We all like to go to our favorite places to have our favorite slice of pizza. Sometimes, we order in excess that we have leftover. Now! You must be thinking about what to do with it? No doubt, you can eat it on the same day, but as they are kept in the fridge for the entire day, the taste can get affected and cold pizza is not liked by everyone. Worry not! In this blog, we have mentioned the tips on preheating the pizza in cape may, which you have ordered from your favorite pizza place. Let’s make sure you get to preheat the pizza correctly.

Which is the best method to preheat the pizza?

To begin with, do you know, ‘What is that one thing in which you should never preheat the pizza?’ Answer: MICROWAVE…This option is a ‘BIG NO’ to preheat the pizza. You must be thinking ‘Why?’ This is because when you do so, it makes the base hard and it won’t leave the pizza in the best state of consumption. So, you should never go for this option.

Now, you know what is that one thing which is not appropriate to preheat pizza. Let’s understand what are the options in which you can preheat the pizza and it won’t even affect the taste. You can use:

  • Regular Oven
  • Toaster Oven
  • Air fryer

What are the steps to preheat the pizza?

In addition, let’s go through the steps which you have to consider to preheat the pizza:

  • Cast-iron pan

It is better that you go for the cast-iron pan. It is even possible that you can use a frying pan to preheat the pizza and enjoy every bite like you did when you ate Pizza Heaven.

  • Medium-high flame

Make sure that you put the pan on the stove and keep the heat not more than medium-high. If you keep the flame high, then it will burn the crust and you won’t be able to enjoy the pizza.

  • Keep the slice in the pan

Once the pan is hot, then you should keep the slice in the pan.

  • Add few drops of water

You need to add a few drops of water so that your pizza does not become dry.

  • Cover with the lid

After that, you have to cover it with the lid. Let it cook for around 2 to 4 minutes so that you can enjoy every bite of your pizza.

  • Enjoy your pizza

So, this way you can enjoy your pizza after preheating it the right way.

What should be the temperature to preheat the pizza in an oven?

Apart from preheating the pizza on a stove, you can use an oven. Make sure that you keep the temperature at 375 F. Prohibit the use of the microwave as it is going to take away the entire taste of the pizza, and it won’t be crunchy. To make sure that your pizza is soft and appetizing you should use the oven or stove.

Indeed! Pizza Heaven is a heaven for pizza lovers. It’s undeniable how much love the pizza in Cape May gets from the professionals. The best part about the pizza is that you can have different pizza toppings to choose from and depending on what you prefer you can go with that one choice. There is no denying the fact that pizza outlets are the most preferred option to hang out be it children, youngsters, or adults. Moreover, a lot has changed with time and there are several pizza-related options that make the pizza-making go with ease.

YES! It is important that to make that one pizza slice with perfection there are several things that have to be kept in mind. Let’s talk you through some of the pizza equipment lists which are a must to operate the pizza outlet with success.

Different pizza equipment lists

  • Pizza Oven

Without a pizza oven how a pizza outlet will operate? It is one of the most essential parts of the pizza restaurant and it tops the equipment list. Well! The pizza oven is available in different options and depending on what type of pizza is added on the menu or the pizza chain wants to offer, accordingly, the oven will be purchased. It can be anything from brick or conveyor, small or large, or anything else.

  • Pizza preparation station

Now! There is a proper requirement for a place to prepare the pizza. The professionals are very particular about this place and they make sure to maintain the hygiene to the fullest in that particular area. In addition, they choose a place which allows them to do work speedily and it should allow them to make the food to the best standards.

  • Dough mixer

Dough mixing is an important part and in case you only prefer to go with the small batches then it is not worth it. This is because it will waste the customer’s time and if they have to wait for too long then they may walk away & never come back again. So, the right kind of dough mixer is important to get the best results.

  • Dough trays

Once the dough is mixed, you have to keep it in a place where you can allow it to cool down, rest it, and let it rise properly. For this, the pizza dough trays are the best choice. If you are looking for something space-saving then this is the option which you have to go for.

  • Pizza screens

On the pizza screen, the pizza crust is crispy and it is placed beneath the pizza. The pizza screen comes with a mesh-like structure which allows the air to pass easily. This way, there is no worry of the pizza getting burnt from the bottom.

  • Pizza racks

Now! Once the pizza is prepared, you need to ensure they get proper rest till the time it is not properly cooked. Pizza racks are a great choice of equipment in the restaurants as this option will prove fruitful when it is extremely busy at your place. This place will be the best choice to pile up the pizza.

