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How to Eat Pizza Without Gaining Weight?

Most of us are pizza lovers and we all love to top our pizza with a bunch of spices, veggies, and most importantly loads of cheese. Italy is the top country where pizza is consumed. If you are worried about consuming the calories then worry not this guide will explain the ways to eat pizza without gaining weight.

Given below are the topmost ways to eat your favorite pizza without worrying about weight gain:

  • Get the thin crust pizza

The crust of the pizza contains carbs and fats. Keep in mind the crust is loaded with calories and does not contain any essential nutrients. The crust or pie of the pizza is made of refined flours which increases the insulin level in the body and increases the pizza cravings. Therefore, it is best to order a thin crust when you visit the pizza store

  • Do not get Individual pies

The individual pies are loaded with calories. However, not all the pies are bad for health. Just make sure not to get the single slice that is topped with the cheese. 

  • Stay away from excess oil 

When you order pizza in the pizza shop, the hot serving topped with cheese will allow you to see the excess oil. Make sure that you control the cravings at that time. Take the napkin and wipe the excess oil. Wiping the oil will save around 50 calories. 

  • Order the double-cut pie

Are you looking to lose weight but cannot control the pizza craving? You should order a double-cut pie. With this option, you will get 16 slices of pizza and normally the pizza has 8 slices. You can order the chicken salad so that you can fill your appetite. 

  • Get pizza enriched with protein

Simply adding the chicken in the pizza is not the best option, you should go for lean meat. This is because it is full of protein which will fill your cravings and you do not have to eat much. For a long time, it will keep you full and your body will get all the essential nutrients it needs. 

  • Swap the ingredients of the crust

Swapping the crust of white flour with coconut flour is a perfect choice. The coconut flour is loaded with fiber and has fewer calories. But, it is gluten-free. If you want you can switch to whole grain flour. To go flour-free is sometimes the best choice as it will benefit your health. You can use the sweet potatoes and portobello caps which can be converted into crust. 

  • Get a small plate to eat

The best way is to help yourself only by not eating too much. Research has shown that if you dine in a 10-inch plate then you will consume fewer calories as compared to the person who consumes in a 12-inch plate.