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How to increase the pizza delivery business in the Covid-19 Period?

The home deliveries are getting increased because of the lockdown. But the hotel, restaurant, bacteria and pizzeria owners are still struggling to find ways with which they can increase pizza sales. So today we are going to share with you some of the ways which we have incorporated in the pizza in cape may delivery and that too is giving us the required results and the outcomes:

  • Settlement of the efficient POS System

There are so many important things required to set up an efficient system for home deliveries. We set up an efficient system for receiving orders and dealing with the customers who have ordered something. We make sure to make a separate space for the order receiving since we do not want to disturb the customers who are dining in.

  • Creation of the ordering app

Our employees suggested we bring an additional separate platform for the ordering and tackling so that the record of the orders can be made and the customers do not face any problem, to place the order. We instructed the app developers to keep the interface of the ordering platform simple as the user tends to order from that site only which they think is easy to use.

  • Double-checking for orders

The major problem faced by the customers is related to the wrong order delivery. So we hired the additional staff who make sure that the correct order is being received by the customers.

  • Incorporation of the packaging

The packaging is also important for the orders because it prevents the edible items from the dirt and keeps it insulated to ensure the pizza is not getting stale thus not losing its taste.

  • Delivery fees are charged

Many of the hotels and restaurants take this thing as a matter of pride for not charging the fees for the pizza delivery. But we do charge a little amount of the delivery fees to make sure that the delivery employees are not getting exploited.

  • Safety of the driver

The delivery boy has to meet so many orders in a day. And meanwhile, he may or may not encounter some of the accidents. So it is the responsibility of the company to ensure driver’s safety. So we have taken all the required and suggested measures to ensure the safety of the driver.

  • Payment options

You should be incorporating a number of the payment options to make the customer’s convenience certain. And also in this corona period, it should be corroborated to incorporate the online payment options.

  • Skills of the driver also matters

The driver should be made skilled in the delivery. Since it is going to cause an effect on the business, he should be made prepared to tackle the multiple orders at once. So we made this thing certain and decided to incorporate a delivery boys training period for 7 days in which he will be given the necessary training needed for the job.