time and give them regular updates on what you are offering them. If the customer knows pizza is on their way, then they are ready to wait a little longer.

Final thought! If you own an independent pizza shop, then you can compete with larger chain restaurants.

In this guide, we will take you through some of the quick and best ways to make snacks with refrigerated pizza dough.

Pizza Dough Pretzels

One of the top ways the chefs use the refrigerated pizza crusts is to make pizza dough pretzels.

The final taste is amazing, and you won’t be able to tell it is such an easy snack to make. In some cases, you do not need extra flour, and still, they will taste the best. If you buy them from the mall you won’t be able to get the same taste. The lovers of pizza in Cape May have tried this recipe at least once.

Quick and Easy Pretzel Bites with Nutella Dipping Sauce

These are quick and easy pretzel bites which can be made with dipping sauces. This recipe was made as an accident, and the kids loved to eat it after school. The homemade pretzels are made before, and no doubt it takes time to make. If you are a Nutella lover, then you are going to enjoy it the most.

Jet Swirl Pizza Appetizers

This super easy appetizer is a must-try by everyone. You can cut down on the grease and keep a single layer of pepperoni over it and layer several paper towels. After that, you need to keep it in the microwave for around 45 seconds on high. This is great to get rid of all the fat.

Jimmbo’s Garlic Knots

These finger-licking bites are great to have as these are made of garlic which makes the taste perfect. You need to simply pour the toppings over it, and when you take them it will have the taste of it. Keep in mind if you wait for a long time to make them cold it is going to get messy.

Garlic-Cheese Flatbread

Within 20 minutes you can enjoy the easy cheesy snack which comes with a soup bowl, or you can simply enjoy it on its own. It is the easiest and best option for an Italian snack or starter.

Ham and Cheese Stromboli

You can omit the sauce and serve it on the side along with dipping sauce. Many people even love to add yellow mustard to the dough before they lay down everything. With this addition, it is going to make the taste perfect.

Picnic Sausage Bread

Within 35 minutes and the use of 3 ingredients, you can make this amazing snack. This portable bread is stuffed with cheese and sausage. Moreover, you can even customize the recipe the way you like it to and change the filling according to your liking.

Delicious Spaghetti Bread

At first, you might think it is weird but you can think it of as garlic bread which is served along with the spaghetti. Try this once, and you will love it.

You can see till now that in some restaurants, the cafe uses a brick oven to make the crisp crust and baked toppings of the pizza. This article will tell you about why brick oven pizza is unique. If you are looking for the best pizza in cape may then what are you waiting for order now and enjoy having it. 

Eating alone will be a little boring for you right? What you can do is you can eat your pizza while chit-chatting with your friends over a video call because in this pandemic you can’t go out on dates or can have with friends. 

Why is brick oven pizza different?

  • The crust of the pizza

The crust of the pizza will be crispier in taste. The heat of the bricks helps in making a pizza yummy and delicious.

  • Perfectly Baked toppings

Toppings will be perfectly baked. The thermal conductivity of the brick oven will make the dough soft and chewy. 

  • Time

Pizza will bake fast and you don’t have to wait to eat your yummy pizza. It takes only 2 to 3 minutes. The pizza is economical and efficient. You can make pizza faster and earn a good amount of money.

  • The flavour of the pizza

The flavour of the pizza will be smoky which you will not be able to get while making in the oven at home.

  • Money

If you are running a cafe or restaurant and it is always crowded with people then a brick oven technique is useful for you. You can make the pizza on time and serve it with ease.

You must be wondering how you can make brick oven pizza at home?

You need time and bricks to make the best pizza at home. But if you are not having it is ok still you can make close to that pizza. How? Check this out.

  • Preheat your oven about 450F so it will be ready.
  • Place your pizza in the oven and cook for about 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Heat your pizza by turning your oven and broil up to 500 F.

By doing these steps you will get the pizza according to your want.