Well! The list of the required equipment will go on and on. You don’t have to stress yourself as we have everything at your pizza outlet to serve you the tastiest pizza you ever had in your life. Visit Pizza Heaven to have a one-of-a-kind experience while indulging in your favorite pizza.

Being a parent, I can understand how difficult the situation would get for the parents when their kids are not obeying them to do something which is necessary for them to do. It may be either homework or following some good values that you wish your child to do as soon as possible or to abide by respectively. But children are difficult to tackle when they have stubbornly stuck at not doing something. What should the parents do in such cases?

Offering children with the pizza in cape may is one of the solutions to make your child do something.

So as you might have guessed, in today’s blog we’re going to know about how the parents can make use of the pizza to make their child do something productive.

  • Pizza- The beloved food of the children

Ask any child around you about which kind of food they like a lot and their customary answer would be PIZZA. It is because of the fact the pizza is soft which is easy for the children to bite, the tangy sauce is something which even the adults find difficult to get away with the cravings and when it is topped with the favourite toppings then the kids do not have any reason to dislike the pizza.

  • Like adults kids need incentives as well

If your kid is not doing homework or is not obeying you, then you can surely ask him or her, ‘If you want to have pizza, then you better do your homework or obey the rules’. Once you say this, the kid in the hurry to get rewarded with the pizza will finish homework in no time.

According to one of the shared experiences

There was a mother who had triplets. Each of them was so lazy that they did not do their grooming tasks responsibly. The mother thought of away. She asked her kids “ From today onwards we are going to start a pizza bonanza game. If any of you complete your task grooming task responsibly, then he will be rewarded with the 5 pizza points. When this count gets to 200, you will get to have the pizza of your choice.” The kids took this game so seriously that in the wake of delighting their taste buds with the pizza, they started to do their grooming tasks in the best way. After a fortnight, each of them ends up completing the pizza points required to have the pizza.


PIzza parties are a great source of motivation

Whether your kid has emerged triumphant in any walk of life, then you have to make sure that you are hosting a good pizza party in which you are inviting all good friends of your child. This way you are making your child feel how good you are feeling with success and victory.

This is one of the psychological tactics to make your child keep on doing something great by thinking, “ If I Perform good at this thing, then mommy and daddy will get happy and they will host a pizza party for me.”

Tasty and healthy pizza

Now! If we talk about ordering the pizza, then we all know we have different options available to us. Depending on our liking and taste, we can order the pizza in Cape May. From thin-crust to Sicilian pizza you can try out anything to give your taste buds the delight of having tasty food. Here, we are going to talk about Sicilian pizza.

This pizza choice is known for its ultra-thickness, a square pie topped with cheese and sauce. Moreover, you can try out the Sicilian pizza in 2 different variations which originated from Italy and this version has reached all the different possible places you can think of.

What you should know about Sicilian pizza?

If we talk about the origin of the Sicily pizza then it comes from Palermo and it is known by the name of sfincione & this term means ‘thick sponge’. This pizza type has a spongy and fluffy bread base which comes with a topping like the meatless sauce. It is made through ingredients like onions, herbs, tomatoes, and anchovies & then everything is covered with breadcrumbs. The cheese grating part is optional. Later it is baked in the square tray. In most cases, this pizza type is served on special occasions.

What is the history attached to Sicilian Pizza?

The pizza and sfincione popularity arose in the 19the century. Indeed this pizza type has evolved a lot with time. If you talk about the Italian yeast bread then it is preferred to bake in the flat sheet pan. If we talk about how it migrated to the United States? Then, it was all possible because of the Sicilian immigrants. The mozzarella was added to the pizza to make them taste even better. Gradually, this pizza type became popular and it can be mixed with any choice of bread-crust and then topped with cheese and sauce.

What are the ingredients added to the Sicilian pizza?

The authentic option of this pizza type is made using spongy and thick dough. Later, the mixture of flour, yeast, olive oil, and water is left for some time so that it can rise. Following that, it is kept in the square baking pan which is covered properly with oil from all sides.

Later, the crust is topped using the sauce which is made using the onions, and then it is sauteed in olive oil. In addition, the chop[ped tomatoes, spices, and anchovies along with crushed red pepper & oregano are added.

The sauce is covered using breadcrumbs and grated caciocavallo cheese & then it is baked in a hot oven. All the oil is soaked by the spongy dough and then it will help to create a crispy base we all like.

Let’s try out the tastiest pizza

Indeed, the world of pizza is huge in itself, no matter what topping you want and how much cheese you like, you can add that to the pizza. Want to try something healthy and tasty, then do give it a try yourself. Visit Pizza Heaven to have the best pizza options.

