Ordering pizza in Cape May over the phone is a quick and easiest way. Because you will get a delicious as well as hot pizza delivered straight to your door, and you have enjoyed it simply at home. No matter, for whom you are ordering pizza, the simplest way is to order by phone.

Method 1

Deciding On Your Order

  • Determine where you can have your order. Make sure you are buying a pizza from a pizzeria that takes delivery orders over the phone or the internet. Check the pizza website page, or call their phone number and inquire quickly if they are making a delivery or can let you order it in advance and pick it up when it is available.
  • When you want the pizza delivered, search and make sure you stay inside a region to be distributed to by the pizza location.
  • Apart from this, you also check, what are the payment options available at the pizzeria.
  • And if you want to pick an order, then also check the option of pick-up order. Only then place an order, if not then search for another pizza point.
  • Choose the toppings carefully, and to make your selections, consult an online or paper menu or you can simply choose an item you have previously ordered.
  • Consider the size of a pizza, the crust form, the toppings, and all other necessary choices. You may need to know how big a pizza size is to decide what you are going to order, but then the options are completely up to you.

Method 2

Placing the Call

  • First of all, say a polite greeting and your sort of order. When someone is answering the phone at the pizza place and saying hello, say hello back. Only then, you have to state about your order whether you are ordering for delivery or pickup. This should be defined before any more information.
  • Don’t be shocked if they put you on hold. So, don’t get angry, because pizzerias are also busy, or they are searching for someone to get your order. You must wait patiently for just one or two minutes, and when someone gets back to you, place your order.
  • And then you must confirm your address and ask about payment methods.
  • And ask for a price and once you come to know then say thank you, employee.

Method 3


  • If you are using a credit card, then you can pay by phone. Although certain businesses might provide delivery men armed with digital conveniences such as swiping machines. Or you can pay by cash.

If you are going to pay by cash, then you have to be ready to pay, including tip. Be prepared for the pizza delivery boy, and ask him whether he wants to drink water. Because he is doing a hard job for you so that you can enjoy your meal at home.


Pizza is considered as the best food option as compared to the fast-food option. When you want to get the best pizza option then you should visit the best store of pizza is Cape May. The team makes sure you get the pizza with full flavours and it is freshly made. In this article, there are some food options to make pizza a healthier food option:

  • Choose the option of thin-crust

Thin crust is the ideal choice as compared to a thick one. You can get the pizza with 16 inches and it contains 48 grams of carbs which is the same if you eat 3 bread slices. So, eating the pizza with a thin crust will help you have better control of the carb values.

  • Choose the medium crust

Another way to limit the number of carbs is by choosing the medium crust over the large one. When you visit the pizza store, ask the store owner to guide you about the best options.

  • Top it with veggies

No doubt, toppings of veggies is a better option as compared to meat ones. Additionally, this also makes it easier to get a better intake of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy components that the body needs. With the pizza, you can add the important toppings and this will make your pizza taste even better.

  • Avoid dipping sauces and stuffed crust

You might like them but they will not give you any type of nutritional content. This will only increase the sugar content in the body along with sodium.

  • Skip the personal pies

At times, the marketing of the pizza is done in such a way that you cannot control the craving. Keep in mind, the individual deep dish cheese and tomato pie contain 112 grams of carbs and this is equivalent to 8 bread slices. It is better to take the pizza as a sharing option.

  • Buy the crust with veggies

No doubt, the cauliflower crust is not the same as the regular one. It is best for getting the cheese and sauce. You need to find something which is fun but loaded with essential nutrients. So, make sure you keep a balance between all the choices and prefer the option of veggies over everything.

Pizza hacks

Some of the best pizza hacks to enjoy its taste in a better way:

  • Cut the leftover pizza into croutons and then use it as a salad topper. Add along the arugula and olive oil to get the best taste.
  • Take 2 eggs and crack them over the pizza slice. Bake it for around 8 minutes.
  • For other toppings use options like fruits and ricotta which helps to make it a dessert brunch.

Margherita Pizza

For this pizza, the base is made by mixing several ingredients such as-:

  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • The most important thing is all-purpose flour.

To make pizza in Cape May, you need all these ingredients in a big bowl. Once you have done with mixing, then make a roll or give it a shape of chapati. Thereafter, you must add the single layer of cheese over it. This is a perfect pizza for cheese lovers.

Jalapeno & Red Paprika Pizza

Jalapeno always gives you the delicious taste, for more amazing taste, you can also add some cheese on it. After mixing base ingredients, you have to add Jalapeno, corns, and Paprika over the cheese layer. Make sure the base is crunchy because it gives the best taste. Once the pizza is made, you can serve it to your loved ones with tomato sauce. Or you can also sprinkle some chili flakes and oregano on it.

Veggie delight

It is true that some people do not love to eat vegetables, but they love to eat veggie pizza. It is because of cheese and other toppings because cheese changes the flavor as well as the taste of the pizza. You must chop all the veggies such as green pepper, yellow pepper, mushroom, corn, jalapeno, black as well as green olives, onion, and tomatoes. And then just add them at the base to cook in an oven. In this pizza, you can add extra cheese for an amazing taste, so that everyone can love it. Serve it with tomato sauce or sprinkle some oregano or chili flakes according to your taste.