How to make the pizza dough to get the best texture of the baked crust?

When it is about developing the dough for pizza in cape may, the immediate thing that comes to mind is the hero ingredients which are used to develop a dough as the ‘Flour’, ‘Yeast’, ‘Sugar’, ‘Salt’, ‘Water’ and ‘Oil’. By incorporating these innards together, the chefs can make the following:

  • French baguette
  • Italian Ciabatta
  • Indian Naan

But all the three dishes which are mentioned above lack sweetener and Oil when it is time to make the dough. It means these are made up of only ‘Flour’, ‘Yeast’, ‘Salt’ and ‘Water’.

So here we have come up with the six preponderant innards of making pizza and these are as follow:

  • Flour

As we all know, the flour which is used to make the dough for pizza does consist of a lot of proteins that are formed out of the gluten. These proteins are considered the building blocks of the shape of the dough.

Do you know

When both water and flour are mixed then the resulting dough is supposed to form a visco-elastic gluten structure.

So with this, we can bring about the obvious fact that the flour is the main ingredient of the pizza which attains the shape because of the glute content.

  • Water

Water is the ingredient that helps to bind all the dry innards altogether. It does not only perform the function of binding, it’s qualities are also associated with the hydration of the proteins and starches. Besides water helps in bringing about the essential characteristics of the dough which area s follow:

  • Dough Temperature Control
  • Levelling of the baked pizza
  • The texture of the pizza
  • Colour of the crust
  • The flavour of the crust
  • Oil

Oil is the predominant lubricant that helps to prevent the friction which has resulted from the gluten structure. Oil does not only help to make the dough tender but it also helps to escalate the extensibility of the dough. Because of the oil, the dough can be stretched. The whole of the credit of biting a crispier and crunchy crust goes to the oil.

  • Salt and Sugar

Salt and Sugar are known as the twin innards in the pizza. The function of the salt is to eliminate the composite flavours of fermentation that may get developed in the dough.

Sugar is the food of the yeast, who by consuming it discharges the carbon dioxide gas which levels your pizza base.

  • Yeast

The yeast is not only used to produce carbon dioxide gas. The yeast is also associated with the production of the flavours like – alcohol and ester. It is accountable for escalating the acidity content in the dough which is responsible for bringing about the composite flavours & texture of the crust which is particularly baked.


Apart from focusing on the ingredients to be used in the pizza crust, you should also pay attention to the proportions which are quintessentially responsible for the appropriate make of the dough.