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What are the common pizza myths and facts which you need to be aware of?


Pizza Heaven Cape May: It is difficult to find misinformation available on the internet in abundance. This is available in great amounts for pizza lovers. To make clear everything read this blog for a better understanding of the common pizza myths

Myth: Pizza consumption makes you fat

Pizza in Cape May gives you the option to choose the pizza of your liking and taste. Pizza is labeled as a steer clear food option which does not lead to weight gain. Many people are not aware of the fact pizza does not increase the fat present in the body. If you want to eat in excess the food options like quinoa, peanut butter, and fruit then it leads to weight gain. It is important to keep pizza consumption at a moderate level. You can even select the pizza option which has an increased number of vegetables and this makes it a healthy choice.

Myth: Hawaiian pizza was created in Hawaii

Many people think that Hawaiian pizza was created in Hawaii or it must have come from tropical origins. But, this is not true.

It came from Canada and one of the chefs claimed he invented this pizza. The Hawaiian pizza was created by adding the pineapple on the pizza and it makes the taste even better.

Myth: Italians invented the pizza

This is important to understand as the pizza was invented in Naples in the 17th and 18th century. It was a greek settlement which is known as Naples. However, it was not conquered by Italy until 1861 and it took another decade for unification in Italy to get completed.

Myth: Pizza can be reheated in the microwave

We all have done this at least once in our life, to heat the pizza in the oven. But, this is the worst vehicle to reheat the pizza. The microwave heat can make the pizza crust extremely soggy, and cheese takes the form of a rubbery substance. In simple terms, you can consider that pizza crispiness is lost when you heat it in the microwave.

Myth: Pizza is just the meal for dinner and lunch

Pizza is often considered as the meal for dinner and lunch. However, this makes the perfect choice for any meal of the day. Pizza can be considered as the best choice for breakfast. You can include the different toppings to make it taste the best, and you can enjoy it at any time of the day with your loved ones, family, or even alone. The pizza is the perfect meal as it includes all the essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. This is because of the toppings which you add on the pizza. Pizza is often compared to the breakfast option like cereals. When you eat pizza it can help you stay satisfied for a long time.