What are the key factors to control food costs for increased restaurant profitability?


Controlling the food costs is like an ongoing challenge with every pizza type and the restaurant running this business. The overall food costs will be affected by various factors like theft, food waste, over portioning, and many other things. The demand for pizza in Cape May has increased a lot and the pizza business owner needs to ensure every step is taken correctly. Having the right point of sale system will allow you to control the sales.

  • Portion control

With any restaurant chain, comes the responsibility to deliver the product consistently across different channels. Whether you are running a small scale or large scale business there is a significant amount of food cost which needs to be controlled and this way a consistent product is delivered.

  • Weight & measures

The portion control cannot be managed if you are simply guessing what needs to be done. Consider sales and then weigh everything to understand the portion cups or protein amount needed. With pre-portioning it can be understood better about the consistency and how the time can be saved. You need to be careful about portion control, and this way it makes it easier to manage the food. If you simply try to add toppings from the above then it results in wastage of food, over-portioning, and inconsistency.

  • Recipes on make tickets

Is the POS system allowing to print measures and weights? It is going to be effective if you have created the menu on your own, or there are different exceptions. The make ticket is going to tell about the total amount of pepperoni to be used 1 topping pizza which goes to around 5 ounces and with 4 toppings 3 ounces of pepperoni is used.

  • Consider the inventory

Inventory is the cash on the shelves. Over-stocking, waste, theft, and spoilage should be considered while determining the cost. It is better to have an inventory tracking system that helps you tell where everything is shrinking and the way you can get it corrected.

If your business does not have the right inventory application then it will impact the entire restaurant concept. Having a traditional inventory application is going to take a lot of time, and it will get difficult to mention the combination of every pizza type. It is better that you use the Speed line inventory which makes it easier to track the ingredients for every pizza type cooked by the chef. The application is going to allow you to understand the total number of pizza toppings used. The tool will prove helpful for build-your-own sandwiches, salads, and pastas.

  • Forecast

Not having proper resources and tools are going to impact the business plan to a great extent. The best restaurants and professionals use the tools which help to understand the sales which happen weekly and daily. 

  • Prep planning

Accurate planning does not mean the process needs to be tedious. This way the wastage will be reduced, and this way the food will not get wasted. In case your restaurant includes a buffet then it is important to do proper planning, otherwise, the money can get wasted.