Now, we all know pizza is something that no one can resist. Especially, if you talk to the kids, 90% of them will tell you pizza is their favorite. No doubt, pizza in cape may be difficult to resist, be it for children or adults. Moreover, your one favorite triangle is loaded with essential nutrients and carbs which are worth every bite. Moreover, you can be a little bit creative when you are going to serve pizza to the kids. In the past few decades, chefs have come up with genius ways to make pizza healthy and tasty. In this blog, we have mentioned some of how you can get your child a tasty pizza.

Healthy pizza options for kids

  • Bell peppers and feta pizza

If you love to follow the Mediterranean diet, you should take that approach for the pizza also. This pizza category is filled with twists and your little one will be benefited. So, here’s what all is added to the pizza: cornmeal, sliced bell peppers, black peppers, fresh parsley peppers, kosher salt, feta cheese, and pitted kalamata olives.

  • Quinoa pizza crust

Quinoa is added instead of rice in many dishes, so why not add that into the pizza. It is healthy and tasty.

  • Cauliflower pizza crust

If your child does not like to have cauliflower then you should make them try out the option of cauliflower pizza. This pizza is gluten-free and it has the perfect amount of grain your child needs. Just add in their favorite ingredients and you are good to go.

  • Sweet potato crust

Yes! You can give your child pizza made with sweet potato crust. All it needs is a sweet potato and it is an extremely healthy option.

  • Coconut flour crust

If you want to give your child gluten-free pizza then coconut flour crust is the best choice. In addition, it has the fewer amount of carbs in it as compared to the regular pizza crust.

  • Pizza ‘n sprouts

We know all kids are not a fan of sprouts. What’s the worry when pizza and sprouts can be combined? It is another kind of culinary adventure which you can make your kids explore with you. To make this pizza type, there is a need for different toppings, cheese, stir-fried vegetables, olives, pizza sauce, and pizza sauce.

  • Eggplant pizza bites

Eggplant pizza bites are a great way to make your kids love eggplant. These cute eggplant pizzas are a healthy choice and seeing your kid eat what their body needs will make you happy.

  • Zucchini pizza bite

If you want to talk about a healthy appetizer then here is the one in which giving it to your kids means they will only have what is healthy and best for their health.

Order the tasty and healthy pizza

At Pizza heaven, we have availability of different pizza options which are perfect to satiate your taste buds. Order the one which you or your family prefers and enjoy the time to the fullest.

Have you ever been in a situation, in which everybody who is sitting around you is sophisticated and you are confused whether you should eat pizza with your hands or with a fork or a knife? If yes, then you are on the right blog post.

Once a man was eating pizza in cape may at a very sophisticated restaurant. And he thought that he was supposed to eat pizza with a fork and knife and not by holding it in his hands, but he did not know how to do it. He got embarrassed and asked the waiter to pack the pizza so that he can take it home.

With the experiences of such people, we have decided to make you come across some of such aspects of eating pizza with etiquettes.

Your Comfort Zone Should Lie There

Pizza eating is supposed to be the time in which you are enjoying eating food and you are in your comfort zone. If a fork and knife is not our cup of tea, then be strict with yourself.

Sophistication & Fork And Knife Etiquettes Have No Relation

(Only In The Case Of Pizza)

You may have even seen celebrities or personalities who are enjoying pizza by hand. We have observed only the business owners or the high esteemed employees on their business dinners to be considering relishing pizza with the fork and knife.

Do Not Eat Clumsily

Although we have said that eating pizza by holding it in our hands is not a big deal. But you are still suggesting that you should be aware of how you will look when you are biting it. Bite it smoothly and do not intend to pack your mouth with pizza all at once.

Keep A Tissue With You

When you are eating pizza, then you have to make sure that you are keeping a tissue along with you as your hands may get sticky with the consistency of the sauce or.

If You Can’t Handle Cheese

Then, Do Not Get It Incorporated

Some people do not know how to deal with the cheese as it gets stuck to the teeth, and then they keep on trying to get rid of it by following any possible measure. If you are also the one who gets uncomfortable talking and laughing, after eating the cheese-rich pizza, then do not get the extra cheese one.

It’s Your Choice

If this time when you eat pizza, you want to use a fork and knife willingly, then it is completely your choice. As long as you are comfortable eating with the particular method, there is no issue.

