Pizza Tips

What are the advantages of preparing your pizza meal in a brick oven?

Cape May Pizza Heaven: Pizza is one of the favorite meal options from children to adults. With different pizza toppings to opting for your favorite cheese option, this makes it versatile. Pizza in Cape May has become an extremely popular option because of the endless varieties. Moreover, the cakes are baked with perfection which makes its taste the best.

Brick-oven pizza baked with Perfection

  • Brick-oven pizza has become the reliable choice and the higher the temperature it helps to create pizza with a slightly crisper exterior. On the other hand, the toppings are extremely moist and tasty.
  • Another benefit of the brick-baked ovens is that they allow the team to make the pizza in the way they want to. Once the pizza is built with patented tomato sauces, there is 100 percent cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese. Many toppings can be added over it which gives you a chance to make the best pizza. While your staff is making the pizza you can have a close watch on them whether they are making it correctly or not.
  • You can watch your pizza, slowly make its way through a conveyor. At pizza heaven, the entire team will put extra care and attention into making the pizza the way you want it to.
  • Additionally, we always accommodate the customers who want their crust baked in the correct way which is the crispy crust, well-done on top, and light bottom. Whatever you need, you want that at Tom’s our people are taking to make the pizza in the right manner.
  • Moreover, with large brick ovens, we can cook multiple pizzas at once to fulfill the big orders for the get-together or business lunches. Additionally, the people can fulfill all their cravings and they can take the time to get the pizza baked in the right manner.
  • Another benefit of large brick ovens is that multiple pizzas can be cooked at one go. If there are many customers at one time, big orders can be fulfilled or business lunches can be done easily. So, whether it is a lunch or dinnertime, pizza can be baked with perfection and all the customers will be quickly served and most importantly in an effective manner.

With the latest and effective methods of technology of brick-oven pizza, it is possible to cook as many as 30 pizzas in one go. This is possible with a 2-oven configuration, so a large number of orders can be fulfilled.

Quality toppings

What even better is that high-quality meats and veggies along with cheddar & mozzarella cheese make your pizza taste even better. Moreover, its final look also comes the best. The cooking process of making pizza is what makes the customers love the pizza and they prefer to buy from the store that serves pizza with the best quality.