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What are the various flavorful benefits of baking pizza in the Brick Based Oven?

Are you also the one who is fond of trying various pizza recipes at home? But somewhere you may have noticed that despite putting so much effort in the making of the pizza, why does it never emerge to be the same as we found in the Italian restaurants. Pizza in cape may be something which you cannot bake at home.

Do you know why?

This blog is going to be the ultimate secret revealer of the vest and the tasty pizza.

It Is Cooked In The Bricked Based Oven

The brick-based oven is the secret of the marvellous flavours of Italian cuisine. The bricks are accountable for slowly transporting the heat to the pizza and let it obtain the nicest crust along with the supremely appreciable fluffy texture.

Why Is Pizza Best Cooked In The Brick-based Oven Rather Than The Steel Oven?

The whole credit of this thing goes to the various supporting physical characteristics of the brick-based oven. The brick-based oven is responsible for transferring the slow and steady heat to the pizza base making it flavorful and quintessentially different from the one baked in the microwave or the steel oven.

  • The Best Smoky Flavour

When pizza is being baked with the help of the heated bricks, then the flavours not only get nicely locked inside it, but it gives you the bonus as well by infusing the nicely smoked flavour inside it.

  • The Toppings Get Crunchy And Yum

You will not only notice the difference in the make of the crust, but you will get to notice the flavorful difference in the toppings as well.

  • The Nicely Immersed Sauce

The pizza sauce is not designated with the task of acting as the third layer of the pizza. Its predominant prospect lies in infusing the nice tangy flavour in the base so that it does not give you the plain flour. Along with that, it provides the base for the seasonings to stay.

Which countries’ cuisines are benefiting from this kind of pizza making technique?

The countries which are known for providing the best flavours in the pizza like Rome, Italy and Nepalese make use of this technique to bake the pizza. This is the main reason that you will always find the following names in the pizza menus of the shops:

  • Roman Pizza
  • Italian Pizza
  • Nepalese Pizza

Why Is A Brick-based Oven Not In Use Despite Its Brilliant Characteristics?

In almost all of the pizza shops, you will find the use of the steel oven or the microwave. It is because of the rapid delivery of the orders that the pizza owners choose quick-service over the flavorful characteristics. The steel transports the heat to the pizza much earlier as compared to the brick based oven. The time taken for the pizza to get baked is low when a brick-based oven is being considered. So because of these features, the steel oven or the microwave are being used despite their negative feature of killing the authentic flavours.