Are you wondering to know about the cost of pizza per square inch?


People spend Approx $37 billion on getting pizza every month, which is quite a lot. One of the common questions is, ‘How much pizza costs per square inch?’. In this article, we are going to discuss this question in detail.

Pizza prices vary according to location

The place you live in can leave a huge impact on the pizza slice you pay. In the Pizza menu the prices can vary between $8 to $20.

The price for the same pizza can be very high in Hawaii like $18.85 which can be around $8.02 in some other place. If you look for the best and affordable pizza in Cape May then you should visit our store.

Domino’s pizza prices, on the other hand, stay fairly consistent in all 50 states, and you can snag a build-your-own, hand-tossed cheese medium pizza on the islands for about $10.90. According to geography, the pricing is different and also it can vary in size. Here are some of the common medium-sized pizza which includes:

  • Pizza Hut

Cheese Hand-Tossed Medium Pizza Approx— $9.79

  • Domino’s

Hand-tossed Cheese Medium Pizza Approx— $9.99

  • Papa Murphy’s International

Original large pizza for Approx $8.00.

  • Papa John’s

Original Cheese Medium — Approx $10.48

  • Little Caesars Pizza

Large Round Hot-n-Ready Classic Cheese Pizza — Approx $5.99

  • Sbarro

The typical slice pizza is Approx $3.29.

  • California Pizza Kitchen

Traditional Cheese Hand-tossed Pizza Approx — $11.99

  • Marco’s Pizza

Medium Cheese Approx $8.49

  • Chuck E

Cheese’s/Peter Piper Pizza: In nearby Roanoke, a medium 10-slice pizza goes for 10.99; however, pizza is often purchased with playtime!

  • Cicis:

Pizza for 3 to 4 people is Approx $15–20.

  • Round Table Pizza

Medium original crust pizza for Approx $13.99.

  • Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Build Your Original Medium Approx— $7.00

  • Jet’s Pizza

Medium round pizza for Approx $10.49.

  • Godfather’s Pizza

Large pizza for Approx $9.99 (For 10 slices).

  • Blaze Pizza

Simple Pie With Classic Dough (11 inches) Approx — $5.25

The best overall values for the Little Ceasers which is around 4 cents square inch of pizza. Another important consideration is the coupons that many pizza owners provide.