Given below are the top reasons which make pizza in Cape May the best choice for food lovers:

  • Pizza helps to fight with cancer

It might seem hard to include a few slices of pizza that can help to prevent certain cancer types. Studies have shown that pizza eaters have 59 percent fewer chances to develop esophagus cancer, throat cancer by 34%, and color cancer chances are reduced by 26%.

  • Perfect to include with drinks

Pizza is a heavenly food option which is great when you are drinking. The pizza dough helps to soak up the alcohol. Additionally, it is cheap, quick, and portable so it means you need to grab a slice and eat it on your way when you want to go home.

  • Pizza helps the body to absorb lycopene

Tomatoes are loaded with lycopene which is an antioxidant that prevents illnesses and heart disease. The lycopene-packed food contains a small amount of fat which is present in pizza and this makes your body absorb better. So, have some extra cheese and tomatoes to help your health stay better.

  • Pizza is like your best friend

Pizza is an absolute choice as it can be your best friend and its nerve throws shade. No matter what this delicious snack is going to have your back in hard and good times.

  • Better than fast food options

Let’s say when it comes to fast food, pizza with extra cheese, and your favorite toppings will make you feel less guilty. No doubt, it is much better, tastier, and healthier as compared to different fast food options.

  • Pizza saves you a lot of money

Not only is pizza delicious but you can get it at an extremely affordable price. No matter where you are in the world you can get pizza at the best pizza and it will fulfill all your food cravings.

  • Pizza can be made according to everyone’s wish

Whether you prefer plain slices, pizza filled with pepperoni, extra cheese, or meat there is a pizza option for everyone. There are endless options to suit everyone’s taste. Moreover, you can get gluten-free pizza if you are health cautious.

  • Pizza is filled with protein

The mouth-watering cheese with a single slice of pizza contains 15 grams of protein which gives you a lot of energy along with help to repair body cells and make the muscles strong.

  • Pizza makes you eat a lot of veggies

Adding loads of vegetables in your pizza is a great choice to increase the intake of vitamins. You can add broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum, or any other options you like. The vegetables with melted cheese are what make the pizza appealing and all your hunger will go away.

Given below are the top ways for selecting the best food distributor for pizza in Cape May:

  • Check whether all your specific need are being met

Whether it is about seeking a new vendor or checking the current one, this is the major question of concern for everyone. First of all, make the list of all the important ingredients, how much you need, and how frequently you need them. Especially list the items like premade pizza crust and dough balls. You will get to know that a single distributor is not going to fulfill all your needs. It is even better if you can get sample products.

  • Accommodating your delivery schedule

Instead of working according to your distributor schedule, you should let them know what is best for you. The best and expert food distributor will work with you to give you the products you need. You need to ask your distributors with different questions and understand how they can meet your expectations.

  • Do they deliver on holidays and weekends?
  • Can they guarantee a specific time product for the delivery?
  • Is it possible for them to deliver the products when you are closed?
  • Do you give orders on maximum and minimum?

The distributor’s order maximums and minimums can influence the inventory greatly. The minimum orders can leave with products that you can use for a long time and maximums can be used for a short time. The delivery requirement of your vendor needs to match with your kitchen needs. It will help you to control the food costs, minimize waste, and keep enough product on-hand to meet the demand of your customers.

Discussing the product quantities will help you to verify how they handle the related items. This way you will know when you need to order and when they will deliver you the product in case of urgency.

  • What about pricing?

Most of the staple products will be priced the same between vendors. Pricing is important but that does not mean you need to buy cheaper products. You should never compromise with the quality and freshness of the products your customers are going to get. If you can buy in volume you can save a lot of money. You can negotiate a better pricing policy if you are willing to change the delivery days or times. Having a loyal conversation with your distributor will help to get the quality products.

  • Viewing the relationship

Service is what sets apart everyone from others. Having a distributor who helps you get the best pizza products as it helps to enhance your menu. You need to know how to handle occasional problems with deliveries, inconsistent supply, or late deliveries.

One of the easiest places to feed relatives and friends is with pizza at the major holiday feasts at this time of year. Large pizzas for holidays and gatherings are great to order. In addition to the regular pizza in Cape May choices such as mozzarella or pepperoni, there are also unique designs with several nice subjects open.

