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What are the topmost tips to choose and maintain a commercial pizza oven?

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What is the cost of a commercial pizza oven?

Price is the major consideration to choose the pizza oven. You are going to find the prices which are going to vary a lot. Commercial pizza oven brands have different prices. Different countertop models help in offering similar pricing options.

Conveyor’s ovens cost between $5,000 and $30,000 which depends on the capacity, size, and special features that may be available. According to the pizza which you need to make you should buy the best pizza oven.

Types of Pizza Ovens

  • Triple Deck

A three-deck oven and it can cook pizza of around 18, 12” pizzas at one time.

  • Double Deck

A two-deck oven can cook pizza of 12, 12” pizzas at one time.

  • Countertop Oven

To save space and have something smaller then this option is best. You need to cook 3 pizzas at one time. If pizza is not the main attraction, then countertop is a highly affordable choice.

  • Conveyor Pizza Ovens

To bake many pizzas at one time this is the vital choice. These ovens have a conveyor belt which makes the cooking better and faster by moving the pizza from the oven to the customer’s pizza box or plate.

  • Brick Ovens

Many pizza owners prefer brick ovens as they think that this pizza type is cooked with perfection.

The commercial pizzas you get can bake around 2 pizzas at one time which means per hour around 12 pizzas are baked.

Choosing the Best Commercial Pizza Oven

The most important aspect of a commercial pizza oven is the temperature and the standard temperature is around 400°F to 700°F which is much higher than the standard range.


For restaurants, the size is extremely important. If you are highly famous in your area then making 12 pizzas per hour is not enough. You need to fulfill the high demand of the customers. Additionally, having a backup oven is important if something goes wrong or the demand increases.

Fuel Type

You’ll find that there are three main fuel types available:

  • Electric
  • Dual fuel
  • Gas
  • Wood-fired

Most Popular

The most popular choice is the deck oven and it is available for the commercial electric pizza oven. You can find gas options. This is made of a deck which is of stone or tile. This is perfect because at one time it can bake around 12” pies and the overall capacity is also increased