What are the topmost pizza toppings which you need to give a try on your next order?

Pizza Heaven Cape May: Pizza lovers are in every corner of the world. No doubt, pizza originated in Italy but with time people from all over the world have started loving it. Some of the favourite toppings of pizza in Cape May are sausage, pepperoni, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, and extra cheese.

Visit your favorite Pizza Heaven to enjoy every bite of your pizza

On your favorite pizza, you will always want something interesting and best. At pizza heaven, you can get what you are craving for the most which are best in terms of quality and taste. Our esteemed chefs are here to give you the best. Here are some of the pizza toppings from around the world which you need to give a try are:

  • Japan

Japan is surrounded by water. No doubt, people love to eat seafood and that goes without saying that they want to have it on their pizza. People love to have squid and eel as their pizza toppings. You can have these fishy favorites with Mayo Jaga to enjoy every bite. Well, it is a mixture of bacon, mayonnaise, and potato.

  • India

India is known for the punch of flavors. It comes with minced mutton, tofu, paneer, and pickled ginger. It is a type of cottage cheese that makes the pizza taste the best.

  • Russia

Russians prefer their pizza cold. It might sound weird but they are known for having cold food. It is topped with mockba which is a combination of tuna, salmon, onion, red herring, and mackerel.

  • Pakistan

In Pakistan, people prefer pizza toppings which include fried chicken tikka, achari chicken, and curry.

  • France

The French people enjoy their pizza with Tarte flambee which comes with fresh cream, onion, and bacon. On the dough layer, there is fresh cream which is put in a thin layer.

  • Australia

Australians enjoy pizza all day long. The Australian can have pizza from breakfast to dinner. During breakfast, you can top it with egg, ham, and bacon. They will eat a lot of pizza by adding shrimp, pineapple, and BBQsauce.

Well, there are a whole lot of options which you can try. It is up to you what you like the most as per your taste buds or what you prefer. Whether it is extra cheese or your favorite veggie you can get it customized as you like it. 

In every country, the way to serve and enjoy pizza is different. If you want your taste buds to enjoy this pizza ride then you should visit pizza heaven to make your taste buds have all the fun.