What is the difference between the hand-tossed and pan pizza technique?

Pizza Heaven Cape May: Before you behold the first perfectly baked pizza with the added cheese and before you wait for it to come to your doorstep you need to take the decision very carefully. These terms refer to different families of pizza in Cape May. In this blog, we are going to make you understand the difference between the hand-tossed and pan pizza technique.

Where the difference lies in the dough?

The term hand-tossed and pan refer to the preparation method instead of the specific recipes for dough. The differences between the 2 pizza dough are not definitive. At the local pizza place, the dough of the same batch is going to be used for the hand-tossed and pan pizza.

In case, you want to understand the nitty-gritty of the authentic pizza within each style, then it is important to understand the differences.

  • In the case of hand-tossed pizza, the lean dough is used which is made with a combination of salt, yeast, flour, and water.
  • With the pan-style pizza, the dough is used which provides higher hydration. It is going to make the dough soft. In some of the recipes, oil and sugar can be added to make it brown.

How tools and techniques are different?

When you are preparing the pizza at your place, it is important to be careful with tools and techniques for pan-based pizza and hand-tossing.

  • Pan-based pizza

The option of pan pizza is easier to make if someone is not experienced then there is no need for the special tool. When you prepare the pan pizza, then there is a simple pressing technique and poking oil dough in the pan. If the dough is soft then you need to keep it in a pan that has oil and let it spread on its own.

  • Hand-Tossing pizza

Hand-tossing pizza technique needs the experience to master. If you are trying to do it for the first time then the pizza will turn out the way you want it to. In-home ovens, the burning-hot pizza, and hand-tossed pizza is the best choice. You can even include the baking sheet and use parchment paper to make pizza. You simply need to stretch the dough without the need of using a rolling pin or tossing it in the air, but this option is not considered hand-tossed.

How textures and taste are different?

The difference can be seen in hand-tossed and pan pizza in the terms of thickness.

  • With the option of hand-tossed pizza comes the medium or thin crust because the tossing will create air bubbles and then it won’t rise in the oven.
  • Pan pizza is going to have a thick and bready crust which is at least one inch deep.

No doubt, both these options are crispy but pan pizza helps in giving golden and fried color whereas the hand-tossed pizza is drier and it provides blistered crust. With the option of the pan, pizza comes to sauce, toppings, and cheese are added in a liberal amount as compared to the hand-tossed pizzas.