What are the top tips which help you order a tasty and healthy pizza?

Pizza lovers are present in every nook and corner of the world. Pizza in cape may have seen an increased demand among the youth and even adults. The joy of ordering the cheesy burst or any other pizza type which you prefer is exceptional. The best part is that pizza comes in different variations which lets you order pizza as per your liking or taste

Step 1: Select the best Pizza Place

In Cape May, most people order pizza from Pizza heaven and that is the reason. We serve the customers with the most delectable and tasty pizza. When you choose the best pizza place, it will automatically make a difference in the pizza you are ordering. Moreover, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from as per your liking. We are not just saying, ‘We are the best, You can try our pizza and know why we are everyone’s first preference.

Step 2: Check the menu

After that, check the menu of the pizza places you have selected. When you analyze it, you will get to know about pizza options they have in store for you. Following that it will be easier for you to make the final choice.

Step 3: Select the Pizza

To go with the right choice, you need to consider the given factors. Here we are talking about the pizza size which you need to choose from Small, Medium, and Large. Here is the breakdown of the number of slices which each pizza type: 


Small-size pizza 4 Slices
Medium-size pizza 6 Slices
Large-size pizza 8 Slices

Choosing among the crust

You can choose from cheese burst, stuffed, and thin-crust pizza. If you want to have something fulfilling then you can have cheese burst pizza. It is also up to you which type of pizza crust you want when you order it.

Choose the toppings

The best part is that you get the flexibility to choose the pizza toppings. All those who are health conscious can choose from healthy pizza toppings and this you will have something which is filled with proteins. You can choose from bell peppers, corn, olives, tomato, mushroom, onion, jalapenos, and much more. Not just the toppings you can choose the pizza sauce.

Select the cheese type

Your pizza base will have mozzarella & shredded cheese. In case you want something else that you can include the add-ons.

Step 4: Place the order

Now you have made the final choice of what type of pizza you want, you can order it. From the menu, you can choose a side dish or some kind of dessert. You need to mention the address, phone number, and any specific instructions.

Step 5: Choose the payment mode

Pizza Heaven provides you the option to pay online, through cash, or e-wallet. It is up to you which option you want to choose.

We are looking forward to taking your order and making the best pizza delivery to you!