How do Italians eat pizza? Try these steps to fit into the Italian Pizzeria style

What if I tell you that you have been eating pizza the wrong way? Well! It is not your fault. Even though I was doing the same thing, I am glad that I came across the right style to enjoy and eat pizza. When you order the Pizza in cape may just make sure that you try the method of eating pizza with Neapolitan style and you will enjoy your pizza even more. Be confident and study our guide thoroughly to understand what you need to do.

Steps to eating pizza like Italians eat

  • Let your hesitation go away

Do not hesitate! Grab your knife and fork, right away when the piping-hot pizza comes to your table. The hot cheese, crispy & thin crust will make it the perfect way to delight the taste buds. If you prefer to eat pizza once it is cooled down, then it is considered an insult to the pizzaiolo (pizza maker). So, you should not make such a mistake and eat your pizza right away!

  • Prefer to have pizza in a triangular shape

Although, we all almost get the pizza in a triangular shape. In case, it has not been cut for you then you need to get it cut in the triangle. Many Italians like to use pizza shears which is a type of shear to cut the pizza.

  • First cut and then take a bite

First of all, you need to cut off the endpoint of the slice and then take a bite. Then continue to eat the pizza towards the crust and then just make sure that you take the bite-size pieces to enjoy the pizza.

  • Take the pizza and eat

Once the pizza has cooled down, then you need to take a small portion of that perfect slice and then simply eat it. Just make sure that the slice is folded. Even the folded slice has a name and that is known as a calzone. Even that type of pizza you need to eat with a fork and knife.

  • Start from the first

Now, you need to just start from the first point. Take a slice and repeat the steps with the pizza which is left. Most of the pizzerias prefer to have the pizza in this style to have the perfect taste of their pizza.

Enjoy and make the pizza time a perfect delight!

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