Deck the halls

The iconic Christmas track “Deck the Halls” starts with the line “Deck the halls with holly boughs” so when you deck your pizza with holly-inspired toppings you don’t have to deck the halls. The song’s holly plant usually consists of broad leaves around the middle of red berries. Spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes type the pizza variant of this concept. The pizza is appealing to all vegetarians who come home and order a simple pizza.

You should replace the template with a few bits of pepperoni as an alternative to the tomatoes. In any event, the pizza finished has a holy look so you can conveniently call your party guests as “Deck of the halls.”

White Christmas

And if you do not dream of white Christmas, there are some white pizza toppings for you to celebrate the beloved song and movie. Create an appetizer by buying additional feta and mozzarella cheese.

The feta cubes feel like tiny balls of snow trapped around the pizza. In comparison to the typical red sauce, you can also prefer a white sauce alternative such as an Alfredo or a base of olive oil. Finally, try using fresh chicken as a topping if you’re searching for a beef substitute. Chicken meat has a lighter sound that blends well with feta cheese pieces.

O Christmas Tree

Transform the feel of a lit Christmas tree with steak and other seasonings in an order of pizza. Using lettuce or broccoli in the base coat of the tree and finish with Christmas products. Sausage and pepperoni depict the ornaments in circular forms. Whether you prefer pizza onions, the onions would look like vivid tinsel. The special shape of mushrooms may also be used to represent Christmas clowns on the tree. The pizza surfaces are eventually a wide array of aromas and exclusive flavors.

Christmas Coal

Celebrate the usual Christmas coal in storage with a Christmas coal-based pizza. Request a black olive pizza with a simple design. The whole pizza appears like coal dust. You may even add items together. Mushrooms, for instance, often darken in pizza and can well be mixed with olives to produce different pieces of charcoal. If you’re hunting for a game, the fried salami also has black borders when baked.

When the pizzas have been purchased, make tiny signs to display for the pizza boxes, or clearly write on each package the festive titles. Once you see the name of the party and open the package, you will understand the issue. You can even ask visitors what topics each pizza thinks about.

When you order the pizza you need to make sure to choose the best ingredients of pizza in cape may court house.

Best Pizza Saucing tips

The utensil you choose for saucing pizza will determine the process. Spoons and ladles are the most popular tool for this job. Simple following the given steps will ensure every bite of your pizza is mouth-watering and fresh.

Spoon Application

  • Make sure you work from the middle of the pizza crust and then out. You need to spoon the pizza sauce in the center and then to the pizza crust.
  • Spread the sauce with the windshield wiper motions and then spread evenly to the pizza crust.
  • Rotate the pizza crust as this prevents wrist and hand cramping.

Ladle or Spoodle Application

  • You need to work from the middle of the pizza crust and then move out. Start by ladling sauce on the center of the pizza crust.
  • Spread the sauce evenly with a circular motion. Never push the ladle or spoodle. You need to let the tool do its work, which means let the tool float over the sauce.
  • You don’t have to rotate the pizza crust while saucing. When you use these techniques it gives smooth results as the sauce layer spreads evenly.

What are the top recipes which make you sauce boss?

No doubt, at the best pizza store pizza sauces are made from scratch and fresh. When the pizza sauces are fully prepared it helps the customers to have the best pizza experience. Additionally, all the ingredients which are used are fresh and authentic. All the ingredients used are of high-quality which makes the sauce taste even better. We are not just saying it, but when you buy the pizza you will get to know about it from the first bite.

Spicy Marinara

  • 2T extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 – 5.5 oz. can or 1 lb. fresh petite diced tomatoes (high-quality)
  • 5 lb. Alive & Kickin’ Ready To Use Pizza Sauce
  • Pinch of fresh thyme
  • 1T minced garlic
  • 1t crushed red pepper flakes

How do you need to prepare the sauce?

On medium heat, preheat a large saute pan. Add olive oil, fresh thyme, and red pepper flakes. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes or until you get the fragrance. Add tomatoes and cook until the excess moisture goes away. For 5-8 minutes let it simmer after adding the pizza sauce. Serve hot and fresh with a drizzle of olive oil. 

Easy Mac ‘n’ Cheese Sauce

  • 5 lb. Alive & Kickin’ Alfredo Sauce
  • Salt and white pepper, to taste
  • 1 lb. sharp cheddar cheese, finely shredded

How to make the sauce?

