Which are the best flour types to use for making tasty and healthy pizza?

Healthy and delectable pizza

We all have to make efforts to make our diet healthy. If you have just started your journey to make your diet healthy, do not worry. Like any other person, you must be thinking, ‘How can I include pizza as a part of my diet or Can I eat that?’ Sure, You can!

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You must have seen that there are different pizza crusts on the pizza menu and it is obvious to have this question in your mind, ‘What flour do you use for the pizza dough?’

Gluten-free pizza

When you talk about the pizza dough ingredients it helps to create the best pizza. Indeed! The type of flour you choose will make the pizza taste different with every bite. Moreover, there are different types of flour that you can take and each of them has a different texture to it. This will determine the gluten amount which can add to the pizza dough. Gluten presence in the pizza dough is an important consideration.

Gluten can be used with the fermented yeast which helps to create the gas as that allows the dough to rise. The chewy texture you notice with any product is due to the presence of gluten.

All-purpose flour for the pizza

All-purpose flour is one of those ingredients which can be used for anything. If you are a fan of thin-crust pizza, then all-purpose flour is the reason behind that. The presence of gluten in all-purpose flour is not much as it is with other flour types. It means that pizza made with all-purpose flour will not rise as much as it will with gluten.

What type of pizza is best to make with all-purpose flour?

Well! For all types of pizza, this type of flour is considered the best choice. Most probably it is the best choice for Neopolitan style pizza, New York Style Crust, and deep-dish pizza crusts. At Pizza Heaven, we use the finest all-purpose flour to get the perfectly baked pizza crusts. The high quality of the wheat flour is the reason that you will get the best pizza served to you.

Bread flour

If you are someone who prefers or wants to make homemade pizza dough, then bread flour is the option for you. As compared to all-purpose flour, the amount of protein and gluten in it is the highest. The presence of gluten allows having the structured dough which makes it easier to rise & stretch. In addition, it makes the structure soft, thick, and fluffy.

What type of pizza is best to make with bread flour?

If you want to have a chewier pizza, then this is what you should go with. For the thin-crust and crisper outside, this type of flour is best to have. With almond flour, you are having a low-carb option in the diet which makes it the best choice for consumption. In addition, the low-density and high-fat presence of the flour makes it a great choice.

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