Pizza Pizza Tips

What are the top ways to make pizza night healthier and delicious?

Cape May Pizza Heaven: Given below are the top ways which can make your option of pizza in Cape May as a healthy choice:

  • Add veggies on your pizza for extra nutrients

You can think of pizza as the option to include veggies as much as you can. The veggies are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins which are going to benefit your health greatly.

For the traditional red sauce pizza, you can include veggies like peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, olives, basil, and artichokes. With all these combinations it is going to make its taste the best. Your body is going to get enough nutrients.

Additionally, it will benefit your digestive system, nervous system, and skin. Bell peppers are great because they contain vitamin C and the same goes for other veggies which will be great for your health.

  • Order thin-crust pizza to reduce the calorie intake

Whether you are ordering or making the pizza, you need to opt for thin-crust pizza. Thin crust means you can get the required amount of the veggies before you start feeling full. You should focus on the veggies rather than bread.

When you opt for a plant-based diet it is a much healthier choice. Studies have shown that people prefer to eat a plant-based diet and their focus is on the nuts, vegetables, legumes, whole grain, and fruits. Additionally, this is going to lower the risk of stroke, heart stroke, and other cardiovascular-related problems. So, it is best to lower the sodium and calories, thin crust is the preferred choice.

  • Be careful about the cheese you select to reduce saturated fat

Most pizza lovers prefer that cheese is an important part of the pie. Cheese is going to give you enough calcium and protein but make sure that you do not add that too much.

  • Order whole-crust crust for added nutrition

Well, not just the thick or thin crust needs to be given importance but you need to consider the cough type. If you make whole-grain crust then it is going to give you added fiber. You should consider a slice-by-slice comparison. If you get small whole-wheat thin-crust pizza along with cheese then it will have 1.5 g fiber.

You must give attention to the total amount you are going to consume and start with healthier choices. Veggies are a solid option to try for on your pizza base as they compliment the entire taste.

  • Opt for lean proteins like chicken

Cheese is going to have protein but many pizza lovers try to add protein on their own. You should not consume fatty meats. You should either opt for vegetarian or keep it leaner meats like seafood, extra-lean meat, or chicken breast.

Current recommendations are to limit the intake of processed meat like pepperoni, sausage, and bacon which contains sodium along with saturated fat.

  • Slather on the red sauce

The red sauce makes pizza extremely delicious and it is going to increase the nutrient intake in the body. Traditional sauce is going to provide Vitamin A and C. Red sauce is a better option as compared to a creamier sauce like white pizza options. If not the red sauce then you can opt for pesto which is helpful for your heart as it is made of oils and nuts.