Avoid some mistakes while making at home are:

  • Don’t put extra cheese.
  • A lot of toppings can ruin your pizza. Put appropriate toppings to your pizza.
  • Don’t forget to preheat the oven before keeping your pizza in it.
  • Don’t keep your dough in the refrigerator.
  • Be careful with the temperature of the oven. 
  • Don’t serve your pizza just after baking it. It can hurt you.

Pizza is the all-time favourite dish for the people to eat no matter while binge-watching, or during a breakup party, etc. People love to order pizza according to their taste. Some like single toppings, some don’t like toppings at all, some will go for cheesy pizza whereas some will love to order capsicum according to their current mood. There are never-ending varieties of pizza and you will get confused while choosing one for themselves right? In fact, in this pandemic, you can do some fun with your squad by making a pizza at home. Isn’t it a great idea to spend your time making a variety of pizza virtually? You can also share it with your friends and family to know about the different varieties. 

Want to try something different in pizza to change your mood? This article will help you in knowing different flavours and also tell you about pizza in cape may.

Flavours you can add to your delicious pizza are:


If you love eating spicy dishes then adding sriracha spice up your dish. It is a type of hot sauce which can add a spicy and tangy flavour to your pizza. It is a mixture of red chili peppers, vinegar and garlic.


If you love eating a slice of cheese and a habit of adding or ordering a dish with extra cheese than parmesan cheese is a great choice. You can order a pizza having extra parmesan cheese on your slice will give you immense pleasure.

Salt and Pepper

If you love eating your simple pizza then you can order a salt & pepper pizza and make your mood proper. 

Basil leaves

You can order your pizza having basil leaves on it which turn out to be healthy. The herbs will give you a sweetening taste which is a great idea for a get together with family.

Red Pepper

You love eating a crunchy pizza if yes then you can add red pepper to your pizza and can have it. Red pepper is a good choice for the people who are developing their interest in eating spicy dishes. You can add it a little bit and enjoy it with having pizza in one hand and soft drinks in another.


Chopped parsley will add a bitter taste to your pizza which is as good as drinking a green tea in the morning which is healthy for the skin. It will also add colours to the dish.

Here are the varieties you can add to your pizza or keep in mind while making or ordering for oneself. You can try a combination of two also for fun if you love experimenting. Also, don’t forget to tell us which type of flavour you will try first in your pizza in the comment section.

Following are the professional’s tips to make the yummiest and delicious pizza in Cape May:

  • Make the pizza from scratch

It might be easier to make store-bought pizza, but it is best to make it from scratch. You need a few simple ingredients which include olive oil, salt, water, sugar, and dry yeast. For dusting, you need cornmeal or semolina flour. You might put some extra effort but the homemade dough is extremely easy.

  • Knead the dough by hand

You should overwork the dough. It might seem easier to use the stand mixer. But, with hand, the dough will get a better feel to the texture. If the dough sticks to the hand then you should add some flour to it. The perfect dough is a little tacky but it should not stick.

  • Save pizza dough in a container for future use

You can pre-make pizza dough and then freeze it in a plastic container. Once you knead it, you need to shape it in a ball and store in an airtight container in the freezer.

  • Let the dough rise at room temperature for 45 minutes

Whether you want to make the pizza right away or storing the dough for later use then you need to let it rise at room temperature. Keep the dough rise and then cover it. After 45 minutes it will be doubled and might be tripled in size.

  • Avoid rolling pin

When it comes the time to stretch the dough you need to use your hand. You need to take the pizza from the container and pat around the pizza edges softly. It will take some time to perfect the technique of holding the pizza in air and then letting gravity work it for you.

  • Semolina flour is important

Many people face problems when they want to transfer the pizza to the oven. The dough can become sticky and it is difficult to take it away from the countertop. You can solve this issue by dusting semolina flour on the pizza peel. Once the dough gets stretched you need to keep it in a floured peel and then add the toppings of your own choice. With the help of semolina flour, it will make it easier to transform them into the oven.

