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What are the topmost pizza choices which make your pizza healthier?


Cape May Pizza Heaven: Pizza necessarily cannot be considered as junk food as it gives you full control over how you can make it. Pizza can be greasy fast food and it can come with a combination of healthy and tasty ingredients. You might know which one to choose as all of the pizza options can sound interesting to you. Getting the desired option of pizza in Cape May will make you fulfil all your cravings and you have a guilt-free pizza.

Given below are the top tips on how you can make your pizza as a healthier option.

  • Choose whole-grain crust

From the crust to toppings you can select the pizza of your own choice. You can discard the option of white-flour crust and get a whole-grain pizza base. If you want to make pizza at home, you can opt for whole-wheat dough. With each slice, you can have extra fiber and protein.

  • Thin crust is better

Many people prefer the option of cheesy pizza crusts which are thick but they are not healthy as you might think. With the option of thin-crust, you will still be able to enjoy the best option of pizza.

  • Add proteins in your pizza

You can make your pizza more satisfying by topping it up with essential proteins like eggs, beans, grilled chicken, shrimp, and many other protein-rich ingredients. You should discard the option of bacon, pepperoni, and processed sausage.

  • Homemade or in-house sauce

If you buy pizza sauce from the market then it can be loaded with sugar, sodium, and other preservatives. When you visit the best pizza store you can rest assured that the pizza sauce comes with quality ingredients which makes the taste perfect. It won’t be thick traditional sauce which can make its taste get affected. Trying something creative is what’s going to make your pizza sauce taste better and healthier.

  • Add loads of vegetables

Pizza night is a great way to include veggies in your diet. There are no rules of adding vegetables in your pizza, you can add as much as you like.

  • Opt for lighter options of cheese

Cheese is one of the best ingredients to add in your pizza which can make it taste perfect. You can opt for low-fat cheese like feta, shredded parmesan, mozzarella, or cottage cheese. You need to opt for fresh cheese so that it limits the sodium intake in your body.

  • Serve pizza with a salad

This is a simple meal that makes your pizza meal have the required amount of nutrients you want. Instead, to have smaller portions, you can serve you pizza with a large salad so that it fulfills all your needs.

  • Bloat the oil with paper towels

If you have ever done this, you know that it can make a lot of difference. Simply bloat your pizza with a paper towel and it will cancel around 50 high-fat calories.