Pizza: Learn About Different Types Of Pizzas And Toppings

Margherita Pizza

For this pizza, the base is made by mixing several ingredients such as-:

  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • The most important thing is all-purpose flour.

To make pizza in Cape May, you need all these ingredients in a big bowl. Once you have done with mixing, then make a roll or give it a shape of chapati. Thereafter, you must add the single layer of cheese over it. This is a perfect pizza for cheese lovers.

Jalapeno & Red Paprika Pizza

Jalapeno always gives you the delicious taste, for more amazing taste, you can also add some cheese on it. After mixing base ingredients, you have to add Jalapeno, corns, and Paprika over the cheese layer. Make sure the base is crunchy because it gives the best taste. Once the pizza is made, you can serve it to your loved ones with tomato sauce. Or you can also sprinkle some chili flakes and oregano on it.

Veggie delight

It is true that some people do not love to eat vegetables, but they love to eat veggie pizza. It is because of cheese and other toppings because cheese changes the flavor as well as the taste of the pizza. You must chop all the veggies such as green pepper, yellow pepper, mushroom, corn, jalapeno, black as well as green olives, onion, and tomatoes. And then just add them at the base to cook in an oven. In this pizza, you can add extra cheese for an amazing taste, so that everyone can love it. Serve it with tomato sauce or sprinkle some oregano or chili flakes according to your taste.

Golden Corn Pizza

Not only children, but adults also love to eat corn. So, you can add them to your pizza to make it look beautiful. You can serve golden corn pizza with tomato sauce as well as sprinkle chili flakes over the topping as per your need. Mixing golden corn with cheese makes it sweet, healthy, and delicious too.

Onion Pizza

If you do not want to consume veggie delight pizza, then you can go with onion pizza. To make it, you must mix all the ingredients in a bowl and knead them properly to make a soft dough. Once you have done with the dough, you give it a shape of chapati to add onion, chili flakes, and cheese on it. You must keep in mind that onion pizza gives you the best taste with a thin and crunchy crust.

Crisp Capsicum & Fresh Tomato Pizza

As we stated above, you can add capsicum at your pizza. This is a little different because in this pizza you have to add tomatoes with capsicum. First of all, you make a dough, and then add chopped capsicum and tomatoes on the base to cook. You must add some cheese over the topping along with Oregano and chili flakes too. You can serve this pizza with garlic sauce or sliced onions as well.