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What are the different American style Pizzas which you need to give a try?

Pizza Heaven New Jersey: If you are going to try pizza in Cape May then make sure to give the below -mentioned pizza style a try once:

New Jersey

It is different from New York-style pizza when you fold it in a slice and ready to take your first bite. With new york style you are going to get flexibility with your pizza. On the other hand, with New jersey pizza you are going to hear a crackling sound.

New York-style pizza

New York-style pizza is one of the well-known options which is known for wide, thin, and easy to fold style. The dough is hand-tossed till the time it is thin, and then tomato sauce is added along with a thin layer of mozzarella cheese. This pizza is cooked in a deck oven which allows it to get a softer crust, and it can be easily folded. Not just New Yorker’s but many people love this style of pizza.

St. Louis

With St.Louis Pizza style, the pizza preparation is done with the unleavened (made without yeast) dough. It is the reason, it is thin and crisp which makes it an important part of the pizza. After that tomato sauce is added, and provel (special cheese blend). Provel is a mixture of swiss, cheddar, and provolone. Once the pizza is baked it is cut in the pizza party-style which are small squares of pizza slices.


Detroit style pizza has a different take in comparison to the Midwest sibling. This pizza style is made in a rectangle or square tin pan, and the edges & middle crust are even with each other. The dough is light and porous, which is the same as that of Sicilian dough methods.

Its cooking method is going to make the bottom and edge crisp, and the inside is going to be soft & light. With this style of pizza, the cheese and toppings go before the sauce due to which the dough is not going to become soggy.

Chicago style pizza

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza is a choice for the deep-dish. Its taste is just iconic as compared to other options. This pizza type is made from Semolina or wheat flour which gives the flour a yellowish color once it is baked. The chef presses the pizza dough in a round & steel pan before adding meat & vegetables, and cheese. After that, it is topped with sliced tomatoes & tomato sauce. Pizza is sliced when it is served on the table so that oils & tomato sauce does not get itself soaked in the pizza crust.

New Haven It is another option which you need to give a try. It has its style and delicacy that is not with other options. With this pizza style, a long fermentation method is used that helps the pizza to get a better taste. There is another variation with this pizza in which you can include garlic, cheese, and clams.