  • Fewer toppings are more

You need to be careful when you add the toppings. Add pizza sauce but not in excess as it can make it soggy and then can make it difficult for you to transfer it. You should apply the sauce and toppings in the right manner and make sure they are added to the edges of the crust.

  • Make sure the pizza baking option is hot

No matter which option you choose to bake pizza it should be extremely hot. You need to preheat for enough time so that you get the yummiest and restaurant-style pizza at home. Make sure that you take out anything which you have kept in the oven.

What’s the best part of getting the yummiest and tastiest pizza? You can get pizza in any form or shape you like and even top it with your favorite toppings to make it taste even better. Pizza in Cape May is loved by everyone to enjoy their day or night to the fullest. Whether you are going to a sporting event or social gathering, chances are high that pizza will be on your menu.

Go through different styles

  • The new york style pizza is loved by many. The large slices are something that is loved by everyone and its thin crust is what makes it extremely different. Many people in Cape May are always looking for pizza which tastes the best and they want to have something different.
  • Some people prefer to have an authentic pizza slice because they love it the most. Many people think that the standard option of pizza which includes tomatoes, oregano, oil, and garlic is best. Another choice is Margherita pizza in which you can add basil and cheese.

Once you get understanding about basics you can explore more options. There is an option of flat-bread style dishes and it is worth trying them all which includes Detroit, neo-Neapolitan, grandma, and bar. Many people have loved the Italian based pizza because of the way it is made.

It is really exciting to visit the pizza store who makes pizza in different options with various ingredients. With just one sitting at the pizza heaven you are going to have the best time of your life. Whether it is a thin crust or the option to add extra cheese we have got everything covered for you.

Opt for best Ingredients

Not just the pizza options but you can even add ingredients of your own choice. From cheese to pizza toppings everything is used of the finest quality. It is up to you how you want to get your pizza made. The pizzerias always like to get the pizza which suits their taste buds as it can transform the entire meal into something more memorable.

Just make sure the toppings that are used need to fresh and the dough should be perfectly set. The key to the perfect dough is a 2-step fermentation process. Following 72 hours, you will get a tasty, light, and an airy crust that is built for lots of delicious toppings.

At pizza heaven, the team makes the pizza with a prediction as they keep in mind what all your needs and how you would want your pizza to be tasted.

Bring the right heat

Pizza makers are obsessed with their ovens. To bake pizza at the right temperature is extremely important. The wood-fired ovens are preferred by the pizza experts because of the way it bakes the pizza and the final taste which is added to it.

Cape May Pizza Heaven: Given below are the top ways which can make your option of pizza in Cape May as a healthy choice:

  • Add veggies on your pizza for extra nutrients

You can think of pizza as the option to include veggies as much as you can. The veggies are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins which are going to benefit your health greatly.

For the traditional red sauce pizza, you can include veggies like peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, olives, basil, and artichokes. With all these combinations it is going to make its taste the best. Your body is going to get enough nutrients.

Additionally, it will benefit your digestive system, nervous system, and skin. Bell peppers are great because they contain vitamin C and the same goes for other veggies which will be great for your health.

  • Order thin-crust pizza to reduce the calorie intake

Whether you are ordering or making the pizza, you need to opt for thin-crust pizza. Thin crust means you can get the required amount of the veggies before you start feeling full. You should focus on the veggies rather than bread.

When you opt for a plant-based diet it is a much healthier choice. Studies have shown that people prefer to eat a plant-based diet and their focus is on the nuts, vegetables, legumes, whole grain, and fruits. Additionally, this is going to lower the risk of stroke, heart stroke, and other cardiovascular-related problems. So, it is best to lower the sodium and calories, thin crust is the preferred choice.

