What are the best beer options to pair with your pizza for the perfect meal?

Pizza is best to pair with Beer

Cape May Pizza Heaven: Beer is a great way to unite with your friends and loved ones. On the other hand pizza in Cape May is considered as the ideal meal to enjoy with friends and family. Let’s understand in detail how you can pair your beer and pizza with each other to have a better taste:

  • Classic Cheese

Classic cheese is a stripped-down American version of pizza that deserves the tasty American Pale Ale. It is of hop profile and its slightly bitter taste is best with the richness of the cheese.

  • Classic pepperoni

The slightly spicy note of pepperoni goes extremely well with malty beer like Ale Asylum’s Madtown Nutbrown. Its caramel sweetness is something that makes its taste even better.

  • Original Margherita

The nice unfiltered lager of Urban Chestnut’s Zwickel is best with the charred crust of Margherita. The sauce is sweet and the cheese on it makes everything even better.

  • Seafood

To have something acidic which includes a hint of lemon then opt for Berliner Weiss.

  • Vegetarian

The nice summer to play a second fiddle which gives a hint of delicate veggies can be perfect to make your meal perfect. This gives a very delicate taste and the little bit of sweetness will make pizza taste even better.

  • Meat lovers

You can opt for the dark smoked beer which will give your pizza topping authentic smoky taste. Schlenkerla Marzen has a roasty sweetness to it which is perfect to try.

  • Anchovy

Anchovy is a great option to have something refreshing on your palate. There slightly bitterness and the spiciness is what makes it different from others.

  • Hawaiian

Kona brewing is the light-bodied which comes with the great citrus hop. This even makes the taste of pineapple and bacon on pizza perfect.

  • Sausage & peppers

Metropolitan’s Dynamo Copper is something refreshing to try for. This gives you the perfect caramel taste paired along with sausage which gives it a clean taste. Additionally, the veggies added on the pizza do their own thing when paired along with beer.

  • Olives

To get the earthy and soft taste while maintaining the spiciness of the yeast is not going to clash with the olives. This is going to increase the flavor in every sense.

  • Italian Meatball

Italian Meatball is another option to try for. Its fruity taste and the piney note is going to make every pizza slice taste its best.

  • BBQ chicken

The BBQ chicken is something that can be perfect when paired with Brewing’s Dynamo Copper Lager. The spiciness of the BBQ sauce is what makes a lot of difference to the pizza taste when added with your favourite beer.