Enjoy Your Pizza

As far as the dining etiquettes for the pizza are concerned, then you are required to be eating happily. If you are not enjoying its taste and you are feeling nauseous, but you still keep on eating it, then you are not only making yourself bothered but those also who are sitting around you.

Who is not a fan of the pizza in cape may? I know everybody is. But have you ever thought about which secret tips do the best pizza providers follow to come out with the one-of-the-kind of pizza? Don’t worry if you don’t know. We are here for you with the latest information on the secret tips with which you can bring that heavenly taste to your pizza.

Crusts account for 80% of the total pizza

We cannot ignore the importance of the pizza crust. It is accountable for either making or breaking the pizza. No matter how brilliant preparation you have done for the sauce making and how exotic vegetables you have chosen for the toppings. But if you do not have the right ingredients and techniques for pizza dough making, then all your efforts are going to be in vain.

Keep it simple and moderated

Doing too much on the pizza base may lead to the bad taste of the pizza. You are suggested to follow the rule of ‘less is more.

Do not consider incorporating so many toppings at once.

Try to use the pizza sauce in moderation. If you put too much sauce on the pizza base, then it will lead to a soggy base and the taste of the topping may not come out excellently.

Cooking Technique is much important

It never matters what goes into your pizza, the one thing that matters is which technique are you following in making the pizza. From dough making to sauce preparation, everything should be done following the steps of the right recipe.

Keep it less salty

Putting too much salt during the preparation may come out to be disastrous. It is advised to use it in the bits, as there is a solution if the salt is less in pizza, but there is surely no way with which you can reduce the saltiness if salt has been put in excess.

Know the right temperature

The pizza base should be baked at the right temperature. Too high or low temperature may lead to undercooking and the overcooking of the pizza. If such a thing happens then the whole taste of the pizza will be compromised. It is advised that you should always prefer to bake at the preferred temperature.

Use the fresh toppings

Do not consider using stale toppings. Stale toppings cannot beat the authentic taste of fresh toppings. Make sure you are getting it supplied regularly and not weekly or monthly.

Choose the fresh sauce

Do not use the sauce which has been preserved for a long time. Such a sauce loses its aroma and the taste of the pizza will never come out to be wonderful and you may not get attracted to the aroma.

Serve warm

No doubt, there are lots of blogs that tell the benefits of eating cold pizza. But you are still suggested to serve the war pizza as the flavour of such pizza emerges nicely.

What if I say that you can eat your favorite pizza in Cape May without worrying about gaining weight? YES! This is possible. Let us give you inside tips to order healthy pizza which will make your weight loss journey smooth.

Tip 1: Go with thin-crust
The pizza crust is one of the important parts but it is not going to give you any sort of nutrients. These are nothing but refined white flour and they will boost your insulin level. This is why you should only choose the thin crust as compared to the regular or stuffed crust.

Tip 2: Order double-cut pie
When you order double-cut pie you are getting 16 slices. Make sure that you begin with one slice and grab another only if you desire to have it. In addition, you can get the house salad with chicken and it will crave you to have more of it.

Tip 3: Individual pies are a big ‘NO’
Serving sizes for individual pizzas have seen another level of craze. But, keep in mind that it is not for all the pies. Some of them might be loaded with all the toppings but still not worth it.

Tip 4: Let your pizza blot
Sometimes there is an excess amount of oil floating over the cheese. If this is the case, then you simply take a napkin and let the excess blot away. Doing so will save you around 50 calories which is even better when you are on your weight loss journey.

Tip 5: Order lean protein as a topping
Let me suggest to you one thing, you need to avoid salty meat at all costs. It might be tempting but not all worth it for your health. So, you need to go with lean protein which is healthy and your body will get the nutrients it needs. You should opt for grilled chicken, anchovies, and sliced ham.

Tip 6: Include Mediterranean Night
Pizza night is fun but that does not mean you have anything. The pizza you want to order should be healthy. Make sure that you include fresh vegetables, protein dishes, or salad topped with shrimp/grilled chicken. This way you will have something tasty and which is nutritious at the same time.

Tip 7: Go with veggies topping
For the perfect way to add nutrients to the pizza and make it healthy, you should go with veggies. For the perfect amount of fiber and protein-rich topping, this is what you need to have. Moreover, it will make you feel fuller for a longer time. It means you won’t be eating more than your body needs,

Tip 8: Eggplant is not the best choice
Veggies are good but do you think all of them are good? NO! You should not add eggplant to your pizza because in most cases it is breaded and fried. While ordering you should ask in what manner the veggies are prepared and how they are added to your pizza.

