Everything you need to know about 00 Pizza Flour for the best dough


When you are making a recipe, there is no secret that ingredients change the entire quality and final results. But at times the staples like flour are not given the importance which they need to be given.

The masters of pizza in Cape May are changing these things. Many pizza owners are preferring to use 00 pizza flour that helps in making the texture better. The gluten content is an important part of superior pizza crust in brick ovens. It is a gourmet twist that commands and gets premium prices.

The 00 flour is the most finely milled in Italy, and it is classified as 00. The texture helps in giving a soft and flavorful crust. It also helps in giving the thicker or thinner middle edge pizza crust. No doubt, there are various benefits which you can get with it. The 00 flour is for traditional pizza that is great for the dough experts.

  • Soft wheat Vs Hard Wheat

Unlike Canadian and American hard wheat used in typical pizza, 00 flour is derived from different types of soft wheat. The gluten structure of soft wheat will give the dough less snapback, and thus it is easy to handle. However, pizza dough is made with 00 flour, and its fermentation is of low tolerance that helps in managing the dough easily.

  • Different features

Although most of them are featured as 00 flour, and their types are not universal. The fermentation time can be between 12 to 48 hours that means the difference between dough of the same-day, and it gives longer proof. Many people assume that 00 pizza flour is the same that can lead to expensive do-overs.

  • Crust color seems to be underdeveloped

Since 00 pizza flours do not have enzymes or diastatic malt. There are high chances that pizza crust that is baked at the temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit will not give the same color, and this can lead to a big turnoff for the customers.

  • Dough Ball opening

00 flour balls are stretchable and soft that makes them great for opening by using pressure methods. With the softness of 00 dough, the effectiveness of the sheeters will be less, and hand stretching tools will be used less.

When you visit the best pizza shop, the experts make sure the results which the customers get are perfect, and it should taste the best.

  • Cost is slightly more

Whether it is imported or domestic 00, it comes with a premium range. Despite being able to sell pizzas that are made with 00 flour at increased cost, this might not be the best option with the bottom-line calculations.