  • Be careful about the cheese you select to reduce saturated fat

Most pizza lovers prefer that cheese is an important part of the pie. Cheese is going to give you enough calcium and protein but make sure that you do not add that too much.

  • Order whole-crust crust for added nutrition

Well, not just the thick or thin crust needs to be given importance but you need to consider the cough type. If you make whole-grain crust then it is going to give you added fiber. You should consider a slice-by-slice comparison. If you get small whole-wheat thin-crust pizza along with cheese then it will have 1.5 g fiber.

You must give attention to the total amount you are going to consume and start with healthier choices. Veggies are a solid option to try for on your pizza base as they compliment the entire taste.

  • Opt for lean proteins like chicken

Cheese is going to have protein but many pizza lovers try to add protein on their own. You should not consume fatty meats. You should either opt for vegetarian or keep it leaner meats like seafood, extra-lean meat, or chicken breast.

Current recommendations are to limit the intake of processed meat like pepperoni, sausage, and bacon which contains sodium along with saturated fat.

  • Slather on the red sauce

The red sauce makes pizza extremely delicious and it is going to increase the nutrient intake in the body. Traditional sauce is going to provide Vitamin A and C. Red sauce is a better option as compared to a creamier sauce like white pizza options. If not the red sauce then you can opt for pesto which is helpful for your heart as it is made of oils and nuts.

Cape May Pizza Heaven: Given below is the detailed information on the best technique to enjoy your pizza in cape may.

How to hold and fold the pizza?

Firm and Crispy Slice

Hold the pizza through if it is firm and crispy and this is the most popular method to enjoy your pizza. If the crust is thick and crispy enough to hold the weight of toppings and cheese, then simply lift it and put the pointed part in the mouth.

New York Fold Pizza

To make sure the cheese from New York fold pizza does not fall off, you need to take the pizza sides and fold them which creates a shape of U. This is the preferred way for New Yorkers to enjoy pizza because it helps to keep the cheese in its place and you can eat pizza easily whether you are walking or standing.

How to add stability for the crust?

To have added stability, you need to use your thumb, index, and middle finger. If you do not want to fold the pizza the slice in half but it keeps flopping down at the end, then you can prop it by crimping the crust. You need to put your thumb and middle finger in the centre of the crust and then press it down with the index finger which will make a V shape.

How to eat Neapolitan pizza?

Make a pizza wallet as this way pizza toppings will not get lost. Some pizza experts suggest folding the pizza end slice to the crust and then folding the slice in half to make a sort of pocket that is out of the pizza. This way the toppings will stay on the pizza slice and it will make sure that you enjoy its flavor to the most. Eat it from any side and enjoy your pizza to the fullest.

What if you have got pizza toppings in excess?

You need to use a fork and knife if the toppings are in excess. Most pizza enthusiasts will tell you to avoid the use of knives and forks at any cost. If you have ordered Chicago style pizza or deep dish pizzas then cutting it in smaller slices with a knife and fork is going to add a little bit of crust, cheese, sauce, and toppings in every bite you take. This is the cleanest way to eat the pizza without making any mess.

What is the Pizza Etiquette you need to follow?

  • Eat an appetizer pizza by holding it if you are eating at a restaurant. Simple, grab a slice, and hold it to eat it. If you are with someone, then try to stick to one slice until everyone on the table has gotten a piece.
  • If you are at a business meal, then prefer to use a knife and fork. If it is a formal dinner setting, then rest the slice on the plate and use a knife and fork to cut it in smaller pieces.

Cape May Pizza Heaven: Pizza is one of the favorite meal options from children to adults. With different pizza toppings to opting for your favorite cheese option, this makes it versatile. Pizza in Cape May has become an extremely popular option because of the endless varieties. Moreover, the cakes are baked with perfection which makes its taste the best.

