Which tips can help you to achieve a perfectly cooked and tasty pizza?

No matter how modern we get, we always admire the values, ethics, and the style of the traditional culture. The same is the case with pizza. Earlier the pizza was made in the oven which helped it to obtain the maximum of the smoky flavor. This is the only flavor that we are missing out on the pizza nowadays.

But many people still can’t resist their urge to eat the smokey pizza. So they somehow start to cook wood-fired pizza.

So for those people, we have published this blog which is going to be having all-inclusive tips on how the pizza is to be cooked in the wood-fired oven.

So let’s get started with tip 1:

Prep the oven some hours before

As it is the conventional oven, it needs some time to get heated up and achieve the required temperature, so you are advised to switch on the oven 2 to 4 hours before. I know, as far as this factor is concerned, then modern ovens are better since they do not require so much time to get prepared to achieve the required temperature.

Do not use the softwood

If you use the softwood or the one, then you may encounter the presence of some harmful chemical in your pizza, as these woods are supposed to release creosote. So to avoid that and maintain the nutritional value of the pizza, you should make sure that you are using simple hardwood which not only helps to maintain the health of the pizza but also infuses a nice, unique and marvelous flavor in the pizza.

Keep dominating the temperature

The crispness and the crunch of the pizza quintessentially depend on the temperature of the oven. Every oven is different and thus the temperature requirements are also different for all. Some ovens help to obtain the crispy and crunchy dough at 500-degree celsius while others help to execute the same purpose at 900 to 1000-degree celsius.

Let it cooked near the flame

If you place your pizza near the flame, then it will help all the elements of the pizza to get nicely cooked and obtain the nicest flavors. So it is important to place the pizza near the heating source so that the smokey flavor can be quintessentially enjoyed.

Keep on rotating the pizza

Make sure to rotate the pizza during the cooking process. It will ensure that all the slides are equally getting cooked, crispy, crunchy, and brown.

This usually is not required in modern ovens as the proper mechanism is there to uniformly spread the heat in the whole of the oven.

Lift it to the dome

If the pizza has got evenly cooked on all the sides then you can make use of the peel to raise it into the oven dome. Make sure you keep it placed there for a few seconds. The dome has a good amount of heat which helps to provide the light char, nice and the crispy edge at the top of the pizza.

Bottom Line

Getting the perfectly cooked pizza from the wood-fired oven can be extremely challenging. But if you minutely follow all the tips mentioned above, then you can surely achieve the delectable outcome.