What are the popular pizza options which are famous all over the world?

Pizza is loved by everyone. At its very core, the pizza contains the main parts like toppings, sauces, and dough. Pizza in Cape May is the most preferred option for people of all age groups. With pizza, there is a blend of different ingredients and it is made worldwide in different ways. The chefs are making the pizza with the best type of ingredients which go perfectly with each other. They spend as much time they need to perfect the recipe of pizza. Some of the most popular varieties of pizza we have mentioned in this blog.

Popular types of pizza options


Neapolitan is the pizza that came to the United States from Italy. It is one of the dishes which became extremely popular. Due to its tasty and delectable flavors, it has also been asked for heritage protection by UNESCO. The pizza base is made through wheat flour and the dough is baked which gives it a crunchy texture. This type of pizza contains minimal toppings like basil, cheese, and sauce. This is the reason, your pizza will not get saggy.


The California-style pizza is kind of the same as the new-york style or Neapolitan pizza. But, after that, there is no similarity between them. With California-style, the pizza is made different through the addition of uncommon ingredients like duck sausage and smoked salmon.

In the initial place, the pizza was topped with red peppers, ricotta, mustard, and pate which benefited their taste buds. Slowly with time, this pizza became everyone’s favorite.

Chicago Deep Dish

Chicago deep-dish pizza came into existence from Chicago. In this type of pizza, there is a crust line that is the same as that of a metal cake pan. On the pizza, there is a thick layer of toppings and the crust has medium thickness.

Rio bake this pizza with perfection, there is a need to bake it for a long time. But to protect the cheese on the top, the pizza is assembled upside down and directly on the crust, the meat, vegetables, and cheese are added. This way the toppings on the cheese are not going to get burnt.

Chicago Thin Crust

Chicago thin-crust pizza is crispier and crunchier. This type of pizza is cut down into small squares to make this type a slight difference. Some of its types are spicier and there is the addition of meat in great amounts.

New England Greek

This type of pizza is baked in the greased cast iron pan which helps to give it a crunchy, thick, and golden crust. In this type of pizza, greek ingredients are added like artichokes, feta cheese, olives, and kalamata. On the top tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

New York Thin

This type of pizza was created in the 1900s and it is kind of the same as the Neapolitan pizza. This type of pizza has a crunchy crust and the perfect blend of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese makes it perfect.