What are the various pizza types which you need to give a try at least once?

No doubt, pizza is one of the most loved by every individual all over the world. Pizza in cape may, is the first preference of the customers. If you want to experience more with the pizza options, then here are some of the options which you need to give a try at least once. Let’s delve into some of the pizza types for better understanding:

Neapolitan Pizza
Neapolitan pizza is also referred to as Naples-style pizza. This pizza type has a thin crust and is loaded with fresh toppings. The pizza has a delicious taste to it because different toppings are added over it and all of them complement one another. It is rightly said that all simple things result in better taste.

Traditional toppings
• (Buffalo) Mozzarella cheese
• (San Marzano)Tomatoes
• Basil
When this pizza type is made, you need the mozzarella cheese along with tomatoes. Make sure that the oven is at the highest temperature.

New York-Style Pizza
The new york-style pizza has a large and thick crust. It is your choice whether you want to eat as a whole or want to have it in slices so that you can eat in one go. With this pizza type, there is more cheese added on the top but the cooking is done on lighter heat. They are made with mozzarella cheese as the moisture content is lower.

Traditional toppings
• Mozzarella cheese
• Tomatoes
The making of this pizza is not that complicated. Although you need to have enough time so that you can get the dough right.

Chicago/Deep-Dish Pizza
Chicago-style pizza is baked in a pan which allows the crust to be higher and on the top, there is enough space to add the toppings of your own choice. It takes a long time to cook and then the topping will be kept in a reverse manner. Initially, the cheese is kept, then come the toppings and after that, you need to add tomato sauce on the top.

Traditional toppings
• Cheese
• Tomatoes
• Meat: sausage, pepperoni
• Onions
• Mushrooms
• Bell peppers
While making it, the dough must rise properly. It is important to ensure that the dough rises correctly which ensures to make the pizza delicious. For the perfect pizza, you need to bake it for 35 minutes.

Sicilian Pizza
Sicilian pizza is a rectangular pizza that has a thick crust over one inch.

Traditional toppings
• Tomatoes
• Strong cheeses (Sicilian toma)
• Herbs
• Onions
• Anchovies
With this pizza, you will have a chewy crust, and make sure that you let the pizza dough rise properly. You should bake them untopped, then remove them, add the toppings of your own choice and bake them till the time they get golden brown.

Californian Pizza
California pizza is known for the fresh, local, and seasonal produce use of toppings in it. This pizza type has a thin crust and you can have it in different toppings as per your own choice.

Traditional toppings
• Goat’s cheese
• Tomato
• Baby vegetables
• Smoked salmon
• Red onions
• Pepperoni
• BBQ chicken
Well, there are endless options which you can give a try. If you want to try something new then visit our place to try something new yet delectable.