Which method do you prefer to eat your favorite pizza: fork or finger?

In various seminars and discussions, it is often asked, ‘What is the right approach to eat pizza?’ Being an Italian it will be easy to understand the right approach to enjoy every bite of the pizza. Eating etiquette is often talked about by the people who love to order pizza in Cape May. In this blog, we are going to talk you through which method is the best way to enjoy your favorite pizza.

Hold the pizza in hand

Many people focus on the approach of holding the pizza in their hands. People should know when they need to fold it and when is the right time to use a fork and knife.

Folding the pizza at the right time

If you have ordered thin or soft crust pizza, then the tip will work the best for you. If you are tired of the toppings falling off, then do give this option a try. You need to pick the slice, squeeze it, and fold the slice vertically (It is going to depict like you are closing the book). It will resemble a U or V shape. This way the toppings will not fall off from the pizza and you will enjoy every bite of it.

The right time to hold the pizza

If you have ordered from crust pizza just you need to eat as a wedge in your hand. You are going to enjoy every bite of it.


Knife and fork option

You can even enjoy your pizza with a knife and fork. This way will work best in a formal setting. If you are out with your boss or you at a conference then prefer this option over the others.

Even if you are in an informal setting, you will get the pizza crust which has a soft center. What you can do is cut and eat the flimsy & inner part with the knife and fork. After that, you should go to the crust and firmer sections. In that case, you should enjoy it with the fingers, hold it, and fold it.

Choose the one which you are most comfortable with

If you are worried that your clothes and hands will get messy then go with a fork and knife method. You know how much you want to eat in one bite and this way you can cut it with perfection.

If you don’t like the approach of eating it with a knife and fork, then eat it with your hands. It is up to you which one you like the most of the most comfortable with.