Pizza Pizza Tips

Do you know there are different varieties of flavours you can add to your delicious pizza?

Pizza is the all-time favourite dish for the people to eat no matter while binge-watching, or during a breakup party, etc. People love to order pizza according to their taste. Some like single toppings, some don’t like toppings at all, some will go for cheesy pizza whereas some will love to order capsicum according to their current mood. There are never-ending varieties of pizza and you will get confused while choosing one for themselves right? In fact, in this pandemic, you can do some fun with your squad by making a pizza at home. Isn’t it a great idea to spend your time making a variety of pizza virtually? You can also share it with your friends and family to know about the different varieties. 

Want to try something different in pizza to change your mood? This article will help you in knowing different flavours and also tell you about pizza in cape may.

Flavours you can add to your delicious pizza are:


If you love eating spicy dishes then adding sriracha spice up your dish. It is a type of hot sauce which can add a spicy and tangy flavour to your pizza. It is a mixture of red chili peppers, vinegar and garlic.


If you love eating a slice of cheese and a habit of adding or ordering a dish with extra cheese than parmesan cheese is a great choice. You can order a pizza having extra parmesan cheese on your slice will give you immense pleasure.

Salt and Pepper

If you love eating your simple pizza then you can order a salt & pepper pizza and make your mood proper. 

Basil leaves

You can order your pizza having basil leaves on it which turn out to be healthy. The herbs will give you a sweetening taste which is a great idea for a get together with family.

Red Pepper

You love eating a crunchy pizza if yes then you can add red pepper to your pizza and can have it. Red pepper is a good choice for the people who are developing their interest in eating spicy dishes. You can add it a little bit and enjoy it with having pizza in one hand and soft drinks in another.


Chopped parsley will add a bitter taste to your pizza which is as good as drinking a green tea in the morning which is healthy for the skin. It will also add colours to the dish.

Here are the varieties you can add to your pizza or keep in mind while making or ordering for oneself. You can try a combination of two also for fun if you love experimenting. Also, don’t forget to tell us which type of flavour you will try first in your pizza in the comment section.