Some Strange pizza toppings you won’t believe exist

This article is specially written for pizza lovers and if you are one of them, then you will surely find several interesting things. Because we are going to tell you about strange and weird pizza toppings in this article, so you must read it at the end.

Everyone loves pizza these days because it has different as well as delicious taste. If you also love to eat pizza occasionally or during family time. Then, you also need to know about the various pizza toppings, which are not normally spread at pizza Cape May. According to our pizza shop in Cape May, in this article, you will learn about strange pizza toppings. 

Here are several strange pizza toppings that no one likes. 


It is true that no one likes pineapple pizza topping, no matter how delicious it is. Well, pineapple is only fine with ham, because it gives a delicious taste when you use it with ham. 

If you still don’t believe in this argument, then you must read the below-mentioned truth. 

Iceland’s president originally made a convincing argument against pineapple as a pizza topping but eventually fell flat when he proposed but people select fish as a topping instead.

Peepza: Peeps on Pizza

There is more than one occurrence in which peeps or marshmallows are used as pizza toppings. They normally appear during Easter, when this form of sugary treat enjoys strong popularity. Well, this pizza topping is not loved by everyone, because every person has a different taste.

Fish and seafood

You may not trust this, but millions of people have several things to tell about this strange and weird pizza topping. No doubt, there are several types of fish, but it is not loved by everyone as a pizza topping. 


Tuna is considered as a strange and worst pizza topping, which does not give that much delicious taste as other popular toppings. 

Peas and Mayonnaise 

This topping is usually famous in Brazil, but not loved by everyone. You can simply find two different views on this pizza topping. You can simply find a tweet on twitter by a person about peas and mayonnaise pizza topping. As per his tweet, it is one of the worst and weird pizza toppings. But according to another person, it was outstanding and he recommends everyone to taste it. 

Banana Curry

This pizza topping is famous in Sweden, and it looks fascinating. If you are a pizza lover, then you need to try it once, so that you can enjoy and feel its taste. 

You may not know some people go with coconut, crocodile, and kangaroo pizza toppings as well.