Pizza Topping

What are the most loved vegetarian pizza toppings?


For pizza lovers, there are countless pizza toppings that they can give a try. With copious pizza style and flavors of pizza in Cape May, it gives the choice to everyone to try something new. It means whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, you can have the pizza as per your own choice. What’s your go-to choice in pizza toppings – Veggies, olives, and mushrooms. There are a number of pizza toppings for vegetarians and as per your imagination, you can use them.

Topmost Vegetarian Pizza Toppings

Sun-Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese

Pizza and tomatoes go hand in hand. The addition of tomato to your pizza is enough to give it the tangy taste you need. To get that pep up your pizza taste you should add sun-dried tomato, basil, olives, and goat cheese. It is the perfect addition to your pizza for that savory and sweet taste. Make sure to choose the fresh toppings.

How to get sun-dried tomatoes?

You should let the tomatoes dry in the oven. Just slice them in half, remove the stem and sprinkle salt over the top. It would be better if you get a smaller tomato. 

Egg and potato

Pizza and egg are a perfect combo, but eggs need to be baked with perfection to get that amazing taste. You can let the yolk cook for a longer time or remove the pizza if the yolk is extremely runny. Along with that, you can have a potato, spinach, and salt as the topping. This way it will be perfect for the brunch. Adding this is giving your meal to have a high-quality protein & it is loaded with all the essential amino acids.

Grilled Eggplant

Grilled eggplant is the perfect meat substitute. You can barbecue or grill it to get that smoky flavor that makes your pizza a healthy version. Depending on your liking you can incorporate the sauces and this way it will be a perfectly delicious meal. What makes it everyone’s favorite is goat cheese, sauce, and fresh herbs.


Want to have that Italian pizza taste then you can add fresh figs to your pizza. Figs are the perfect pizza topping in combination with blue cheese, sharp cheese, or manchego. You can add them to the top at the end of the baking.

Pomegranate Seeds

One of the tasty and interesting pizza toppings is Pomegranate seeds. When you buy the pomegranate seeds make sure to get the one that is a deep-red color and heavier as compared to others. The addition of these seeds will provide sweetness to your pizza. You can even have butternut squash and kale along with it. Just try it out as this pizza is full of flavors!