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What are the major differences between brick ovens and wood-fired pizza?

Pizza lovers are in search of delectable and healthy options

But have you ever thought, ‘How your delicious pizza is made?’ or ‘What is its process?’ When you order your favorite pizza in Cape May, it comes out baked and crusty. Well, What is the reason for this? It takes effort and time to make the best pizza and additionally different cooking methods are used to do that.


Enjoy the process of making pizza

When you order pizza and it is even better than what you expected, then it makes you think how it was made and what the entire process is. The good pizza you taste takes effort and the cooking method is also unique. In reality, the difference lies in actually the way it is made or what approach is used to make it. Here, we will make you understand the difference between brick ovens and wood-fired pizza.


Selecting the right choice

The problem arises when you are trying to make pizza at home for a family gathering or party. You might choose the commercial pizza joint which is used for pizza making. Different oven types are there for pizza baking. You can choose from a convection pizza, deck, or conveyor which can be used through electricity or gas.


Wood-fired oven

The traditional method to make pizza is done through the wood-fired or brick oven. The wood-fired oven comes with the traditional baking approach. During the early years, people preferred the wood-burning approach to make any type of food.

The wood-fired pizza allows us to maintain the temperature for a long time. The temperature is between 500 to 700 degrees. At such a high temperature, the pizza is baked within 5 to 10 minutes.

Through wood-fired pizza, it gives a different type of flavor which makes it toothsome. The flavor is unique in every sense and the delicious aroma cannot be replicated by any other option. Also, the ingredients added will keep the nutrient level in it properly. The pizza is baked at the right temperature and that too for a short period.


Brick-oven pizza

Brick-oven pizzas are a wood-fired option. Their heat source is gas as compared to the normal wood-fire. The features of wood-fired pizza and brick oven are kind of similar. Also, how fast it can bake a pizza and the smoky flavor it provides are exceptional in every sense. The difference comes in the way temperature is regulated to bake pizza. With the brick-oven pizza, the use of gas allows you to control the temperature to bake the pizza. Well! This is not possible with the wood-fired options.


Wrap up!

The kind of baking approach you use to bake the pizza will greatly determine how the pizza will taste. Although these are 2 of the major options being used by the pizza industry to make pizza.