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Check out these amazing pizza’s world records which will amaze you

Pizza heaven in Cape may: Pizza is considered a happy meal which is liked by all age group people. There are different types of varieties available for you according to your taste bud. It’s like you name it and have it.

Largest Pizza world record

You will be amazed to know that on December 13, 2012, a restaurant in Rome, Italy baked the largest pizza around the globe. With the surface area of 13,508.28 square feet Andrea Mannocchi, Dovilio Nardi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi, and Matteo Giannotte have prepared the whole pizza. Do you know the entire pizza was not having gluten due to people who are health conscious? They have also given the name to their creation i.e. “Ottavia”.

Longest Pizza world record

On 19 May 2006 in Naples, Italy, 250 chefs were there to cook the world’s longest pizza. They aimed to cover as much as the distance they can and end up covering one mile. For this event, they have cooked the delicious pizza on motorized wood-burning ovens which were specially made for this. Talking about ingredients they have used in making the longest pizza mentioned below:

  • 4,500 pounds of flour
  • 4,000 pounds of mozzarella cheese
  • 3,500 pounds of Tomato ketchup
  • 50 gallons of olive oil
  • 70 pounds of basil

Nearly it took six hours to complete. Afterwards, chefs have given the whole pizza to the needy people.

Heaviest pizza world record

Norwood Hypermarket in Norwood, South Africa has made the world heaviest pizza. The weight of the pizza was near about 27000 pounds with 123 feet in diameter. The ingredients used in making the heaviest pizza mentioned below:

  • 9,900 pounds of flour used
  • 4,000 pounds of cheese used
  • 2,000 pounds of tomatoes used
  • 1,700 pounds of mushroom used
  • 2,000 pounds of tomato puree used

World record of eating 12 inches pizza fastest

With a time of 23.62 seconds, Kevin Medina of Philippines has the world record of eating 12 inches pizza fastest on April 15, 2015. These records are almost everywhere and they come with strict rules which people have to follow religiously. You will be surprised to know that it was head to head competition where Kevin won.

World record of eating pizza in 10 minutes

Joey Chestnut is having a world record of eating pizza in 10 minutes. In this, he has to eat all the pizza in the given time. He ate 45 slices of pizza in 10 minutes and beat 10 other contestants. This competition took place at New York’s Time Square and gave $5,000 prize money to Joey.