What are the different ways to enjoy your pizza slice with perfection?


No doubt, pizza is everyone’s favorite be it adult or youngster, everyone orders pizza. Pizza in Cape May is available in different options and you can choose the one which suits your liking and taste buds. What’s even better is that you can enjoy pizza in different ways. Well! Here we are talking about different ways of enjoying your favorite pizza slice with perfection. It is up to you which style you prefer the most or which you want to give a try.

Different ways to enjoy your pizza

  • Fork and Knife

You should enjoy your pizza with a fork and knife. This option is the most preferred choice when the pizza is a thin crust to withstand the weight of the toppings and cheese. With this method, it allows one slice & the toppings won’t fall from it. The cheese will stay in it along with the sauce. Os, you do not have to worry about anything falling on the shirt.

  • New york fold

Through this method, you can increase the amount of pizza you have just in one bite. When you fold the pizza in half the toppings won’t drop from the base, neither the cheese and sauce. So when you fold the crust in half, the grease won’t drain off from the pizza slice.

  • Remove toppings and enjoy pizza

If you choose the method of separating the toppings and cheese, then it will take more time to enjoy pizza. Although, not everyone prefers to enjoy this method of eating pizza. When you separate the ingredients it helps you enjoy the pizza to the fullest.

  • Straight

Straight is one of the best ways to enjoy pizza which means simply with the hands and you don’t have to fold the pizza.

  • Crust first

If you enjoy the crust first or bite on the crust & then blend the pizza it allows you to enjoy the pizza but from the least flavorful part. Through this, it helps you save the gooey cheese, toppings, and sauce for the first heavenly bite.

  • Dipping

The pizza crust is best for dipping and this is the reason this option has become extremely popular. You can enjoy it with a side of marinara, ranch, or any dipping sauce of your own choice. With the dipping sauce, it will give the extra kick and make your entire pizza experience the best. This is the reason, most people opt for this choice of enjoying their pizza to the fullest.

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