Ordering Pizza Pizza Delivery

What are the helpful tips to order pizza over the phone from your favourite place?

Pizza Heaven Cape May, Pizza lovers are all over the globe! The joy of having a cheesy delight and loaded with all your favourite ingredients is the perfect site for people. The crispy and thin crust is what makes pizza everyone’s favourite. Ordering pizza in Cape May is fun as you get different options to choose from.

In many cases, people prefer to order pizza over the phone but they struggle to order the right one which suits their taste buds. In this blog, we are going to mention the helpful tips to order pizza like a pro:

Step 1: Decide the pizza place

Pizza heaven is trusted by most of the people in Cape May as we make the online order easier and understandable to the customers. You can check the food ordering apps to see a range in which the order is placed from the specific outlet or restaurant.

Step 2: Check the menu

Now you need to check the menu to select the pizza of your own choice. It will give you an idea of what options you can get. Make sure to choose the one which is perfect for you.

Step 3: Ordering the pizza

To choose the right pizza, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Size- Small, Medium, Large

The size depends on who many people want to have it. So, make sure to choose according to your hunger needs and portion sizes of different pizza outlets.

  • Crust- Thin Crust, Cheese Burst, Stuffed

The crust helps to determine the pizza taste. You can go with the thin crust which is the simplest version or make upgrades like choose cheese burst or stuffed crust which is extremely filling.

  • Toppings- Vegetables and Proteins

The pizza outlets have a set amount of meat toppings and vegetables. You can make additional requests if you need to add or eliminate something as per your liking.

Also, you can select the sauces as per your taste and what type of cheese you want to add. If you want extra cheese then let them know as the price will vary accordingly.

Step 4: Place the order

When you are ordering online you need to select the pizza type you want and then what you need to add over it. You can even order other side dishes with pizza-like pasta, garlic bread, or chocolate cake. Once you are done, you need to add the address, phone number, and then specific instructions if required to be given to the delivery person.

Step 5: Making a payment

You need to make the payment through card, e-wallet, or cash. You can even give cash on pizza delivery. The delivery charges are not included in the menu prices. Make sure to check all the expenses before you order pizza over the phone.