Pizza Pizza Delivery

Which equipment will be required for opening the professional pizza shop?

A variety of equipment is used in professional pizza shops or pizzerias. So in today’s article, we shall be discussing some of the equipment which is essential to make pizza in cape may. So let’s begin with:

  • Pizza mixers

When we make pizza at home, we are either making more than 4 or less than that. But as far as the pizza shops are concerned, then they have to make the pizza for a huge number of the customers. So the chefs can’t make the pizza dough each time. And to cater for the needs of a full batch of customers at one time, there is a need to automate the pizzeria. So make sure that you are using the pizza mixers. There are two kinds of pizza mixers:

  • Spiral mixers
  • Planetary mixer
  • Ovens

To make the pizza of the best taste, it is essential to baking it in a quality oven at the required temperature. It is accepted that the term ‘pan or Tawa pizza’ has caught the attention of many people. But you should know that you can’t run a profitable pizzeria if you do not have the required ovens. There are four kinds of oven:

  • Conveyor oven

This kind of oven helps in catering for the huge traffic at once since these help in the speedy baking.

  • Pizza deck oven

To taste the pizza that has the taste of the conventional crust and is perfectly gourmet, then buy the pizza deck oven.

  • Brick oven

Are you a smoky-flavour lover? Then you should be going to the pizzeria which helps you with the pizza that is made in the brick oven.

  • High-speed oven

By preheating these ovens, you can come up with the best crispy and delicious pizza.

  • Pizza prep tables

To add a touch of professionalism to your pizzeria, you can install the pizza prep tables. Both the upper and lower compartments of the prep tables contain refrigeration.

  • Dough storage

The prepared dough has to be stored so that it does get deteriorated in quality. For that the following equipment is available in the market:

  • Dough box
  • Proofing cabinet
  • Dough docker and retarder
  • Dough divider
  • Dough rounder
  • Dough sheeter
  • Refrigerator

Sometimes it happens that the chefs chop the pizza toppings in excess and that will be wasted if equal amounts of the pizzas are not made. In that case, you will be needing the refrigeration serum which will help to retain the shelf life of the leftovers. So the following refrigerator systems are available:

  • Walk-in freezer & cooler
  • Reach in freezer & refrigerator
  • Will only Pizza on the menu be sufficient?

The customers approaching you must be having diverse choices. So keeping pizza alone on the menu will not be suitable. So try to make your menu flavoursome by including other food items also. So for that, you may be needing the following equipment:

  • Sandwich Preparation refrigerator
  • Pasta Cooker
  • Fryer
  • Salad preparation refrigerator