What is Sicilian pizza? What ingredients are added to the Sicilian pizza?

Tasty and healthy pizza

Now! If we talk about ordering the pizza, then we all know we have different options available to us. Depending on our liking and taste, we can order the pizza in Cape May. From thin-crust to Sicilian pizza you can try out anything to give your taste buds the delight of having tasty food. Here, we are going to talk about Sicilian pizza.

This pizza choice is known for its ultra-thickness, a square pie topped with cheese and sauce. Moreover, you can try out the Sicilian pizza in 2 different variations which originated from Italy and this version has reached all the different possible places you can think of.

What you should know about Sicilian pizza?

If we talk about the origin of the Sicily pizza then it comes from Palermo and it is known by the name of sfincione & this term means ‘thick sponge’. This pizza type has a spongy and fluffy bread base which comes with a topping like the meatless sauce. It is made through ingredients like onions, herbs, tomatoes, and anchovies & then everything is covered with breadcrumbs. The cheese grating part is optional. Later it is baked in the square tray. In most cases, this pizza type is served on special occasions.

What is the history attached to Sicilian Pizza?

The pizza and sfincione popularity arose in the 19the century. Indeed this pizza type has evolved a lot with time. If you talk about the Italian yeast bread then it is preferred to bake in the flat sheet pan. If we talk about how it migrated to the United States? Then, it was all possible because of the Sicilian immigrants. The mozzarella was added to the pizza to make them taste even better. Gradually, this pizza type became popular and it can be mixed with any choice of bread-crust and then topped with cheese and sauce.

What are the ingredients added to the Sicilian pizza?

The authentic option of this pizza type is made using spongy and thick dough. Later, the mixture of flour, yeast, olive oil, and water is left for some time so that it can rise. Following that, it is kept in the square baking pan which is covered properly with oil from all sides.

Later, the crust is topped using the sauce which is made using the onions, and then it is sauteed in olive oil. In addition, the chop[ped tomatoes, spices, and anchovies along with crushed red pepper & oregano are added.

The sauce is covered using breadcrumbs and grated caciocavallo cheese & then it is baked in a hot oven. All the oil is soaked by the spongy dough and then it will help to create a crispy base we all like.

Let’s try out the tastiest pizza

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