Bring Alfredo sauce to a soft boil and make sure to stir it constantly. In that, you need to add shredded cheddar cheese till the time all has been added and melted. According to taste, add salt and white pepper. If the mixture gets thick, then you can add cream or milk to adjust the consistency. If it is too thin, then let it cook for 5-minutes until you think it has the desired velocity which is needed.

Fast Food Pizza

Fast-food style pizza is a staple item for parties and sleepwalks. Our pizzeria has a parmesan-coated, garlic crust that gives you the delicious flavor. If people are trying to branch out, they have cinnastix and garlic knots. It’s always the move to order pizza in Cape May, and the fact we deliver pizza within time so that you can enjoy it with your family.

Thin Crust

Crispy and straight out of the oven, several people love to eat thin crust pizza, because it gives the best flavor. It has a good crunch to it, and the toppings of the pizza show all by themselves. At the end of each slice, you are not going to get overpowered by a huge piece of bread. So, if you judge a pizza by the quality of its toppings, this is for you the best kind of pizza crust.

Cheese-Stuffed Crust

The best way to explain this form of the crust is by cheese on cheese. If you don’t get enough of a four-cheese pizza, why not stuff some more of it in the crust? Theis cheesy crust fulfills the vision of a cheese-lover. And if you’re a cheese lover, we have the best sort of crust for you and it’s the cheesiest around.

Pizza Bagels

Everyone remembers a childhood filled with-:

  • Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets
  • Fruit roll-ups
  • Chowing on Bagel Bites, most importantly, nights.

Pizza Bagels are the snack of the right amount, and they’re foolishly tasty. To curb your craving, you must go with Pizza bagel, because it has pizza sauce as well as cheese along with your favorite toppings.


Flatbread is the dream crust for those who want to enjoy a pizza when they are remaining bougie. To elevate its food status, pair it with trendy toppings. Put a fresh basil garnish or balsamic glaze on top of the sweet, bread-y base to compliment the elegant nature of the crust.

Sicilian style

Sicilian is certainly on the path to pizza at the deep dish stage, in case you are searching for a heartfelt slice. It has a bulky to top ratio topping, so be prepared. The Sicilian crust is offered you a crust between thin and dense so don’t challenge it, just take a big bite and enjoy it.

Neapolitan Crust

This is the famous or well-consumed crust in Italy, a pizza motherland. This crust offers you a perfect thickness of the crust and the heavenly airiness of every pizza bite will surely curb your craving of pizza. If you visit an Italian pizza restaurant, then you must order this crust or classic Margherita for the authentic experience, as well as delicious taste.

Chicago Deep Dish

Deep Dish places pizza pie on the table. There’s no question about it, the best, most decadent pizza in Chicago is home to it.

Many people often complain that they are not able to get the same taste which they get at pizza stores. At Pizza heaven, the pizza in Cape May is baked according to customer’s needs and preferences. The customers want to get as delicious a meal as possible.

Make sure the surface is Preheated

How often you just shoved the prepared pizza in the oven without waiting for it to get preheated. We understand the impulse of waiting for your pizza to bake so that you can enjoy the delicious meal as quickly as possible.

  • The most important step to bake the pizza with authenticity is by preheating the cooking surface to get the perfect taste you desire. The pizza experts make sure to bake pizza at the proper temperature.
  • When the cooking surface is heated, it means you simply need to put the pizza in the oven and it will be ready. Additionally, you do not have to wait for a long time to finish and you don’t have to wait for more than 30 minutes. Ideally, it takes 30 minutes for the oven to be at the right temperature.
  • Additionally, this also helps to get the authentic texture and taste which you get at the favorite pizza restaurant. At many places, pizza ovens are at very high temperatures. This way the pizza is cooked within 10 to 15 minutes. To get authentic pizza taste, you need to bake pizza at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baking should be done with Parchment paper

Another issue which people have is pizza base sticking to the cooking surface. People should add cornmeal to the cooking surface and this helps the pizza base to remain separate from the cooking surface. But, it might be possible that it affects the pizza taste which you cook.

  • One of the best cooking processes to make baking easy at home is to use parchment paper. This simple paper will sit underneath the pizza and it will not let it stick to the surface. Make sure to keep the parchment paper on the pan to place the pie and to avoid burning paper.
  • Once it is cooked, you can take them off the pan without worrying it will stick. If you want to grill the pizza, then this option is not the best as paper can catch fire easily.

