How to choose the best type of cheese to make your pizza tasty and best?

Pizza is one of those food options which brings everyone together. From children to adults, everyone’s preference is to order pizza in Cape May. Now, when it comes to making the pizza tasty and best, the cheese is added on the top. If you are going to order pizza but getting confused on how to choose the cheese then here are some tips which you need to be aware of.

How to select the cheese for your pizza?

Before you can select the perfect pizza, you must make the right choice on the cheese. Here are some of the characteristics which you need to understand.

  • Browning capability

The cheese should get the perfect brown color but without burning.

  • Melting ability

Now, if the cheese is not able to melt properly then what’s the point? The cheese you choose should melt on the entire surface in the perfect thin layer and there should not be any kind of lumps.

  • Stretchiness

Pizza cheese should be easily stretched and it should have visible strands. When you pull the pizza the cheese should spread.

  • Fat content

The milk fats of the cheese should be dense and it should be easy to stretch & melt in the right manner.

  • Moisture content

The cheese should have the perfect amount of liquid otherwise it will affect the browning ability.

All in all, the pizza cheese you choose should be in perfect brown color and the high temperature of the oven should not make it burn at any cost. Its melting point should be low and easy to spread on the entire pizza surface. It should have the right kind of stretchiness so that when you pull the pizza you should be able to see the cheese strands. With every bite, you will get to chew the pizza and the cheese is going to melt in your mouth as you want.

What is the best cheese for pizza?

Now, we know the features of the cheese you need to focus upon to make the ideal pizza. There are 4 types of pizza cheese and depending on what you like the most you can choose one. The best pizza cheese options are:

  • Mozzarella
  • Cheddar
  • Parmesan
  • Provolone

Each of them has a different taste and texture to it. What seems best to you or what is your liking you can get that added to your pizza base while ordering it from your favorite pizza store.

Make your pizza order fun and interesting

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