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What is the proper way to enjoy pizza which every pizza lover should know?


Most people when talking about fried chicken, burgers, or any food option they will say that there is no wrong way to do that. However, when we talk about pizza, things are different. Pizza in cape may be one of the choices which every person loves to have on any occasion. Once pizza slice is enough to make their taste buds go crazy.

Best way to enjoy pizza

If you ask every person then they will give their own opinion on what is wrong and what is right. Some would like to bite on pizza and enjoy it as they go. It can be difficult to understand what is the best choice. If you try telling others how they like to eat pizza then they think that you have never eaten it.

No doubt, you will think you know what you are doing when you eat the pizza, but what if we tell you that you are doing it wrong the entire life.

The fork and knife way to eat pizza

One of the most popular Italian ways to enjoy pizza is a fork and knife. The use of a fork and knife is the best approach and you need to start from the triangular tip of the pizza and then you need to work your way to the crust. Once the pizza is properly cool, then only you need to do this. Once there is only a small portion you can pick it up and eat.

Just make sure you do not even fold it, even if you are tempted to do it.

Do you know there is a name given to folded pizza slices? It is termed by Calzone.

Irrespective of that, you should try to eat it with a fork and knife, just like Italians love to do it.

How to eat pizza with your hands?

If you are not a fan of enjoying it with a fork and knife then you can enjoy it the traditional way. Some people find it funny when they see a person enjoying pizza with a fork and knife. No doubt, no one wants to be laughed at when they eat pizza. Also, if it is piping hot, then how can you enjoy it?

Well, the best way to do that is to grab the pizza and fold it in a slice. Just simply take it and fold it. Enjoy it without thinking twice. The folded pizza slice will prevent the toppings from sliding off and burning hot cheese will not burn the chin.