How to use fresh mozzarella cheese and processed mozzarella cheese in your pizza?

For the pizza-lovers, it is incomplete unless the pizza has cheese, particularly mozzarella. Pizza in cape may incorporate the various techniques to use mozzarella over it. Pizza lovers are more curious to know the story and various cooking aspects of the ingredients of the pizza. So let us begin by digging in-depth the full-fledged knowledge about mozzarella.

  • How many variegated genuses of milk is a mozzarella made from?

Mozzarella is made from a different genus of milk as:

  • Buffalo milk
  • Cow milk
  • Goat milk
  • Does mozzarella have been made with all the above-mentioned pints of milk since its origin?

No, initially it was only made from buffalo milk. But gradually, the use of other varieties of milk was put into use.

  • What is the biggest difference between fresh mozzarella and the processed mozzarella?

The major and distinct difference between fresh mozzarella and processed mozzarella is its moisture level. If one is making use of fresh mozzarella, be very aware because it could ruin your pizza because of the excessive moisture content. One can make use of it in an optimum way by following some precautions.

  • What is the shelf life of both the fresh mozzarella and processed mozzarella?

The shelf life of fresh mozzarella highly differs from that of processed mozzarella. Because of the excessive moisture content of the fresh mozzarella, its shelf life is almost one week. But the processed mozzarella’s shelf life can be extended to months. It is because, during the processing of the mozzarella cheese, its moisture is reduced to a considerable level making it fit for long-term use.

  • How can one save one’s pizza from being soggy or watery when fresh mozzarella is being put to use?

If one wants to make use of the fresh mozzarella in the pizza, it is mandatory to follow either of the subsequent precautions:

  • Cut the thin slices of mozzarella and put them on the kitchen towel for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. You can gently dab the slices with a kitchen towel to make the towel absorb the excessive water.
  • You must initially prepare the other elements of the pizza like that of dough, sauce, and saute the toppings. But make sure to make the cheese after everything is prepared. If you make the cheese before the preparation of other elements of the pizza, it would give time to cheese to gain more and more moisture.
  • Can using a combination of fresh and processed cheese will ruin the pizza taste?

Not at all. If you are using a combination of fresh and processed cheese then it may affect the appearance of your pizza but it would produce a bad effect on the taste of your pizza.

Final Thoughts

The use of mozzarella cheese is of utmost importance if it is about taste. Processed mozzarella cheese is used by many professionals and those who could not spare time to make it at home. Processed mozzarella cheese is made to increase its shelf by accompanying it with potato starch or cornstarch.