What is wood-fired pizza? How choosing the wood-fired pizza is beneficial?

Wood-fired pizza is the best pizza type consumed by 90% of people all over the world. One of the best options in terms of breakfast. With that said, this is the reason pizza in Cape May is the first choice by individuals to fulfill their food cravings. Moreover, people demand to get the pizza with all the possible choices which are healthy and fresh. If you are looking to have a delightful option of flavors then this is the best choice for you.

What is the working of a wood-fired pizza oven?

Many pizza enthusiasts are of the view that wood-fired pizza is the ultimate choice to have the most authentic pizza. With this pizza type, the oven is going to trap the heat. The pizza is not cooked from the heat of the fire. It is the bricks and walls of the oven which will help to keep the temperature high. Pizza ovens are made with insulation and material which help the heat to stay inside. Once it has reached the desired level, it will make it easier to cook the pizza.

The same goes with the wood-fired pizza oven that you start the fire and then the heat goes on. The fire will reach the desired temperature and then the tiles, floor, and dome will get heated. Make sure the entire time, the fire is burning so that the temperature is high and when required you can add in more logs.

How brick oven pizza is prepared and cooked?

  • When you visit the best pizza place in Cape May, you will see a similar method of pizza preparation. You need to stretch the dough and put in the desired amount of sauce and then add in cheese. Add in the toppings of your own choice.
  • With this pizza type, the olive oil is not preferred as it would have been with other pizza. This is because of the brick oven high temperature that the olive oil cannot bear the same and it will get burned.
  • With the option of a brick oven, within 2 to 5 minutes the pizza will be cooked with perfection. Cooking the pizza in the right environment is what will make a lot of difference and all the toppings will be added in the right manner.

The brick oven pizza’s extreme temperature gives the pizza black marks on the crust which helps to make the pizza different from all the other options.

How wood-fired pizza is beneficial?

  • Perfect crust

Who doesn’t like the perfect crust and tell me is there anything better than this? With a brick oven, the moisture from the cheese and toppings will cook off quickly which will not make the crust soggy. In this option, the pizza will get crisp very fast and it will seal in the moisture & this way the crust will not get mushy.

  • Smoky flavor

When you go with the brick oven pizza the heat will give the pizza a smoky flavor which is not possible with the electric or gas ovens. This is the reason, wood-fired pizza taste is different.

  • Crispy and healthy toppings

The brick oven has that extreme temperature which is perfect to cook the toppings and it will be crispy. In addition, as the toppings are cooked fast, it allows the vegetables to have the essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.