Pizza Pizza Tips

What are the important professional tips for making a restaurant type pizza?

Following are the professional’s tips to make the yummiest and delicious pizza in Cape May:

  • Make the pizza from scratch

It might be easier to make store-bought pizza, but it is best to make it from scratch. You need a few simple ingredients which include olive oil, salt, water, sugar, and dry yeast. For dusting, you need cornmeal or semolina flour. You might put some extra effort but the homemade dough is extremely easy.

  • Knead the dough by hand

You should overwork the dough. It might seem easier to use the stand mixer. But, with hand, the dough will get a better feel to the texture. If the dough sticks to the hand then you should add some flour to it. The perfect dough is a little tacky but it should not stick.

  • Save pizza dough in a container for future use

You can pre-make pizza dough and then freeze it in a plastic container. Once you knead it, you need to shape it in a ball and store in an airtight container in the freezer.

  • Let the dough rise at room temperature for 45 minutes

Whether you want to make the pizza right away or storing the dough for later use then you need to let it rise at room temperature. Keep the dough rise and then cover it. After 45 minutes it will be doubled and might be tripled in size.

  • Avoid rolling pin

When it comes the time to stretch the dough you need to use your hand. You need to take the pizza from the container and pat around the pizza edges softly. It will take some time to perfect the technique of holding the pizza in air and then letting gravity work it for you.

  • Semolina flour is important

Many people face problems when they want to transfer the pizza to the oven. The dough can become sticky and it is difficult to take it away from the countertop. You can solve this issue by dusting semolina flour on the pizza peel. Once the dough gets stretched you need to keep it in a floured peel and then add the toppings of your own choice. With the help of semolina flour, it will make it easier to transform them into the oven.

  • Fewer toppings are more

You need to be careful when you add the toppings. Add pizza sauce but not in excess as it can make it soggy and then can make it difficult for you to transfer it. You should apply the sauce and toppings in the right manner and make sure they are added to the edges of the crust.

  • Make sure the pizza baking option is hot

No matter which option you choose to bake pizza it should be extremely hot. You need to preheat for enough time so that you get the yummiest and restaurant-style pizza at home. Make sure that you take out anything which you have kept in the oven.