Keep these tips in mind. Just make sure that the way you order and what you order should be right and beneficial for your appetite.

Pizza is one of those food options which brings everyone together. From children to adults, everyone’s preference is to order pizza in Cape May. Now, when it comes to making the pizza tasty and best, the cheese is added on the top. If you are going to order pizza but getting confused on how to choose the cheese then here are some tips which you need to be aware of.

How to select the cheese for your pizza?

Before you can select the perfect pizza, you must make the right choice on the cheese. Here are some of the characteristics which you need to understand.

  • Browning capability

The cheese should get the perfect brown color but without burning.

  • Melting ability

Now, if the cheese is not able to melt properly then what’s the point? The cheese you choose should melt on the entire surface in the perfect thin layer and there should not be any kind of lumps.

  • Stretchiness

Pizza cheese should be easily stretched and it should have visible strands. When you pull the pizza the cheese should spread.

  • Fat content

The milk fats of the cheese should be dense and it should be easy to stretch & melt in the right manner.

  • Moisture content

The cheese should have the perfect amount of liquid otherwise it will affect the browning ability.

All in all, the pizza cheese you choose should be in perfect brown color and the high temperature of the oven should not make it burn at any cost. Its melting point should be low and easy to spread on the entire pizza surface. It should have the right kind of stretchiness so that when you pull the pizza you should be able to see the cheese strands. With every bite, you will get to chew the pizza and the cheese is going to melt in your mouth as you want.

What is the best cheese for pizza?

Now, we know the features of the cheese you need to focus upon to make the ideal pizza. There are 4 types of pizza cheese and depending on what you like the most you can choose one. The best pizza cheese options are:

  • Mozzarella
  • Cheddar
  • Parmesan
  • Provolone

Each of them has a different taste and texture to it. What seems best to you or what is your liking you can get that added to your pizza base while ordering it from your favorite pizza store.

Make your pizza order fun and interesting

So, now you know the different types of pizza cheese and how you can be sure that what you selected is the best. At Pizza heaven, we have everything in store for you. Choose from the wide selection of pizza options as per your liking and preference. We make sure that what you get is the best and tasty. We do not compromise on the quality and everything at our pizza store is available at the best price.

Are you also the one who is fond of trying various pizza recipes at home? But somewhere you may have noticed that despite putting so much effort in the making of the pizza, why does it never emerge to be the same as we found in the Italian restaurants. Pizza in cape may be something which you cannot bake at home.

Do you know why?

This blog is going to be the ultimate secret revealer of the vest and the tasty pizza.

It Is Cooked In The Bricked Based Oven

The brick-based oven is the secret of the marvellous flavours of Italian cuisine. The bricks are accountable for slowly transporting the heat to the pizza and let it obtain the nicest crust along with the supremely appreciable fluffy texture.

Why Is Pizza Best Cooked In The Brick-based Oven Rather Than The Steel Oven?

The whole credit of this thing goes to the various supporting physical characteristics of the brick-based oven. The brick-based oven is responsible for transferring the slow and steady heat to the pizza base making it flavorful and quintessentially different from the one baked in the microwave or the steel oven.

  • The Best Smoky Flavour

When pizza is being baked with the help of the heated bricks, then the flavours not only get nicely locked inside it, but it gives you the bonus as well by infusing the nicely smoked flavour inside it.

  • The Toppings Get Crunchy And Yum

You will not only notice the difference in the make of the crust, but you will get to notice the flavorful difference in the toppings as well.

  • The Nicely Immersed Sauce

The pizza sauce is not designated with the task of acting as the third layer of the pizza. Its predominant prospect lies in infusing the nice tangy flavour in the base so that it does not give you the plain flour. Along with that, it provides the base for the seasonings to stay.

Which countries’ cuisines are benefiting from this kind of pizza making technique?

The countries which are known for providing the best flavours in the pizza like Rome, Italy and Nepalese make use of this technique to bake the pizza. This is the main reason that you will always find the following names in the pizza menus of the shops:

  • Roman Pizza
  • Italian Pizza
  • Nepalese Pizza

Why Is A Brick-based Oven Not In Use Despite Its Brilliant Characteristics?

In almost all of the pizza shops, you will find the use of the steel oven or the microwave. It is because of the rapid delivery of the orders that the pizza owners choose quick-service over the flavorful characteristics. The steel transports the heat to the pizza much earlier as compared to the brick based oven. The time taken for the pizza to get baked is low when a brick-based oven is being considered. So because of these features, the steel oven or the microwave are being used despite their negative feature of killing the authentic flavours.