Cook the protein sources at first

You should cook protein sources before the pizza is cooked. This idea is best for different reasons which include:

  • First of all, when meat is cooked slightly it will crisp up on the pizza top rather than using frozen or raw meat. Make sure to cook your meat very slightly to get the perfect taste.
  • Well, there is no specific time for cooking each type of protein. But cooking beforehand is likely to give you the best results.

Everything was shut down for a few months and people were not able to go out & have their favorite meal tasted. The store owners of pizza in Cape May are making every effort to reach out to the customers but with safety guidelines.

Pizza heaven entire team is making sure the safety of the entire and the customers are followed as dining rooms are being opened. Here are some of the steps which need to be followed to make sure everyone is safe and healthy:

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is the new normal which needs to be followed at every place. Keeping this in mind, the dining room capacity is reduced to make sure there is proper distance. Many tables have been moved and removed. The seating area is changed so that you can enjoy your meal without worrying about anything. The maximum table occupancy is 10 people.

If we follow these practices today then it can help our loved ones and other people around us to be safe.

Health checks

On a daily basis, health checks are performed as employees arrive for their shifts. Their temperature is checked and it is made sure they sanitize their hands before entering the store.

Ensure proper cleaning

With social distancing, there also comes different sets of rules which need to be followed by every person. At our store, proper cleaning standards are followed. This means, all the places are disinfected regularly.

The employees need to follow the practice of frequent hand washing and glove usage. We also make sure the employees wear masks while making food, serving food, taking orders, or talking to the customers.

Single-use Items

We ensure that the things which come in the customer’s contact should not be used by others. To do so, single-use paper menus are provided to the customers. Anything which was used to be shared has been removed from the tables. Customers can ask for stuff like red pepper, parmesan, or any other stuff which they want to use.

Limited contact

The employee who is serving you will ask whether you like the pizza and salad to be served or you want to do everything by yourself. Additionally, once the meal is over, whether you want the leftovers to be wrapped or you want to do it on your own.

Safety practices for better health

With the safety guidelines, we also make sure to follow the non-contact pick-up and delivery for the customers. The delivery guy makes sure to wear gloves, mask, and deliver pizza to the customer’s doorstep on time. If we follow these norms today, then it can benefit all of us in the long run. If you have any additional request to serve you better, then please feel free to share with us.

Pizza lovers always look for reasons to go out with their friends and family and dine-out at their favourite store of pizza in Cape May. Many families are out there who are working all day long like busy with sports, homework, extra-curricular activities, or household stuff.

What’s better than getting a few nights off and not feeling stressed about cooking about the meal for one day. Well, what if you get to take your family out to the best pizza place like Pizza Heaven where you get endless pizza options.

Topmost reasons to take your family for Pizza Night

Do not feel like cooking, then worry not. In this article, we have mentioned the top reasons to enjoy pizza at your favorite place with family:

  • Get to spend Quality time

For many families, every day there are many activities to complete. Sharing pizza in a restaurant will allow your family members to spend time together, and you can enjoy each other’s company without distractions like phones, emails, or messages. This will make a fun outing with your family, and you will be away from all the stress.

  • Make occasions more special

Whether it is a promotion, birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion, visiting your favorite pizza restaurant will help you spend more time with your family. You can enjoy each other’s company and talk to other people which you might have not done for a long time. So, plan a pizza night with your family to have the best memories that will last forever.

  • No worry about cleaning

Do not feel like cooking anything, then you must be thinking of ordering but this still needs to come with clean up. But, this problem can be solved when you visit your favorite pizza store to simply enjoy your meal. You can order different things as per your taste. So, no worry about cooking and preparing meals then cleaning up the dishes.

  • Get pizza right from the oven

No matter how hard you try, putting food in the paper bowl, cardboard box, foil container, or any other box will make it cool down quickly. Additionally, the drive that needs to be done to bring it home will not give the same taste.

Visiting your favorite pizza store will make your pizza cravings reach another level. Moreover, the toppings are hot and cheese-loaded all over the pizza will give you the perfect taste. Visit once to pizza heaven and you will come here every time you crave pizza. We assure you that your pizza night with your family or loved ones will be a night to remember.

