Pizza Pizza Tips

What are the topmost interesting ways to enjoy every bite of your pizza?


Pizza Heaven Cape May: One of the food groups which is enjoyed by everyone is pizza. No matter what the age group is, pizza in Cape May is the first preference for most people. All over the globe, you can find cheesy lovers. Well, not only it is delicious but you can enjoy it in different ways. Yes, you heard it right there are different ways of eating and enjoying pizza. Every person has their preference or the way they want to have pizza. To enjoy every bite of pizza there are many ways.

Most popular way- New York Fold

The New York fold is famous for many reasons. First of all, it is the neatest and clean way to enjoy pizza. The New York fold is all about folding the pizza in half and then enjoying every bite of it. Well, it’s simpler than you would have thought.

In simple terms, grab the pizza and fold it in half. You need to fold in such a way that the sides meet each other and it needs to be formed in a U shape with the pizza crust.

Will the cheese stay in its place? Whether you walk or stand while holding the pizza, it is going to stay in its place. Also, the pizza taste is not affected and you can enjoy every bite of it. New Yorkers suggest that there is no better way to enjoy pizza than this.

So, on your next visit to Pizza heaven do give this technique a try.

Balance Flavor: Pizza Wallet

Wallet fold is great to balance the pizza taste. When this technique is best as it keeps the favor in its place and with every bite your taste buds will feel that. You need to take the pizza end to the crust, then fold it in half so that it makes the pocket. With this technique, the toppings do not fall and the taste also stays the same.

Another Pro Tip: While trying this method begins from the crust which ensures that the pizza does not fall.

Finest method: Fork and Knife

You cannot go wrong with a fork and knife. There might be some people who say that the fun they get when they eat with bare hands cannot be topped with anything else. But, the problem is the pizza can fall apart and you will notice if you have ordered deep-dish pizza.

To enjoy this type of pizza you need to use a knife and fork. The pizza can be cut into smaller pieces and you will enjoy each & every topping present on it. If you are going out for a business meeting or on a date, you should prefer this method. Additionally, it leaves the best impression on the other person.