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Some Incredible Facts about Pizza

For the pizza lovers, October is the national pizza month to enjoy their favorite slice. Pizza heaven is loaded with all the pizza choices you would love to have. The pizza month was created back in 1984. In this guide, we will tell you in detail the incredible facts about pizza.

No one knows how the word Pizza originated

Nope, nobody is aware of how the word pizza originated. The first-time pizza was originated in 997 AD in Italy. With time, the term started to spread all over the world. Now, Pizza is a global term that has become everyone’s favorite. 

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Hawaiian pizza invented in Canada

In 1962, the pizza owner named Sam Panopoulos was using just three pizza toppings. So, he decided to toss pineapples on the pizza slice along with bacon, mushrooms, and pepperoni. Well, this is how the Canadian pizza became everyone’s favorite. 

Outer edge of the pizza is named something special

Well, it’s not just named as the crust. The actual name of the crust is cornicione which means the end of the crust. 

World War 2 helped pizza to come to Australia

Before World war 2, pizza was only limited to small Italian communities. But, during world war 2, Italy was occupied by the Allied Troops and they took interest in the local fare. Well, it helped pizza to become extremely popular among the soldiers. After this, pizza became a popular choice all over America. 

Someone tried to eat 200 pounds of Pizza

Surprisingly, there is someone who ate 200 pounds of pizza in just one week. This record was set in 2006 by a person named Cristian Dumitru în Romania. If you are looking to get the pizza of the choice you like, you should visit our pizza store. 

Pizza based on the math

Pizza is termed for the mathematical theorem. The theorem states about pizza equality which arises when one part of the disk comes in a certain way. No one might have thought that someone’s math can make the person hungry. 

Dough-spinning is for the professionals

Tossing dough is for the professionals. You might not know but the World Pizza Championship contains 5 different events Largest Dough Stretch, Fastest Pizza Box Folding, Freestyle Acrobatic Dough Tossing, Fastest Dough, and Pizza Triathlon. Imagine someone flying the pizza dough in the sky to compete against one another. 

Pizza Industry cost around $37 billion

The pizza industry is one of the biggest industries all over the world. All over the nation, there are around 73000 stores.