  • Try things which you have not made

The experts will help you create the best pizza slice, and with every bite, you will get the perfect taste.


When you are making a recipe, there is no secret that ingredients change the entire quality and final results. But at times the staples like flour are not given the importance which they need to be given.

The masters of pizza in Cape May are changing these things. Many pizza owners are preferring to use 00 pizza flour that helps in making the texture better. The gluten content is an important part of superior pizza crust in brick ovens. It is a gourmet twist that commands and gets premium prices.

The 00 flour is the most finely milled in Italy, and it is classified as 00. The texture helps in giving a soft and flavorful crust. It also helps in giving the thicker or thinner middle edge pizza crust. No doubt, there are various benefits which you can get with it. The 00 flour is for traditional pizza that is great for the dough experts.

  • Soft wheat Vs Hard Wheat

Unlike Canadian and American hard wheat used in typical pizza, 00 flour is derived from different types of soft wheat. The gluten structure of soft wheat will give the dough less snapback, and thus it is easy to handle. However, pizza dough is made with 00 flour, and its fermentation is of low tolerance that helps in managing the dough easily.

  • Different features

Although most of them are featured as 00 flour, and their types are not universal. The fermentation time can be between 12 to 48 hours that means the difference between dough of the same-day, and it gives longer proof. Many people assume that 00 pizza flour is the same that can lead to expensive do-overs.

  • Crust color seems to be underdeveloped

Since 00 pizza flours do not have enzymes or diastatic malt. There are high chances that pizza crust that is baked at the temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit will not give the same color, and this can lead to a big turnoff for the customers.

  • Dough Ball opening

00 flour balls are stretchable and soft that makes them great for opening by using pressure methods. With the softness of 00 dough, the effectiveness of the sheeters will be less, and hand stretching tools will be used less.

When you visit the best pizza shop, the experts make sure the results which the customers get are perfect, and it should taste the best.

  • Cost is slightly more

Whether it is imported or domestic 00, it comes with a premium range. Despite being able to sell pizzas that are made with 00 flour at increased cost, this might not be the best option with the bottom-line calculations.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various types of crust for pizza in Cape May that makes pizza taste mouth-watering:

Thin Crust

Neapolitan Pizza

There is no doubt that Neapolitan pizza is considered as original Italian pizza. To get the signature light, crispy texture, Neapolitan pizza will fulfill all your requirements. There is no mechanical preparation done to make its dough as everything is made with hands.

The pizza is baked in a wood-fired and domed oven. Classic styles include Marinara and Margherita. It is impossible to replicate the texture and flavor of the pizza. Want to try something authentic then you should go with this option.

New York-Style Pizza

New York-style pizza is considered a trademark because of its big slice. It has been everyone’s favorite from the 1990s, and you can find its regional variations across the country.

This pizza crust is slightly crispy from outside, pliable enough to fold it in half, soft, and easy to eat. Its rich flavor and texture are possible with the high-gluten bread flour and minerals present in water that increases its authenticity.

St. Louis Pizza

St. Louis Pizza is known for its thin, round, unleavened, and cracker-like crust. This pizza type is cut in a rectangle or square which is known for a party or tavern cut. This is the best way to serve pizza in top bars and parlors.

Flatbread Crust

Want to try something lighter than flatbread will be your go-to option. This pizza is of personal-sized and less-filling appetizers. Its trendy toppings and the crust make the option favorite of many people.

Thick Crust

Traditional Pan Pizza

The traditional pan pizza is a favorite of many pizza lovers. Its popularity has been increased by Pizza hut and its crust features pan-fried and buttery taste which makes the center soft and chewy. You will get all the custom flavors with this option.

Deep Dish Pizza

With deep dish pizza, it allows a great number of toppings, sauce, and cheese on the pizza. The pizza slice is 2 inches thick. To get the crisp and buttery crust, the pizza is baked in a deep-dish pan. This pizza type has a unique taste to it and it is highly popular in the Midwest.

Sicilian Pizza

The Sicilian pizza is known for its thick and rectangle-shaped crust which is over an inch thick. Its popularity has been seen in the Metropolitan areas like the East Coast and the upper Midwest. This type of pizza is known for sauce-cheese toppings which makes it unique from other pizza crust. It is chewy and the edges and bottom of the crust have a fried texture to it.