Brick-oven pizza baked with Perfection

  • Brick-oven pizza has become the reliable choice and the higher the temperature it helps to create pizza with a slightly crisper exterior. On the other hand, the toppings are extremely moist and tasty.
  • Another benefit of the brick-baked ovens is that they allow the team to make the pizza in the way they want to. Once the pizza is built with patented tomato sauces, there is 100 percent cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese. Many toppings can be added over it which gives you a chance to make the best pizza. While your staff is making the pizza you can have a close watch on them whether they are making it correctly or not.
  • You can watch your pizza, slowly make its way through a conveyor. At pizza heaven, the entire team will put extra care and attention into making the pizza the way you want it to.
  • Additionally, we always accommodate the customers who want their crust baked in the correct way which is the crispy crust, well-done on top, and light bottom. Whatever you need, you want that at Tom’s our people are taking to make the pizza in the right manner.
  • Moreover, with large brick ovens, we can cook multiple pizzas at once to fulfill the big orders for the get-together or business lunches. Additionally, the people can fulfill all their cravings and they can take the time to get the pizza baked in the right manner.
  • Another benefit of large brick ovens is that multiple pizzas can be cooked at one go. If there are many customers at one time, big orders can be fulfilled or business lunches can be done easily. So, whether it is a lunch or dinnertime, pizza can be baked with perfection and all the customers will be quickly served and most importantly in an effective manner.

With the latest and effective methods of technology of brick-oven pizza, it is possible to cook as many as 30 pizzas in one go. This is possible with a 2-oven configuration, so a large number of orders can be fulfilled.

Quality toppings

What even better is that high-quality meats and veggies along with cheddar & mozzarella cheese make your pizza taste even better. Moreover, its final look also comes the best. The cooking process of making pizza is what makes the customers love the pizza and they prefer to buy from the store that serves pizza with the best quality.

Cape May Pizza Heaven: When you visit your favourite pizza restaurant you have many options to choose from. At our store, you can get the topping of pizza in Cape May Court House the way you like and make them interesting by combining different options. Well, there are various vegetable options for pizza which makes it the best meal for vegetarians.

Some of the vegetarian pizza options are:

Artichoke and Olive Pizza

  • Many people do not think artichokes are tasty pizza topping but this option is perfect when paired with right sauce with different ingredients. If the artichoke hearts are paired with olives it creates a healthy taste that goes to the next level. The minerals and vitamins from these pizza types are unmatched if you are used to eating meat-heavy pizzas earlier.
  • You can make the recipe even perfect to enhance its healthiness. Like pesto makes an alternative option for tomato sauce if you want something different. Make the pizza taste even better by adding feat cheese. Make sure to make these changes little by little to check which of them tastes the best for you.

You can also tweak up the recipe to enhance its healthiness even further. For example, pesto makes a great alternative for tomato sauce if you want something a little different. You can also improve the flavor of your pizza even more by using feta cheese and giving the recipe an even sharper Greek-style taste. Try these changes minimally, at first, to see if they are right for your needs.

Roasted Garlic and Tomato Pizza

People who love garlic and tomato, try this pizza option. The tomatoes give a full texture and rich taste to your pizza and garlic makes them taste even better. You need to cut the tomatoes extremely thin and remove the seeds by hand. You need to soak each tomato in garlic sauce and this makes the pizza flavor even better. You can add many vegetables to your pizza to enhance the flavor even more.

Mushroom Pizza

Mushroom pizza choice is a simple and perfect choice to try for vegetarians. People who want to try something creamy and delicious should opt for this. Mushroom adds a rich array of flavors and gives your pizza a firm and vibrant texture when combined with tomato sauce and cheese.

Grilled Veggie Pizza

Vegetarians have a deep love for the fried items. But, frying will eliminate the health benefits which vegetables provide and it can lead to an unhealthy diet if you are not careful. This is the reason, it is best to opt for grilled vegetables as they taste perfect and it is loaded with essential vitamins & minerals your body needs.

So, try these vegetarian pizza options when you visit our pizza store and enjoy your meal to the fullest.