What are the topmost pizza options which you need to try at least once?

Pizza is one of the most loved food items all over the world. From the sauce to toppings, everything is a delight that you need to give a try. Pizza in cape may be the preferred choice for the person in every age group because of the way it tastes and how it can be made as per your liking. Moreover, there are different types of pizza which you can give a try as per your liking. Below is the list which you need to try at least once in your life.

Top popular pizza options that you need to try


This type of pizza was first migrated from Italy from the United States. It is one of those dishes which have become extremely popular with time. This type of pizza is made through wheat flour and the dough bakes are made into a thin layer which makes it the crunchy crust. This type of pizza is extremely minimalistic and it comes with very few toppings. In this, there is the addition of cheese, sauce, and basil. This way the crust is not going to become soggy.


This type of dough is the same as that of Neapolitan pizza. However, apart from that, there is no similarity in the pizza types. In this type of pizza, uncommon ingredients are added like duck sausage and smoked salmon. For the first time when the pizza was created, there was ricotta, mustard, red peppers, and pate which helps in getting the taste bud’s attention. This is one of those pizzas which have been a favorite of many people for a long time.

Chicago Deep Dish

Chicago’s deep dish existence came from Chicago. In this type of pizza, the crust lines are extremely deep which is kind of the same as a metal cake pan. Additionally, there has been a medium-thick crust and the toppings are added to it.

The pie made through this is extremely thick and the baking time needed with it is not too long. To save the cheese from getting burned the pizza is assembled in an upside-down manner. With this option, there are meat, cheese, and vegetables added to the crust. On the final layer, the uncooked tomatoes are added.

Chicago Thin Crust

The Chicago thin-crust pizza is a crispier and crunchier type of pizza & it is usually cut into squares & is cut diagonally. With this type of pizza, the spicier sauce, copious amounts of meat, and the meat is cut into strips or squares.


This is one of those options whose demand has escalated with time. This is the square pan pizza which is the same as the Sicilian pizza and the marinara sauce is added over the top. The pan in which the pizza is made is completely oiled and then the crust is developed which helps to make the edges caramelized.

The pizza options are endless and it is up to you which one you need to give a try. If you are looking to try something new then visit our restaurant.