Pizza Variations – All About Sauces, Toppings, Cheese And The Flavours

Have you ever wondered why everybody around us is fond of pizza the most? It is because of the variations that it offers. You will have a vast range in the menu from which you can choose your type of pizza.

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Here in this blog, we are going to mention, a few of the famous kinds of pizza that are liked by people all over New Jersey:

Neapolitan Pizza

This pizza variety does have a great inclusion of basil, a stupendous amount of cheese and sliced tomatoes. It is one of the original pizzas which originated in Naples.

How did it gain popularity?

It was the time when the people from Naples were finding such food items which were not only healthy but can be afforded at cheaper prices. Neapolitan pizza was satisfying. It was a fusion of health, flavours and cost-effectiveness.

Variations of Neapolitan Pizza:

  • Pizza Marinara
  • Pizza Margherita

Chicago Pizza

As from the name itself, we can know about its origin.

How did it come?

Italian immigrants settled in the USA in the early 1900. They started to find something similar to the taste, cost-effectiveness and healthy nature as that of the Neapolitan pizza.

Twist in Neapolitan Pizza = Chicago PIzza

The crust of the Chicago pizza is extremely thin. When something similar to the Neapolitan pizza was getting created, some modification was sought to be done and there came Chicago pizza into origin which has a thicker crust.

New York-Style Pizza

It is a kind of regional pizza. It has foldable sides. The crispy outer crust is just unbeatable. It is considered one of the greatest and most affordable variations of Neapolitan pizza.

What it features:

Your tastebuds will get the benefit of releasing the taste of the tomato sauce, mozzarella and cheese. One of the greatest benefits of ordering this pizza is that you can customise your hero toppings. Isn’t that fun?

Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian pizza can not be enjoyed until the beers accompany it. People love it for its pillow-like dough which provides you with the thick cut of the pizza. Also, the shape of this kind of pizza is different. It is square.

Did you know?

The pie of this pizza never gets soggy, since instead of putting sauce on the base, the cheese is spread.

Greek Pizza

It is the most famous pizza variety as it includes a beautiful blend of tomatoes, garlic and greens. This is known for its puffier style. In it, the amount of sauce put is considerably more than the cheese. It has a second layer of the different kinds of cheese consisting of mozzarella, cheddar and provolone, after sauce.

Final Comments!

We are waiting for your feedback about which is your favourite kind of pizza. If you like to customise pizza on your own, then do not forget to share it with us.